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JR Boucicaut

Super Tacks elbow pads

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 First off big thanks to JR and CCM for entrusting me with this LTR. 

Product Reviewed:

CCM Super Tacks Elbow Pads 2017

Personal Details: 
Male,  6' 2 , 190lbs
B level Men's league & pick up 

Prior elbow pads for comparison:  
Jofa 4044, Jofa 9177, Reebok 8K, Warrior HD Pro

Size Reviewed:  Medium
Sizing is consistent with most brands medium offerings.  I wear a size small in the Warriors, and a size 4 in the pro stock Reebok/Jofa pads.  
Initial Impressions: 
These were a nice surprise sitting on the front step after coming home from work Friday.  Opening them up the first thing I noticed was the familiar lines of a Jofa inspired pad.  Nice deep elbow pocket and great forearm warp - if you like the pro style Jofa/Reebok/CCM offerings, the fit of these is the same. The D30 panel stands out due to it's color and location on the forearm. It's held in place with nylon mesh . There is also D30 pad lining the elbow tip.  Trying it on the pad locks firmly in place. My main complaint with the Warrior HD Pros was the lack of padding at the sides of the elbow tip. This pad also seemed to move more than I would like with while wearing a long sleeve UA shirt.  The strapping system is the new "standard" set up , with the forearm strap being woven nylon ( this strap does all the work, and elastic is bad here as it will stretch over time), the middle strap is neoprene and mesh, and the bicep pad is elastic. The side of the pad has a full length piece of loop Velcro so the straps can be placed in a way to not irritate your elbow "hinge" area. The exterior of the elbow cap is covered with what appears to be U+ foam running the length of the plastic Jofa/JDP shaped elbow cap portion of the pad.  My summer session starts Friday and I'm looking forward to giving these a go.   

A single elbow pad weighs in at 10oz.  My Warrior HD pro weighs in at 11 (it's also longer with the wrist extension).  

Here are some pics: 




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So with a few skates with these under my belt, I'm able to offer a bit more insight.  They broke in quick- after a couple shifts I didn't notice them.  The strapping system is comfortable and did what it was supposed to do. Between the depth of the elbow pocket and the straps the pads did not shift or move during play. I had issues with the Warriors shifting unless the straps were "cut off your circulation" tight.  Wearing a long sleeve UA shirt with grips in a hot rink  I had no issues with the Tacks.  The sides of the elbow pocket have more padding than the Warriors as well. My other complaint with the HD Pros was that they lacked a bit in that area. Comparing the two the Tacks are much better in this regard. Durability wise they look like they should hold up well. The only area that might be prone to ripping is the mesh overlay holding the D3O pad near the forearm. I understand the rationale for wanting the orange of the pad exposed , as this foam is one of CCM's selling points. Looking over the pads this is the only area that jumps out as a potential issue. It's not in a high wear area so I suspect it will be fine. 

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I've used these for a little over  a month since my last update. No issues to report with fit or durability. Playing mostly pickup in the summer, so it's been hard to comment on protection. Comfort is definitely good. Straps stay holding the pad in place. No issues with slippage using a long sleeve UA shirt.  I've got a tournament in August and should be filling on for some league games in the coming weeks. I should be able to comment more thoroughly on the level of protection. 

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