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Bauer Vapor APX2 Shin Pads

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Reviewer Details:
32 years old / 5’11 / 220lbs
Location: Calgary, AB
Playing Level: Upper div men's rec league hockey (former minor league rep team player)

After using RBK since a patellar tendon knee injury using Bauer shin pads a few years ago, I've switched back to Bauer to give the APX2 shins a try. I've been using them exclusively for approximately 4 months now.


The fit of these pads is something I could take or leave. I actually like the fit and feel of most upper-end RBK pads better, but I wanted to get the tapered fit of the Vapor APX2. I was wearing a 15" shin pad in RBK and found that I needed a 16" shin in the APX2's. The strapping system on the APX2's is fairly secure and durable. I don't have the thickest legs and I notice that I'm nearly at the smallest adjustment size and still wanting to go a bit tighter, so I need to compensate the difference with sock tape or shin-tights. The knee cradle itself is a bit "odd". I don't feel like my knee is fully secure in the knee cradle. It area could also be a bit plusher - when you go down on your knees it still feels a bit far from "comfortable". I expect a bit more out of a high-end pad.



Protection throughout the body of the shin pad is good - no issues with shots. The wrapping covers the calf decently and has the right amount of protection as to not inhibit mobility. The added shot blockers at the top of the shins are adjustable and decently protective if you were to be hit while blocking a shot. The area that could use a bit of work is the flexible portion at the bottom of the shin pad closest to the skate. Bauer has made this area "hinged" or flexible as to not impede stride. I find that any shot taken off this area of the shin pad definitely lacks protection that I've had in previous shin pad models. I'd like a bit "more" in this area for protection against shots.



No issues whatsoever with the weight. The pad is sufficiently light and airy. It's what you'd expect with an elite level Bauer product.



No true durability issues to note as of yet. The liners are wearing a bit, but I'd attribute this to normal wear and tear. The graphics have work off the front of the shin pad in a few places, but who needs the graphic anyways?



I wish more manufactures (Bauer included) made a rounded knee cap on shin pads like the good ol' days. I find it awkward to go down on these squared off shin pads. I also had to start wearing long spandex pants shortly after getting these shin pads. I developed a rash on both knees around the area where the Poron material lives in the knee cradle. Despite washing the liners, this rash would persist as long as I wore bare-skin in the shin pads. It goes away when I wear the long tights. I e-mailed Bauer customer support about this issue and never heard back (this was over 2 months ago).


The APX2 shin pads are a good investment if you're looking for an elite level Bauer product with decent protection, a light-weight design and a tapered fit. The pad is durable and performs well at a high level of play, but it has some drawbacks in protection at the base of the shin pad and a few design elements that I'd prefer modified.

Overall Rating


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