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JR Boucicaut

G-Form Compression Shirt and Crash Shorts - davetronz

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First off, thank you to JR Boucicaut, ModSquadHockey, G-Form and smitty for the opportunity to review these products. I’ve tried a lot of protective base layer products in the past, and never found anything that was truly above and beyond. I was excited to receive the G-Form products late last week. I look forward to the long-term review.


G-Form Crash Shorts (Large)

G-Form Protective Compression Shirt (Large)

G-Form X-Protect (iPhone 4)


28 years old / 5’11 / 215lbs

Location: Calgary, AB

Playing Level: Men's div A/B hockey (former minor league rep team player), and men’s league non-contact lacrosse

My three products arrived well-packaged and in perfect condition. The Crash Shorts and Protective Compression Shirt were folded and sealed in plastic bags, and the X-Protect iPhone case was contained in attractive, eye-catching packaging.


I received the products on a cold, rainy day in Calgary, and I noticed that the yellow protective material was quite hard to the touch. Once inside my house they quickly warmed up and became less rigid.

X-Protect iPhone case:

Overview -

I decided to check out the X-Protect iPhone case first. The case comes with a small instruction insert, but it’s simple enough to install without directions. The case consists of two distinct parts – a black exterior shell, and the yellow inner, protective liner. The yellow exterior of the inner liner protrudes through the exterior shell to provide the protective technology layer for the case.

Fit -

My iPhone 4 fit into the case with ease. I didn’t have to wedge, pry, or exert much effort to get it installed. As per the instructions I verified that the inner liner was still in the correct place and began to check out the overall fit.

Despite the protective qualities of the case, it still remained very light and was barely noticeable in overall weight. The case does add a bit of volume to the phone, but this is understandable considering its protective qualities. My phone still fit easily into my jeans pocket, but I might opt for a slimmer case if I was wearing dress/suit pants or board shorts, unless I required the added protection a slimmer case couldn’t provide.



The designers of the case definitely took the function and features of the iPhone into consideration. The ringer/vibrate button is easy to access and operate, and the volume buttons are protected, but still accessible.


The power/sleep button is protected, but easy to still use. The Apple factory headphone jack fits perfectly into the receptacle.


At the bottom of the case, a cut-out is properly placed above the speaker and microphone areas, and the power/USB connection is easily accessible with the factory iPhone USB charging cord.


On the reverse side of the case, the cut-out for the camera and flash is positioned properly too.


Concerns -

I was a bit surprised to not see anything to protect the screen of the iPhone, such as a small, transparent layer of plastic. The edges of the exterior shell come up high enough that the screen of the iPhone is protected if you were to scrape it against a flat surface, but nothing protects the actual screen from impact. I usually don’t use a screen protector on my phone, so I wasn’t overly concerned.

I did observe that the front sides of the exterior shell that border the sides of the iPhone screen are a bit widened/splayed out which results in a slightly looser fit in this area. I’m a bit worried that this will get looser over time, although it doesn’t seem that it could cause the iPhone to fall out of the case. It just feels that it should fit a bit tighter in this area.


After a couple days of use I noticed that one of the corners of the inner protective liner was protruding through the confines of the outer shell (sorry, I didn’t have a camera with me to take a picture). I had to remove my phone from the case (which was easy), re-seat the inner liner, and then re-install my phone. This only happened once, but I will continue to keep an eye on it.

Conclusion -

Overall, I’m quite happy with my first look at the X-Protect iPhone case. I installed it on my phone right away, and I haven’t taken it off for any reason, other than to re-seat the inner protective liner. It seems really protective, and although my phone hasn’t taken any tumbles or impacts, I’m confident that the case would protect my phone in those situations. More details to follow.

G-Form Crash Shorts (Large):

Overview -

The Crash Shorts were the next item that I checked out.



I began by checking the shorts front to back, inside and out. All of the protective pieces were really well attached to the shorts, all seams were secure, nothing appeared sharp, raised, abrasive, or otherwise concerning in regards to potential irritation. The waist band on the shorts is actually quite cool, as is the overall look of the short. The nylon/spandex material is really soft.


Fit -

I put the shorts on and was quite pleased with the fit. Not restrictive, seemed to move well with my body, and the padding was positioned well over my hips, thighs and tailbone. I’m usually a size large in compression shorts, but I felt that I might be able to wear a medium in the Crash Shorts as they fit a bit big. They aren’t noticeably too big, but I definitely would have tried a medium if I was in a store. I can’t remember a time where I fit a size medium pant or short, so this was something you should consider if you’re ordering a pair online without trying them on first. Before I knew it I had been wearing the shorts for over 3 hours around the house and didn’t even notice that I was wearing them.

Concerns –

For hockey, I’d really like to see Velcro strips or garter hooks. A cup pocket would add value too. I’m not a fan of typical compression shorts where the cup is “built in” to the short. This style of cup always floats and drifts away from my body with movement. I would really like if G-Form made the cup pocket free floating with elastic retaining straps, but only fasten it to the compression short at the waistband (think the design of the Itech/Bauer mesh shorts).

Conclusion –

I’m excited to try the Crash Shorts despite the lack of Velcro, garter hooks or cup in this model. They seem really protective and mobile. I’m actually very interested in trying these out for lacrosse where I have absolutely no protection in the thighs, hips or tailbone, but yet can’t wear anything too bulky under my shorts. For hockey I know they'll add some protection to one of my pairs of pants where the padding seems to float a bit more than I'd like. More details to follow.

G-Form Protective Compression Shirt (Large):

Overview –

I checked over the Protective Compression Shirt in the same manner that I did for the Crash Shorts and came to the same conclusions. Everything was really well attached to the shirt, all seams were secure, nothing appeared sharp, raised, abrasive, or otherwise concerning in regards to potential irritation.





Fit –

I put the Protective Compression Shirt on and was initially a bit worried that it was too small. I definitely have a larger upper body and the fit was tight, but yet not restrictive. I sent JR a picture to ask for his opinion and he felt that I had a good fit.


As you can see in the image above, the shirt isn’t very long. It comes just below my hips and waistline. I typically like a bit longer compression/base layer shirts because I tuck them into my pants. I’ll need to get used to the shorter shirt.

The short sleeve arms were the perfect length, and the neck was sized appropriately. The padding aligned well with my shoulders, sternum and ribs. Although, the shoulder padding seemed to wear a bit far forward. We’ll see how those wear during actual use. The shirt seemed quite lightweight and breathes well while wearing it around the house. Like the shorts, I put on the shirt around the house and forgot that I was wearing it.

Concerns –

Other than the length (which is mostly a preference), I don’t have any initial concerns with the shirt. I typically wear a long-sleeve UA compression shirt under my hockey gear, so the short sleeves will likely take a bit of getting used to.

Conclusion -

I’m looking forward to giving the shirt a go under some equipment or just a jersey for some pick-up. I wear lower-end shoulder pads in hockey and I’ve removed the sternum guard because it was “sticking up”. I think the sternum padding in the shirt will provide good low-volume protection in the area where I currently have a gap between the shoulder pad breast plates. I’m also interested to see how they perform for lacrosse where I currently have absolutely no protection under my jersey. More details to follow.


Before use I tossed the shirt and shorts in a cold water machine wash cycle and hung on a drying rack to dry. Both came out of the washing machine in the same condition that they went in. No problems such as loose threading, fraying, or bunched padding encountered. Both pieces dried to the same soft fabric feeling as when they were straight out of the packaging.

Subscribed for more details, including reactions from my first use.

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OK, I finally have a pretty good basis for writing a bit more about all three products that I received.

X-Protect iPhone case:

I still haven't taken this off my iPhone and I'm quite enjoying it despite the somewhat larger footprint than my previous case.

I haven't had any repeat issues of the padding popping out (such as I mentioned above), although the areas of the exterior shell remain widened/splayed, but it hasn't affected performance in any way.

I love the yellow exterior padding. I find myself poking/squeezing it like a stress ball, and friends are all really interested in picking up my phone, touching the padding and asking questions about the case.

I'm usually super careful with all of my phones, but lapsed a couple days ago I was playing some wall-ball to get used to my re-laced LAX stick. I had my phone in my pocket, attached to my headphones, and was listening to music. I missed a catch and took off running after the ball. After a few steps my iPhone jumped ship from my sweatshirt pocket and landed on rough asphalt. The area of impact was the corner closest to the camera. I swore, ran over to my phone, and picked it up. First I checked the screen - all good. My headphones popped out with the fall, so I put them back in and pressed the play button, music started. I inspected the exterior of the case and noted a bit of road rash on the black exterior shell, and some pitting on the yellow exterior padding. Otherwise, no signs of damage, stress, scratches or impact to my phone itself. I'd like to think that if I was using my previous case, a CaseMate Slim, I wouldn't have been so lucky. Super happy with the protection of the X-Protect iPhone case - it's earned a permanent spot in my lineup!

Due to a scheduling blunder, I had to play 7 games this past weekend between a tournament and our league playoffs. I also had two lacrosse games and a couple shinny sessions mixed in since my last post. My crash shorts and compression shirt got a fair bit of use.

G-Form Crash Shorts (Large):

I'm still really liking the fit of my crash shorts. They're comfortable and not at all restrictive. After a first wash, I tried them for a shinny hockey game to start my long-term review.

I had to change a few of my equipment wearing habits to review the crash shorts:

- I typically wear plain, regular jock under a pair of long Bauer compression pants with velcro attachments.

- I wear the Bauer X60 ACP girdle and a regular non-padded shell above the base layer. I also have a pair of Flite Pro traditional hockey pants that I rotate into the lineup now and then.

Without a cup pocket on the shorts or Velcro on the thighs I'm required to wear my cup under my crash shorts, and a garter belt above my crash shorts to hold up my socks.

I tried wearing my Bauer compression pants over the crash shorts and vice-versa instead of using the garter, but I was way too hot.

I'm also encountering the problem of having too many waist bands. It would be great if all of these products had a unified waistband to reduce bulk and pinching in this area. Again, I'm thinking like the Itech mesh jock shorts with a free-floating cup and velcro attachments. With the lack of my compression pants I ended up getting some irritation and pinches from the straps on my shin pads. I like having a layer of protection between the equipment and my skin. Maybe G-Form could consider a pant version of the crash shorts for those of us who like wearing long pants under our gear (and maybe for goalies).

I ended up taking a pretty good slapshot to the thigh while wearing the crash shorts in conjunction with my X60 ACP. Didn't feel any pain, just the force from being hit with the shot. No post-game bruising or pain. In regards to impact protection... I haven't fallen on these yet, so I can't comment here. What I will state is that the crash shorts don't add padding in any new areas, but rather supplement the existing padding of my X60 ACP. I felt a bit "over-protected" while wearing my girdle, but felt quite secure and protected while wearing the crash shorts with my regular Flite Pro pants.

I've also worn the crash shorts twice for lacrosse. I wear a cup/jock underneath the crash shorts and a pair of athletic shorts on top. The shorts stay in place while running and don't feel overly bulky or restrictive. I took a rebound from a shot off the boards into my thigh while wearing the shorts and wasn't able to feel anything aside from the force of the shot. I also bumped into the boards hip first a few times and didn't really notice it. I know this is a hockey equipment review site, and not a lot of you play lacrosse, but this is where I've enjoyed the crash shorts the most. I figure most of you might play a second sport that would benefit from some additional protection, that's why I've chosen to share all of my experiences while wearing this gear across multiple sports I play.

G-Form Protective Compression Shirt (Large):

I'm typically used to wearing an UA compression shirt with long sleeves and a higher neck while playing hockey. The first couple times I wore the protective compression shirt took a bit of getting used to.

Under shoulder pads I didn't notice the compression shirt at all. It didn't really add much bulk. I was a fan of the protection that it added in my ribs, and the sternum protection that is missing between the plates of my shoulder pads. I didn't really take any abuse while wearing the shirt, but it felt OK under my gear. The lack of sleeves caused some irritation from the straps on my elbow pads (I must have sensitive skin or something). I would definitely like to see a long sleeve version from G-Form. I also like to tuck my compression shirts into my hockey pants. The protective compression shirt wasn't long enough and became un-tucked as soon as I started moving on the ice. I'd really like to see a bit more length for a hockey application, but this is personal preference. The protective compression shirt seems to wick sweat away from the body and wasn't stuck to me when it came time to take it off. Due to the irritation I was getting with my elbow pads, I tried wearing a long-sleeve shirt under and over my protective compression shirt and I was too hot. With only the protective compression shirt I did not notice any increase in body temperature.

I also wore the protective compression shirt for lacrosse. In this case I wear the protective shirt with a jersey on top, no other padding. The shirt felt really good. The shirt padding was a bit more noticeable while wearing without shoulder pads over top. I mainly noticed it over my ribs - not an uncomfortable feeling, just that something is there against my skin. I seem to keep really cool while wearing the shirt, and it offers really good protection where I didn't have anything before. I took an accidental stick down over my shoulder which I barely felt. I felt that the shirt has a perfect application for my level of men's lacrosse.

I definitely get looks and questions in the dressing room. My hockey team has newly nicknamed me "Tron" - which based on my username here, isn't far off from my regular nickname - now they just have more fuel for the fire! A few guys recognized it as "the shirt Tim Thomas was wearing!" and thought that was pretty cool. I notice most interest is coming from guys who are using competing products like padded shirts or padded shorts. I'm not too conscious about the colors of the equipment that I wear, as long as it's functional, but there might be guys who don't want "attention" in the dressing room and may prefer an all black, discrete looking padding to take away some of the focus from their gear.

I have washed the shirt and shorts around 4 times now according to the directions on the gear. I've noticed no ill effects from washing.

My Fall/Winter season for hockey is winding down with finals this weekend, and then I'll have about a 2 week break without organized hockey before the Summer season starts in late May. I have lacrosse weekly through to the end of October, so I'm going to continue wearing the shorts and shirt at all possible opportunities to continue my LTR.

Feel free to message me, or post in the topic in the main hockey gear discussion forum to ask any questions.


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Just a quick update today.

Crash Shorts and Protective Compression Shirt:

I wore the Crash Shorts and Protective Compression Shirt outside (as opposed to inside a rink) for the first time earlier this week. We had an impromptu outdoor lacrosse game.

The temperature wasn't anything over the top, around 10-15 degrees Celsius (balmy Calgary Spring weather).

The shorts and shirt performed really well in the "warmer" environment. I didn't feel like I was overheating at all. The material did seem to stick to my ribs and thighs a bit more than in a cooler environment, but it wasn't in any way uncomfortable. Washing and durability remains unchanged, as does wear during hockey and indoors.

X-Protect iPhone case:

The iPhone case is also holding up really well. Nothing major to note here. For some reason since installing the case I've dropped my phone more frequently than I did before, and on each fall it's protected my iPhone without any issues. I did notice that the access hole for the headphone jack receptacle doesn't handle a larger caliber 35mm jack well. I have a 35mm M-M headphone jack cable on my treadmill, and I need to pull the case back to access the receptacle properly. I've also noticed that with use the yellow inner protective liner is discoloring a bit. I haven't tried to wipe it down to see if it's just dirt or the finish, because it isn't a huge bother, but I'll keep my eye on this and give it a wipe with a damp cloth next time I need to remove my phone from the case.

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In my first post (05/01/2012) I mentioned the following:

After a couple days of use I noticed that one of the corners of the inner protective liner was protruding through the confines of the outer shell (sorry, I didn’t have a camera with me to take a picture). I had to remove my phone from the case (which was easy), re-seat the inner liner, and then re-install my phone. This only happened once, but I will continue to keep an eye on it.

I observed this again today, and I happened to have a camera nearby and snapped a picture.


As you can see, the inner protective liner is protruding through the outer shell. To fix this I have to remove my phone from the case, re-seat the inner liner, and then reinstall my phone.

This is only the second time during the duration of my LTR this has occurred. I'll continue to monitor and report.

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I've been off the ice for about a week, so I can't give you a hockey update, but played a lacrosse tournament this past weekend and used my G-Form Protective Compression Shirt and Crash Shorts for each of the four games. I apologize to those who don't care about lacrosse, but I feel that it gives the LTR a bit of diversity for us that play other sports in addition to hockey.

First things first, we played the tournament on artificial turf at a indoor soccer center rather than a hockey rink minus the ice. The playing environment was extremely warm but I didn't feel like I was overheating while wearing the compression shirt and crash shorts. As noted before, I felt like the shirt and shorts were "sticking" to me a bit once I really started sweating, especially under the protective areas, but I've grown to really like this feeling. It's tight and secure, but still mobile and not restrictive at all.

The pace of this tournament was a step above my usual league play. I took a couple sticks down over top of my shoulders during passes and shots and barely felt the impact. I also took some bumps and whacks to my ribs and was glad to have the added protection in the area.

In our final game I was defending a single attacker one-on-one into my zone and got hauled down by my neck/head to the turf as he went around me to shoot. I spun to my right and landed on my chest. Ended up with a sprained neck, bruised front and side of neck and turf burn on my knee. The encounter was a bit of a blur and adrenaline was high so I'm not sure if the protective compression shirt offered any benefit in protection to my sternum, shoulders, or ribs, but I didn't receive any notable injury to any of these areas which were all in the line of impact.

I wore the G-Form gear for all 4 games without washing between games like I usually do after a single game. Nothing seemed to stretch out or lose shape.

After the weekend I noticed a bit of wear to the compression shirt and shorts:


Both the shirt and shorts have a few areas where the yellow threading around the protective areas has begun to come out. The protective areas have not lifted or separated from the shirt, but I feel this is important to note. I will most likely trim the treads that have loose and continue to observe.



The two G-Form logos/information on the compression shirt have begun to peel off. This doesn't have any bearing on the protective product itself, but again something I feel I should note. In case someone from G-Form is reading this, I'd like to see the sizing/care information on a permanent tag. It would save some confusion/time if I go to re-order and can't remember my size.

Throughout the tournament we were wearing jerseys that were slightly see-through. Due to this I received some chirping about my use of protective gear, but whatever. I still find that some people will chirp, but then become interested in the product when you actually show it to them.

Lastly, I mentioned in my May 26, 2012 post that my iPhone case was "discoloring" a bit on the exterior of the yellow inner protective liner. I've included a picture below, and I've tried to clean the discoloring with a cloth and warm water. I did not observe a change in the amount of discoloring after cleaning. Again, this doesn't have any bearing on the protective product - likely just dirt from use - no big deal.


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Another quick update on my G-Form gear:

I don't have much new to report with the Protective Compression shirt or Crash Shorts.

I've trimmed all existing loose threads (as noted in the post above), and I have not noticed any new loose threads. I'll continue to observe.

I'm still using the X-Protect iPhone case as well. The discoloration of the exterior of the yellow inner protective liner continues, but it still seems purely cosmetic.

I've haven't experienced any additional problems with the inner protective liner protruding through the outer shell since the last time I mentioned it a couple posts above.

This might be the longest I've kept a case on my phone without getting bored of it, having it fall apart, or otherwise finding something better!

A friend asked to see my phone in the case last week, and he noticed the same thing I noted in my first post:

I did observe that the front sides of the exterior shell that border the sides of the iPhone screen are a bit widened/splayed out which results in a slightly looser fit in this area. I’m a bit worried that this will get looser over time, although it doesn’t seem that it could cause the iPhone to fall out of the case. It just feels that it should fit a bit tighter in this area.

He asked if my phone stays in the case. I told him that I hadn't experienced any issues to date, but that I initially noticed the looseness in the area as well.

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It's been about two months without an update, but I haven't had much to report about my G-Form gear.

My X-Protect iPhone case is still in the same cosmetic and physical shape as mentioned at last post. I've had no problems with it.

I'll mention that a lot of people seem interested in it lately, and more and more people seem to have heard of G-Form and their products now.

The case has definitely saved my bacon a few times this Summer while out being active or simply dropping my phone after too many patio beverages.

My phone itself has sustained no damage whatsoever in any of the falls, and other than some paint transfer on the black outer shell, the case does not show any effects of the falls either.

My Protective Compression shirt and Crash shorts are also in an unchanged condition as the previous post. I've used them on average 1-3 times per week since receiving them.

The only thing to note is that the Protective Compression shirt is starting to develop a bit of a smell which is consistent with all of my compression gear from any company.

I wash my base layer after every use, and after time this always seems to happen. I've started using a product called "Borax" added in with my regular detergent in a cold wash to "boost" the effectiveness of the detergent. This seems to have reduced the unpleasant smell quite noticeably.

Thanks again for reading.

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Time for another update with my G-Form gear.

The X-Protect iPhone case is starting to show some signs of flaking in a few very small areas on the corner yellow Poron pieces, likely from falls or pocket friction. Nothing too noticeable, and nothing that seems to affect the performance.

Another weird thing to note, which may not be caused by the case whatsoever, is that my power button on my iPhone has stopped functioning normally. The button no longer clicks, and I need to push it more towards the back of the phone and downward to make contact when using the device.

When I remove the case my power button is easier to use, however, it still doesn't feel anywhere close to how it did when it was new. If this problem is related to the case, the only cause I can think of is that the friction of the case moving front to back a bit or being pushed on the black outer shell has displaced the location of the power button slightly. Again, this may not be related to the case whatsoever, but I haven't used the phone without the case since the beginning of this review, and never had any preexisting problems.

The Protective Compression shirt and Crash shorts are also still in an unchanged condition as the previous post, and are getting use about once to twice a week since the beginning of this review.

As mentioned before, I'm really enjoying the light weight and protective nature of these garments for use in my lacrosse league where sticks seem to contact the shoulder, rib and thigh protective areas. The league is non-contact, so it wouldn't make sense to wear full equipment, but the G-Form gear adds just the right degree of protection from sticks and the ball. I've stopped using the Crash shorts for hockey because it just didn't make sense to have to wear a cup under the shorts (my preference) and a garter belt over the shorts. There was just too many elastic waistbands causing discomfort. I still rotate the Protective Compression shirt through my Under Armor collection for hockey, but I really wish the shirt had long sleeves, as this is my preference on the ice. I find the shirt particularly useful for shinny with my buds when I don't feel like wearing shoulders, but am pretty confident no one is out to be a body-checking hero.

Thanks again for reading. I'll continue to keep everyone updated.

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Time for a festive update.

The condition of the X-Protect iPhone case is unchanged, although the yellow Poron pieces are looking dirtier now from continued use. The only thing to note here is that the case seems to be sliding around a bit more than usual on my iPhone. The phone seems to unseat from the case in my pocket or through use. It doesn't fall out of the case, it just moves around so that I need to re-align things a bit before I can continue using it. Still, this is the longest that I've ever used a single phone case without getting bored of it or needing to replace it due to wear, breakage or for aesthetic reasons. A lot of people still comment on the case. Many people think it's an Otterbox case rather than a G-Form. It still generates a lot of interest at a dinner table or party. I'm really impressed by the overall durability of the case.

The Protective Compression shirt and Crash shorts haven't been used as often as I'd like during these Winter months. I'm still using them primarily for lacrosse, but I haven't had an opportunity to play in a couple months due to my work schedule. I will note that I've stopped using both the shirt and the shorts for hockey at the time being, the shorts for the reason in the post above, and the shirt because I've opted for long sleeve Under Armor in Winter as things get colder.

Look for continued updates in the New Year. Thanks for reading.

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Lacrosse season kicks off on Monday evening and I'll be bringing out the Protective Compression shirt and Crash shorts again this Spring and Summer.

I checked over the shirt and shorts this weekend to see how they handled 5 months of hanging on a rack in my basement. Nothing negative to note.

The Poron material seems to be the same consistency and feel as before, and the fabric remains unchanged. Looking forward to wearing these again.

The X-Protect iPhone case is still on my phone and has been since the day I received it. Officially the longest by far that I've kept any case on my phone.

I don't notice the bulk or size anymore because I'm so impressed with the protection. My phone has taken quite a few tumbles lately and has been protected very well.

The case seems to be pretty stable lately. No shifting, moving, popping out, unseating, etc.

The yellow Poron material seems to be getting filthier and darker by the day, but it still feels the same as it did on the first day.

I'm really happy with this case. I recommend it to everyone, especially those I see with broken iPhones.

Thanks for continuing to read this LTR. I'll continue to post any notable updates in this thread. Comments and questions are welcomed through PM.

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Time for an update for my G-Form gear.

The X-Protect iPhone case is still on my phone and holding up exactly the same as it was 3 months ago. Nothing seems to be changing with the case. I'm still very happy with it.

My phone on the other hand is starting to show signs of wear and failure as it approaches the end of my three plan/contract. I probably won't get an iPhone next time around. Looking at the Galaxy S4.

Sadly, it doesn't look like G-Form has a case for the Galaxy S4. There's one on their site for the Galaxy S3, but no S4. Hopefully they get one because I'd pick one up in a heartbeat if I get that phone.

My Protective Compression shirt and Crash shorts are getting some heavy rotation under my goalie gear for hockey. I'm a pretty terrible rec-level goaltender, and wearing the gear seems to give me a bit more confidence and protection, especially on my thighs and side of my ribs. I really prefer wearing the gear for goaltender over and above as a player. Everything is holding up really well and showing no additional signs of wear or failure.

I'll also note that I picked up a pair of G-Form Knee Pads from a retailer earlier this week and I'm wearing them under my hard goalie knee pads to absorb a little more impact when I'm on my knees in butterfly. I haven't tried them on the ice yet, but they feel pretty good while doing carpet butterflies in the house. I'll try to discuss these a little bit in my on-going review as well.

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