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  1. Landed in Calgary today. Looking to repeat at CIS national champioships with the McGill Martlet hockey team (I'm their video + analytics person) http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/womens-hockey/2015/3/11/8182289/mcgills-martlets-cis-womens-hockey-road-to-nationals-part-1-pack-up-go
  2. used to think that. but not really. I just had no hands back in high school haha
  3. 6'2 200 75 flex uncut I take mostly wrist shots, but the whip doesnt rly hurt me any on slappers. Actually went down from 85 flex with a 2in plug to a shorter/whippier stick over the yrs.
  4. Top hand fairly far away from the video I just took. Lots of repetition will be key. Pulling the puck in before shooting off the toe as well. The more aggressive you pull, the more power and deception (lateral movement throwing goalie off)
  5. one-legged exercises are great. you could also try out doing simple stickhandling moves while standing on one leg. it simulates handing the puck in stride and will accelerate whatever work you do to improve your hands.
  6. Played pickup hockey in socal for the first time ever (optimusreim's neck of the woods) and found some good skates w good groups of guys, but it was a bit funny to see the difference in style between canadians and americans. Not that much of a gap in individual skills, but lots more cherrypicking and generally less hustle on the defensive side of the puck. Some guys get the puck and become essentially autistic, hogging it and skating straight ahrad until they get stripped
  7. in person, the tc3 is a not a direct copy of the E28. it's pretty close but has a bit less rocker at the toe and more of a kink rather than a gradual curve. a bit like the old warrior smyth in how it curves.
  8. rebound pops up at cross-bar height. take a decent-sized cut at it in midair as it dropped. make perfect contact with the shaft only to see the puck go straight off the post and out...
  9. The mission S series was great. Only problem was that I wouldnever want to block a shot of them. Also tendon guard durability was suspect at best and the pitch hardware needed to be tightened once in a while That being said, only time Ive ever bought 2 pairs of the same skate.
  10. just speaking for myself. have had to cut back on the beer for sure. at least I can load the stick up on a slap shot better than before.
  11. or whatever stick you played the highest level hockey or had the most goals with. old sticks aren't just for shooting pucks, they'll also remind you of times when you were younger, better looking and weighed 10lb less.
  12. ran into mike babcock this morning. congratulated him on the olympics - must be the most difficult thing ever when anything less than a first place finish is a national disaster.
  13. Innovative 1100 polarfibre 300 flex, Inno Hull pro blade Base Savoy Special, 75 flex BC01 TPS XN10 whip shaft, Bauer XV blade TPS R8 whip shaft, Easton pro return Roenick blade CCM V130 pro return, Darby pro pattern
  14. Scored bar-down on an NHL ice this morning. Too bad no one saw it outside of the guys on the ice and maybe 2 security guards...
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