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  1. 3 weeks and counting...

  2. I've been on the FBV for about two years, and could never go back to ROH. My personal preference is the 90/50 in the winter when the ice is harder, and 90/75 during the summer months or in a hot building with softer ice. As jimmy said, the hollow cut of the 90/50 still gives you the same glide when the ice is soft, but edge control decreases because the edges are not as steep....so I tend to lose my grip when I lean aggressively on a single edge. I played at the War Memorial (where the Syracuse Crunch play) in the Crunch Classic charity game on a 90/50 and I had difficulties with my edges because that place is HOT and the ice is soft. It makes a difference when you rely heavily on edge control and skating is your biggest attribute.
  3. "Raw I'm a give it to ya Raw like trivia Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia My hip hop will rock and shock the nation Like the Emancipation Proclamation..." I miss the Wu
  4. Big up to Darkstar for another perfect order...the all black (grey Eagle cuff) CP94s:
  5. I have had some issues with the tape rolling inside the grip during the application process. JR showed me how to use the hairspray technique and I have not had an issue since. The key is to use an ultra-hold aerosol hairspray, because the aerosol creates an even sticky surface. The pump sprays can get blotchy and squirt too much liquid. You want a nice even sticky coat...and you want to give it time to dry.
  6. Winterfest...one week away...

  7. Keep up the good work DP... progress is a good thing. Don't rush getting back...it takes time as Sid showed...but look at how well the end result has been so far. I am sure you are anxious to get back...and we look forward to seeing you playing again.
  8. Looks like you might have asked for the minicel foam. I have the same thing on my TOs, and the comfort wrap looks the same. Frankly, the minicel foam is so comfortable that the wrap is meaningless. I have a C/AA foot as well...so I feel his pain there. The 3rd copper rivet is not used on customs unless specified...I have had 4 pair of custom NBH/Bauer skates come that way. Good to hear the fit is working well. Does he wear special shoes/orthodics for pronation? I would have assumed it had been an issue in the past due to an improper fit...a skate too wide would explain pronation. With the proper fit you would want that edge right down the center of the foot. Luckily, you can have that adjusted if necessary.
  9. Holy Eastonfest! Nice glove pickups man!
  10. The color selection is awesome. I love the SE16 look...but those damn fingers are WAY too stiff.
  11. The feel of the FFH...loved that palm.
  12. Those are dirty...if I had them I would replace palm with FFH...that would be the perfect glove.
  13. Aw yeah! CP94...-1" cuff and +1/2" fingers...all Navy (Grey Eagle on cuff roll). Special thanks to DarkStar...great job!
  14. Seems like an awful lot of extra work...with little to no added benefit, other than the bling factor. Skated on the Step steel yesterday, and yes they are a bit higher. Had to work a little harder due to the extra weight vs the Fusion steel. I could definitely feel the difference in weight...not significant...but noticeable. The advantage was that the edges were near perfect after a 2 hour intense pickup. Nicks and chips plagued my fusion steel and LS2 steel, thus the decision to switch to a better quality steel to reduce the frequency of sharpening. Over the last couple months I was averaging only 5-6 sessions, with edges so jacked up I had to ship them for another 90/50 treatment.
  15. Real men wear pink. Thinking about finding pink socks and pink jersey to rock with Navy on Cancer awareness month. Working on that.
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