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JR Boucicaut

Warrior Dolomite Spyne

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After two weeks of 14-16 hour days at the home office in Nashua, NH...I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Two boxes were waiting for me:

1. My custom UMaine NBH 4-rolls, with a brand new set of nash palms compliments of Peaches, the God of repalming...you ROCK!!!

2. A Warrior box with the eagerly anticipated Dolomite Spyne. YES!

A couple of pre-use inspection items of note:

1. The stick has a great paint job. I really like the use of the blue and green. Aesthetically it is very pleasing to the eyes.

2. The stick is pretty light. Nothing quite compares to the U+ CL that I know proudly own...but weighing in at 440g...the Spyne is certainly to the left side of the curve in that department.

So...the real question a reader should want to have answered about the Spyne is..."what is the Spyne blade technology"?

According to Warrior:

"Spyne Blade – Warrior's patented Spyne blade uses the latest in carbon-molding technology to bring you the most precise and accurate shot control in history.

What it is: Molded structural feature on the back face of the graphite blade.

What it does: Acts like a spring, directing energy into the heel of the blade. Releases energy faster with more control and accuracy. Reduces blade torque and reduces weight.

Why it works: Molded shape creates an internal carbon structure. The stiffness effect follows the shape of the Spyne feature around the edges. By designing the shape accordingly we can control the direction and flow of energy from the tow of the blade into the heel.

HD Blade with Angel Hair Technology – Foam shouldn't be used in hockey sticks…foam is for teddy bears, flip flops, and push-up bras, which is why we've developed a completely new core material that uses high-impact epoxy combined with Angel Hair micro-strands of carbon fiber. This produces a rigid, durable blade core that has more spring and pop than ever before.

The HD blade core is heavier than a comparable foam core because it carries more flex and impact. This allows us to reduce the carbon exterior of the blade to improve response, resulting in a lighter overall weight."

Sounds like a load of marketing material doesn't it? I thought so, until I started to look at the blade and see some interesting physical characteristics. Normally, I can apply force to a blade and it will flex. It comes with the territory of carbon fiber material and a hollow core that most blades have.

This blade doesn't move.

That's a great thing to me. I like the shaft to flex, but the blade to keep its tensile strength. This is one of the few OPS I have seen that does just that.

The concern I have off the bat is the backhand side of the blade. The Spyne technology has a ridged composition, so the backhand side is not a flat surface. Imagine a coin...with imprints that give it the 3D effect of depth. The Spyne has this characteristic, so the first thing I plan to do when I test this stick is to spend most of the time guaging backhand shots and see if this affects the overall usability.

So, this week I plan to pop a Tacki-Mac sand grip on the puppy and take it out on the ice. Can't wait!

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After one use, some thoughts:

Weight is pretty balanced, but not as light as I would like it to be...then again...I am in love with the U+ CL at this point. My slappers were right where they are on the One95. Wristers were very accurate. OH...and the spyne on the back of the blade does not seem to affect the backhand as of yet. I still wonder how much of that is attributed to the tape job, as I crank down tight on the sticky tape. Those that like bare blades will most certainly see some affect of the lack of a flat surface on the backhand side.

The other thing that is worthwhile to mention. The new spyne blade and the angel hair fabric has a unique characteristic that would be extremely beneficial for those that have hands of stone. The blade is VERY forgiving on hard passes. With little to no cradling, I found this stick to be surprisingly forgiving on hard passes. I noticed little to no bouncing off the blade...and no recoil back into the shaft. It seems the HD technology really works here, and has a real advantage for those that don not have the softest of hands.

I will use it more this week, with some additional reviews to come

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