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Bauer Nexus 6000 Shoulder Pads

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Reviewer Details:
32 years old / 5’11 / 220lbs
Location: Calgary, AB
Playing Level: Upper div men's rec league hockey (former minor league rep team player)

I picked up a set of Bauer Nexus 6000 shoulder pads to replace a worn out set of Bauer Supreme One.4's. I've been using them exclusively for approximately 6 months now.


I like the fit of these shoulder pads. They're way too high-end and protective for adult-rec hockey, but I know that I'm not going to end up with an upper body injury from an unexpected hit or a shot that goes too high. The biggest selling feature for me was the comfort of these pads. I like the "traditional" feel. It feels like you're wearing shoulder pads. Not a corset, not a weird sports bra, not a something that bunches up and gets all scrunched. Shoulder pads, with protection and big ol' shoulder caps. I would like them to be a bit less bulky, but this isn't a knock against the pad whatsoever, rather personal choice.



Great protection. No issues whatsoever. I like the bigger shoulder caps. I like the density of the foams and plastics. I like the coverage of the biceps, abdomen and the chest. Overall, I feel protected. Ready for battle. Yet, mobility is never an issue. The pads let me move and move WITH me. They stay secure to the body while maintaining their protective qualities.



Again, the pads are a bit bulky and this is reflected a bit in their weight. The weight is a trade-off for the protection. I can't knock the weight because it doesn't hinder the usage and it doesn't feel like they're "too heavy" or too bulky.



No true durability issues to note as of yet. Absolutely nothing whatsoever. The pads have held up really well. A bit of graphic fading, but that's minor.



Nothing really to note here. The pads have a great feel and they're protective. It makes me feel confident at all levels of hockey. For shinny I usually opt for a padded shirt rather than these pads because they are a bit much, but for league play they're my go-to protective. The sizing is good and in-line with other protective. The straps feel good too.


A great shoulder pad if you're looking for something with superior protection and are willing to go with something a bit thicker, bigger and more bold. A traditional fit which may be more reminiscent of shoulder pads from previous generations for some of us. Not likely a good match for just playing shinny, but a good investment for league play where you're not quite sure where the other team's shots or shoulders are going.

Overall Rating


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