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CCM CL Pants

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6 months in, Reviewer is 5'8" 185 lbs.

Fit: Tight in the waste and short in the leg area, this pant would be great for someone like me who has trouble with the length of other manufacturers pants in the waist size you need. You will want to like a slightly more snug fitting style pant to prefer these over others.

Fit is subjective, So ill go without the rating here.

Protection: Never a single major issue so far in the several beer leagues and drop ins. Taken pucks to just about any spot on these pants, and dropped a few times to the front and back. These are easily the most protective pants i've owned, and definitely a good step above my fit07 LE of previous. 9/10

Weight: This is where these pants shine. For the level of protection I feel are attained in this design, the weight is rather minimal. This is all a comparison to protection level, as there are likely lighter pants on the market, but nothing that makes you feel as comfortable with your health on the ice. 10/10

Durability: nothing big in terms of negative durability here thusfar. Some minor piling on the velcro tabs, a little normal wear and tear, and the belt probably holds with about 90 percent of the force it did initially so i have to readjust a time, maybe 2 times a game. 9/10

Intangibles: The dry liner is really good not only for multiple games in a day, and drying equipment on the balcony, but also ensures that your not adding a whole lot of weight during your skate. My pants dry before any other piece of my gear. would like a slightly better sealing system on the zipper flaps at the bottom of the leg. 9/10

Conclusion: if your looking for a great protective pant, but want to maintain a low weight and have the bucks to put down, the CCM CL pants are an excellent options given that you like the fit of the pant. Its definitely worthy of being a top of the line pant model.


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Height - 6'2"

Weight - 215 lbs

Pant size - Extra Large

Level of play:Beer Leaguer

Location: Indonesia (hot and humid)

Fit (& Mobility)- lot of room in the butt and thighs, and the pants come down to the top of my knee. If I were a bigger, fatter guy, then these would still fit me just fine. As it is though, (I have an athletic build), it does not feel like I am swimming in these pants. They are a bit bulky though, and I wonder if my stride would be smoother on crossovers if I were to wear a girdle (or if it would not matter, because my stride is just not smooth as silk, as I would like it to be. 8.75/10

Protection - There is so much padding thrown into these, but no plastic. Highly protective, have taken a few pucks to these, and never feel it. Cannot ask for more for beer league. 10/10

Weight - According to the numbers I have seen, these are by far, the lightest high end pants, and equivalent weight to low end/ less padded pants. I sweat buckets, and these hold water, but I assume they wick away a fair amount of water as well. Tough to really judge, as I do not have any other pants/ recent history to compare to. 9/10

Durability - So far, these have been my best stitched/ highest quality piece of equipment, and I pretty much went all top-of-the-line when I got geared up in Summer 2013, as I want to be comfortable when I play. 10/10

Intangibles - I do not think you can beat this protection/weight/durability combo. 9.5/10

Conclusion - Very satisfied with these pants. I could have bought all Crazy Light gear, but believed that the pants, elbows, and shoulders were the only items in this line that were head and shoulders above the rest. It seems that the shoulders and elbows have gotten huge upgrades in the pending RBZ line release, but I think that CCM got the CL pants right, and thus the RBZ does not look like a huge improvement (unless you need the +1 pant length extension) 47.25/ 50.0

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