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  1. Nice shaft, the new Grip zone feature is awesome. My brother got a prostock Response Lite. Too bad his stick is left handed. I might just have to hack off the blade on that Response Lite...
  2. Well they are both two light composite sticks. I like the CNT Stealth better than the XXX Lite. As Top Shelf said, the shaft shapes are both different. XXX Lite being rounded while the Stealth being more concave and boxier. I prefer the Stealth due to its shaft shape and the curve(Iginla). If the CNT has your curve then I say give it a shot. If worst comes to worst just sell it here, im sure someone will take if off your hands if you dont care for it.
  3. Nice gloves. Where did you get those easton pro mitts? Panthers Equipment sale. Im thinking about selling the pair that has Easton written across the cuff. It also has digi palm.
  4. Nice mitts, also like that XXX lite color scheme. Well I just colored in the X's with a Metallic sharpie. It looks pretty good I think.
  5. Havent posted in here in a while. Nylon Mission Heliums New Jersey Color Scheme Easton Stealth CNT Grip along with a broken Hex-1 shaft with a CNT Z-carbon.
  6. Helmet: Bauer 5000 with a tinted Oakly Modified Straight cut visor Shins: Nike V11's Skates: Bauer Vapor XXX's with a Mission Generator Chassis Gloves: Pro Return Eastons or MIA's Sticks: Broken Hex-1 Shaft flipped with an Easton CNT Z-carbon and a Vapor XXX Lite.
  7. would those be tinted itech HS22 visors?? Nope those would be two Oakleys. One straight cut on the Bauer. And a modifed straight cut on the Itech. Both tinted.
  8. I just picked up the Eastons and TPS for $25 each at the Panthers equipment sale. Im trying out all my options now looking for the best feeling glove. Like I said before I do have glove issues. And I appreciate everyones help on MSH for trying to ease my illness by taking the gloves off my hands. So far though the Easton pro returns are my favorite. Broken in, yet not worn down.
  9. I have glove issues.
  10. Its a fashion statement down here in Florida... Yeah ill have get some pics up later of my next game.
  11. My new additions. And on the way might be some custom gloves...
  12. Do all of those blades have the Whitney pattern? Also what curve is that inno?
  13. I believe its a Larionov Response. Still a sweet stick none the less. I saw some kid at my roller rink using that same shaft and im a little curious as to how he obtained one.
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