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  • Skates
    CCM Super Tacks w/ HyperGlide Steel
  • Stick
    2016 Vapor 1X P88 / QRL W03 / Super Tacks P29
  • Gloves
    True Xcore 9 w/ Pro Palms
  • Helmet
    CCM FitLite 3DS w/ Bauer Pro Straight HDO Visor
  • Pants
    Easton ST10 Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    Bauer TotalONE
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM CL
  • Shin Pads
    Bauer Vapor APX2
  • Hockey Bag
    IW Pro

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  1. Only the Pro3 PMT is also speared, the rest are fused.
  2. A little column A, a little column B. In all seriousness, I was bummed to find out the DTC news because I was excited about the RX3 Line.
  3. They flew us out to Baltimore to shoot insight videos, we shot on-ice reviews and even RX2 vs. RX3 comparison videos but its safe to say we won't be releasing them.
  4. We had a few of these a while ago; they came with LS3's and a grip liner someone similar to the bottom portion of the 2017 1X's LockFit Pro Liner.
  5. This ^ True has a whole page on their site talking about balance point and swing weight. https://www.true-hockey.com/swing-weight/
  6. I need to update it with the 2018 sticks but type "performance" into the search bar and then sort by weight! http://blog.icewarehouse.com/hockey-stick-database/
  7. Loved my OG's and have been really happy with the AS1's. They feel even more anatomical, and I really like the extra flex the new tongue and tendon guard are providing. The footbed isn't as plush as the previous custom support insoles but they do feel more responsive. The AS1's are 20g lighter per skate and CCM aimed to improve on durability, which I can't speak to quite yet, although I never had issues with the first-gen in the first place. The graphics have really grown on me and the Super Tacks look dated when I look back at them now.
  8. Cool to see RibCor in TaylorMade now. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/ryan_ballengee/2018/01/02/taylormade-m3-m4-irons-offering-structure-ribcor-107869/
  9. I really liked the HTX and I'd say the A-Series would feel more similar than the X-Core Series. The X-Core is very dampened and the A-Series is a bit livelier and more responsive.
  10. It'd be cool if they made three skates that visually looked identical but had the different fit profiles.
  11. No, they're not, they have new gear coming out in a month or two.
  12. I agree with you and Chippa, but I think the mentality is different for people who played competitive/club hockey at a young age. This is something that probably happens across sports too. I just started playing golf and I saved the ball that I got my first birdie with.. I was then rightfully chirped by my hockey buddies about it, especially since it was just a par 3
  13. The physical process does not differ but they are now using three layers of the performance 18K carbon fiber instead of just one layer. This allowed them to lighten up the stick while making it more durable too.
  14. It's a fused one-piece that utilizes their speared shaft construction process.
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