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  1. I stick around the shop if the end of a period is on or something, but they have chairs and stuff set up. I did get proposed to in my LHS the other day. Went in, asked questions, talked shop with the boys and one of them goes "You married?" "No." "Dear lord, why not. Will you marry me? You're the ONLY girl that comes in and can talk hockey with us..." I started laughing and he looks and goes "I'll get you a pair of one90's and a Kronik if you do..." The whole shop was laughing by that point.
  2. I love Tacks. I grew up on them and will always have a soft spot for them. My brothers each bought 3 pairs of 1152's when they last went. Mine are now RBK 9K's...but I would go back to Tacks in a second if I could find a pair my size...
  3. Not my tattoos thank you very much. And in all reality, most people don't take the bible word for word. If it what's they want to do, it's what they want to do. And secondly, you have to remember that the Bible was interperted, same with the Torah and the Quar'an. Don't sound so self rightous with stating "your God doesn't want you to get tattooed". And if you really want to get technical, there are two bible verses that speak about God ordainted tattoos And the Lord said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof. Ezekiel 9:4 One shall say, I am the Lord's; and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his hand unto the LORD, and surname himself by the name of Israel. Isaiah 44:5 And there kids, is my useless degree at work! Go religious studies go!
  4. Has he played 10 games? After 10 games his salary hits the cap...
  5. Probably his draft year, just guessing.
  6. Holy spirit (newest tattoo) (oldest tattoo...the picture was taken a WHILE ago)
  7. Thanks, I will. He has a few other ones, I will take some pictures when I get time. I think it's amazingm it's meaningful to both of us and it's classy at the same time. He originally wanted just a cross and that part of the scripture written underneath. Then we were sitting around and he came up with that sketch. Took him a while to find some font that he liked, but I think it turned out well.
  8. I would like to applaud my LHS for the service they did me and my team this weekend. I blew three rivits on my skate before our allstar game (which was early Saturday morning) and I rushed down to my LHS to see if they could fix it. They close at 5 and it was 440 when I got there. The guy who was in there fixed it without question and then tightened my blades. He also sharpened mine and my D partner's skates (even though he had to change the hollow on his machine.) He found that one of Katie's skates had been sharpened poorly before and the radius was gone on it...so he re-did it for her. We were there until 520 and all we got was our skates fixed...but trust me, both of us are going back. The small things matter.
  9. Me at our all star game. They were doing the most accurate shooter competition and I was bored. (I'm the skater) Im the one on the far...right with the orange socks. Our all star team...we won 5-2 BTW.
  10. Product: RBK 9K Pumps Reviewer specs: Intro 23 female, 5'7 ish (On my liscence I'm 5'9, though people tell me I'm shorter), 150lbs. On the ice 3-4 times a week during the winter, 2 times a week in the summer. Tier 2 women's and men's C. Narrow heel, wideish forefoot. I've had Nike skates (when they first came out) as well as Mission Betty flyweighys. I broke the Nike skates in about 3 weeks, broke the front of the toe and broke the steel. The Mission's didn't last much better seeing as I broke the stabalizer bar in within a month of playing, durability is obviously a big thing for me. I also used the Vector 6.0's. Fit I have always worn a size 7 in all of the other skates, except for the Missions which were an 8. I wear a 6 in the RBKs. When I first put them on I knew I would have to get them baked, but that's not a big deal. They hugged my foot without any pressure points. The pump allows you to tighten the skate around your ankle/heel in just a few seconds. I have a very narrow heel and a wider toe box. The CCMs have always fit me the best, but my ankle would still slide around causing blisters and making it harder to get a good knee bend and cross-overs. The 9Ks totally fixed the problem. I tied them really tight around my toebox my first practice and I though my foot was going to fall off. But when I re-laced they were wonderful. The inside is anti-bacterial and it doesn't absorb any water. This keeps the skates light and keeps them from getting sloppy. I enjoy the thicker tendon guard. It allows me to transition easier without worrying about bending them, which I am prone to do. Wow, it's nice to be able to control the amount of support you want or need. I know a girl that doesn't ever use the pump where I pump them about 5-6 times to get it the way I want. Blade/Holder This has been the biggest problem I have had in skates. I broke the holders of my Mission Betty Flyweights within 2 months. My Vector holders have held up for 2 years and these are the same ones. I really like how CCM/RBK revamped the holders. I have heard that the blades are weaker because of the steel being perforated, but I haven't had any problems. Protection I haven't had any problems at all. I have blocked slapshots from a few different guys and haven't come out worse for wear. They are a bit ripped up around the tendon guard because I tuck my hockey socks under the tendon guards... WeightThey're light, but not as light as the Easton 1500's. They're not flimsy at all but they don't add to extra fatigue. Durability I've had them for a year now and there are some scratches and cosmetic issues (the tendon guards are chewed up from skate blades and the holders are chopped up and the silver pain on the RBK logo is peeling off) but other than that I haven't had an issue. They haven't started breaking down yet...which is a great sign. Conclusion I love them. With my superfeet insoles, I can skate for hours, and will. Our women's team, by the end of the season due to injuries and pregnancy only had 6 skaters. It became a looooong season. Anyway, they fit great and have lasted me well. Update: I've had this skates for just about a year now, they look like they've been used for over a year...there are cuts and scratches all over them, but nothing that wrecks the integrity of the skate. I got heel lifts put in the skates...about 1/2 a centimeter worth. Makes is SO much better. 06 nov 07
  11. Yep, Jr sherwood woodie. Most of the girls on my team use woodies, sherwood seems to be the most popular.
  12. No...Some of there older designs where off the hook !!... Now with Bauer...please.. Bauer is terrible.. RIT dye is your best bet. You can spraypaint them as well, but it WILL chip. Whats the feedback on the RIT dye?? I was thinking Leather Dye... i found on the internet somewhere. Also how the hell are some of these kids dying there holders?? What do they use? and can I use it on my black toe cap? say turning it white????? I've used the RIT dye to dye lacrosse heads. Never had a problem. And you have to start with white plastic.
  13. Honestly, the real reason was when I was younger I ended up breaking my foot pretty badly. When I got the cast off there was a pressure point, right along where that lace sat, so I undid it and relaced them like that. I've kept them like that ever since. Though I know other people lace their skates different. Kieran Block of the MH Tigers does his with less lacings.
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