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  1. Sid

    Base hockey

    Just got an email from Base and seems they are back in business
  2. Could you break down the feel of each?
  3. Thanks how would you say Aycane compares? I like the way Zenkai regulates my body temp. Is there similarity in material. I don’t want keep buying a product that fails and falls apart..
  4. I was wondering if anyone is having issue with the base layers and the stitching coming undone. I gather they beefed up their stitching on the gen 2 gear but both my gen one and gen 2 keep threading off. Love the performance of the gear but disappointed in the quality of the stitching. I am looking into alternatives if mine falls apart. I am curious about the Aycane gear as it sounds similar
  5. Just wondering if anybody knows if they are still in business? https://basehockey.ca/
  6. I have the super natural, nasty, reign lt and don’t find anything different in the shafts other than kick points
  7. I have both the x-stiff and the regular blades. I do tend to find the regular does have a better puck feel and does not suffer from being damaged more than than x-stiff. The x-stiff I do notice the puck comes off a little quicker but I have different shaft flex’s on each which can be misleading.
  8. I have also wondered I have seen some blacksteel with a mirror finish. is this the case for all blacksteel and does it offer the same benefits as the Velocity steel with the hard edge of black steel?
  9. Will step be ceasing production on Lightspeed 2 holders anytime soon?
  10. Hi JR

    i know this may be a dumb question but if I wanted to swap out 280 Graf holders with tuuk ls2 the Tuuks would need to be 280 as well correct?


  11. I was wondering if anybody had any experience with these pants. I saw them in a store and they seem bullet proof but a bit heavy. I was wondering how hey fit compared to Aero pants. How are they for flexibility and how is the weight and protection. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi there

    i am looking into my first custom skates 

    i have noticed your reviews on the true and your experience with the ccm skates. I am thinking about getting true or ccm skates  and wondering if you could offer some input. 

    I have noticed the weight difference in the true compared to the as1. Did you find a noticeable difference on the ice or was it one of those things where when your on the ice no difference was noticed. 

    I also noticed you replaced the holder did that offer any weight reductions?

    you had also made mention ccm did not want to send without holders, did you manage to order them without and was it a fight?

    performance wish did you lean to one skate more than the other?

    thanks for your input


    1. VegasHockey


      If you go full custom with the AS1 and use any aftermarket steel, like Step or Tydan, the weight is very similar but the TRUE skates will still likely weight slightly more. On the ice, I did not notice the weight difference. Replacing the VH/TRUE holder with a TUUK LS Edge with Tydan steel actually weighed more than the VH/TRUE holder with the Step steel. With CCM, I was able to get them ordered without the holder mounted but CCM did not want to do it and it was quite the fight to get it done. Performance wise, I think TRUE skates outperform CCM and the durability of the skates is noticeable compared to CCM and Bauer. My TRUE skates still look like new. 

    2. Sid


      Thanks for the input

  13. I was wondering on the real differences in a mono frame boot vs the traditional two piece boots. I understand that fit is the most important factor but was curious to the added benefit if anything I.e . Sharper turning faster acceleration. It seems some people say the skate reacts faster to the movement of their feet. Thanks
  14. Sorry if this has been touched upon but I could not find anything within the thread. Can anyone offer input into the performance difference between the two piece and the one piece. Is it something that noticeable I am thinking about getting a pair of true skates.
  15. That is the one thing I have found with the Kovalev pattern is I have to relearn saucer passes with it
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