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  1. Is the problem the orthotic was going to solve something that True can solve with a fitting? My understanding of Orthotics is it helps fix pronation, and your ankle rolling one way or the other because of an improperly fitting footbed/insole. Is that your situation?
  2. As someone who thought it would be fun to lug their gear through 3 different forms of NYC Public Transit during SJ one year, that bag is still big and cumbersome. I'd be okay taking what would amount to a large duffel... maybe something that holds skates/pants/gloves/under garments. Then my helmet clipped on the outside. The pants are the biggest problem, unless you wear a girdle that can be folded.
  3. Not to derail the topic, but as a skater in Makos for the last several years, how did you find the fit of the Supertacks VS the Makos? I'm most concerned about the heel -- mine is very narrow.
  4. I miss the hell out of my White S17's. Loved those things.
  5. I commented on the gist of your post. Suggesting people go out and buy customs without being properly fitted for retail skates is not right, IMO. It's even more of the emotional marketing you claimed to be against. You're overselling a solution that *most* people don't need.
  6. Immediately after saying your feet should be happy (an emotional plea), interesting. Surely we're not comparing hot spots on a skate to concussions, are we? Those costs you said stay there regardless of how "happy your feet are". If a cheaper option creates an acceptable situation, customs are absolutely a last resort, because it's additional money to accomplish a goal that can be met without it. Is that the case for someone with different sized feet? Depends on their personal level of comfort. Is it a good reason to chuck $1000 custom skates at someone? Probably not always the best.
  7. Assuming the technology works perfectly, and there's no defects in manufacturing that causes deformities from the idealistically perfect laser scan?
  8. If the retail skates are comfortable and fit well, as the poster you replied to said, you can't assume VH is going to fit and perform better.
  9. I went from a well fitting size 9 S17 to a great fitting size 9 Makos
  10. That's called holding Dave!
  11. The wonderful effects of market research!
  12. The tongue will compress to your foot. The thickness is intended to help prevent lace bite by distributing the pressure of the laces over the entire foot instead of just the points of contact. You want them thick.
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