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JR Boucicaut

Innovative Pro Hull

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Reviewer's stats:

6'1" , 170lb

Used with SR Easton Typhoon (80 flex) and Inno 1100 (300)


I got this blade from Kenneth, who used it for a few skates so it arrived in mint condition. The blade shape is quite "special," it is thinner than most blades and has an extremely rockered toe. The lie is hard to judge but it looks most like a 5.5 as the lie of the back third of the blade is quite low but then gradually increases until the toe. The curve is also quite different as it looks like a bigger Easton Sakic to the eye but is actually more similar to an Yzerman because of the shaved toe.


Despite its thiness, this blade is very, very stiff. The graphite weave on the blade looks a lot tighter than other's and contibutes to the overall stiffness.



The balance, when I put it into my Typhoon, was incredible, on par with some OPS's even though the Typhoon is not a light shaft (340g). Even though it is a standard, long hosel blade, I would say it is in the 170-175 gram range.


Stickhandling/receiving passes:

Since I'm not a great stickhandler to begin with, I cannot really give an accurate read of this blade's prowess. However, the improved balance certainly helps with quick side to side dribbling and the shaved toe makes toe drags easier. I do not personnaly have a problem with the feel of graphite blades unlike some people.

I did have some issues with receiving passes, though. Sometime they would either bounce off of the rockered part of the blade or i'd miss miss them altogeter because of the weird blade shape.

7.5/10 (PP)


Naturally, this is where the blade shines. The first time I used it the shots were as hard as I've ever made but none hit the net ! They would miss high and wide with me being used to small mid and heel curves. However, with practice I've been able to keep it down and there is plenty of kick on all kind of shots. I find myself going with more of a snapping motion on my wrister to gain control as well. Also, one-timers, Hullie's bread and butter, are fantastic. The passes dont have to be perfect for me to launch rockets because, once again, of the rocker.



Combined with Kenneth we have probably used this blade 20 times. So far, no chips, dents, or any visual damage for that matter. I am not worried about a breakage as Innovative blades have a good reputation based on their feel and durability.


EDIT: It broke while receiving a pass about a year after I got it. 10/10


The curve of this blade may not sit well with some people. Personally I love it but most players would prefer a curve that is slightly smaller. If that is the case i seriously recommend that you check out Innovative's retail blades as they do have patterns for every style and their quality is unparalelled. Also, i did have some concerns about the blade fitting properly with Easton shafts but they were unfounded. I put a layer of tape over the tenon and no looseness is apparent.



Pro patterns are usually tricky to adapt to and this one is no different. I still havnt gotten down the perfect shooting technique for this blade but once I do, goalies better watch out! However, it might totally strike out with other people. Still, it is worth a try, especially with a whippy shaft, then you would know why Brett Hull is one of the most feared snipers in the NHL.


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