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JR Boucicaut

Nike Quest 2

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Reviewer specs: 5'7, 145lbs, LW, pant size M


I got these in Jan. I am on the ice ususally 4 times a week, more if we have a tourney.


This pant is a tank. The fact that the protection is seperate in different places makes it that much better. The pieces are all really thick and the spine protector is really thick.


For me, the fit is okay. I have to really reaf on the belt and the laces to keep them on. I also have to pull them up a lot, but this is probably because I'm a girl and I have a really short waist and long legs.

It doesn't have velcro in the legs, but the flex zones are great.


I haven't had any problems. The extra wear zones are great. I spend a lot of time getting roughed up (or doing the roughing up, whichever way you want to look at it) and the pants have withheld the tests. I have also washed them in a washing machine a few times and no problems so far. The elastic in the legs have stood up real well and so has the belt and the laces considering how hard I reaf on them.

Overall 8/10.

My biggest problem is the fact that they're really big around the waist, but again it could be because Im a girl. Also the fact that the spine protector sticks out and you have to have the back of your jersey tucked in.

So much for looking cool. :rolleyes:

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