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JR Boucicaut

MIA MB33 Glove

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Product MIA MB 33

Background 6'3 195lbs

Fit- These gloves fit very similar to Eagles. They are loose but don't have the loose floppy feel of some gloves. There was no break in time. I sent them pics of my hand and they recomended a slight taper around my wrist because I had what they called playmakers hands? They fit just right in all areas 9/10

Protection- I was a little worried because the gloves ar so light that they would not have enough protection. I have taken some slashes and they held up great. I went for the v-80 foam because I only play in beer leagues but after getting some hits I feel that my hands are well protected the foam really abosrbs the impact well. 9/10

Weight- This is where I can say wow. When I shake my hand i can't feel the weight of the glove. They are the lightest glove I have ever tried. I am used to heavy protective gloves so it took some time to get used to these. 9.5/10

Durabillity- I have only had these 2 months so I can't relly comment on the but they are holding up great so far. This is my first time using carbon material and it seems to be fine. It does mark a bit easy. 7/10

Intangibles- I went with the Mb 33 which is a more traditional glove instead of the popular short cuff style these days. They still offer great flexiability in a protective traditional style glove. I went with the micro nash palm which is so soft and offers a great feel. It does not get hard and crusty at all and is holding up very well so far. 9.5/10

Overall- This is my first time using high end gloves. I was a bit nervous about spending this much money on gloves but I can honetly say they are worth it. I ordered these and they answered a ton of questions as I was also nervous about buying online and they did a great job of giving me a glove I love. I will definately think about getting these gloves again. These gloves give me the proformance and protection.

Overall rating 9.5/10

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