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Reviewer: 6' 170 lbs, all defense

Curve: Tkachuk(Beast curve for snappers)

Intangibles: This blade had a nice look to it. The blade looked similiar to my Response Plus. All black blade with a graphic on the back, but if you tape it and take the tape off the image comes off with the tape.

Stiffness: The stiffness I cant complain about, it feels similiar to my Response Plus, and the blade is still strong and doesnt look like it is going soft any time soon. The curve is one of my favorites, so it didnt take anytime to adjust to it. The stiffness helped my accuracy a lot, and I feel it is infact stiffer than my Repsone. 10/10

Weight/Balance: When I put this blade in my Redlite XN10, the shaft couldnt be more well balanced. The only thing I did not like about this combo was that it was too light, but I am now getting use to it. 10/10

Stickhandling/Receiving Passes: Stickhandling is very nice. The blade has great feel to it, and I hardly have to take a peak down to see whats going on. Since I am getting used to the Tkachuk curve, I can pull off moves the same as any other. There isnt much different in passing with this blade. I feel it is identical to my Response, so I cant really say to much for that. 8/10

Shooting: When it comes to shooting I am glad a have this blade. The balance is amazing and when I take snappers they are much faster and more accurate than my Response Plus. I am having trouble taking slapshot with this combo, but I mainly take Snap shots. The main reason I continue to use this combo, is for the snappers. My snap shots are faster then some of the guys slappers in my league. It feels good knowing this...10/10

Durability: I havent had this blade for too long but, so far I have used this blade at three open hockey sessions and one evaluation and two practices. The blade is still strong and doesnt look like its going to become weak anytime soon.9/10

Conclusion: Overall this blade is excellent. I like how my snappers improve, but my slap shots suffer. This was my first TPS replacement blade and I am very impressed. The design is very nice and I will most likely pick up another.9.5/10

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