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JR Boucicaut

Warrior Covert QREdge - kennywu

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Huge thank-you to Warrior and JR for the beautiful stick. Also kudos to Renfrew for the tape. Also appreciate the white QREdge hat from Warrior.

Me: 5'9, 155
Stick: LH, 70 Flex, Backstrom
Tape: Heel to toe
Position: W/C
Location: Toronto
Level: B to C, 4-5 times a week

Recent Sticks Used:
Warrior QRL, QR1
Warrior AK27
Bauer 1N (2017)
Bauer 1X (2016)
True XC9 ACF

First Impressions: 

I return home to find a huge box on my front door. This is after checking my mailbox everyday for a package slip. 

I take some pictures for social media for Warrior. I also do an unboxing video which turns out to be a really sad one as I received a righty instead of a lefty. Briefly contemplated learning to shoot right because the stick felt so great. After some panic, an email and a quick call to Warrior, a replacement was sent out. 

Two days later I return home to find a huge box on my front door. I rip it open and find a beautiful QR Edge with the right specs. After a quick tape job with Renfrew on the blade and Renfrew grip tape on the top, I play around with the green biscuit on my floor. 

I was hoping to test the QREdge, QRL and QR1 versus the 1N and XC9 with a radar gun but I just moved and haven't purchased a new net yet. This will come later.

First Ice Sessions:

The stick feels light and balanced. The Edge taper is beautiful -- it was actually love at first sight over half a year ago when I had my first sighting (I can talk about this now?). The colour scheme of blue/orange and black complement each other very well. But enough about aesthetics...

Blade/Receiving Passes: I agree with the other reviewer comments. It's not stiff so I need an extra bit of care to receive hard passes. Again, in the hands of a more accomplished player I believe it will be a lesser point. But hey, this stick is about shooting -- and shooting quick. 

Passing: Quick release passes rocket off this with a little hop. Minimums Carbon 1200 makes it lighter and stronger than previous editions. 

Shooting: This stick loads quickly and gives a great release. You're able to feel the sling of the puck just fly off the blade and hit the target. I feel like Warrior improved an already wonderful stick in the QRL. Quick load, quick release. 

I placed around 250-300 shots during the open ice session. I admit I wasn't able to load it properly every time (user error) but in the hands of a true sniper this stick will give the edge. I felt snappers and wristers came off with ease. It's like a gradual evolution of the QR1 --> QRL to QREdge. 

Shaft/Durability: It feels strong, and I have no doubt it will last longer than the QRL and will be able to take abuse from opposing players. I'm interested in how long the toe will last. 

Overall: I have one QRL left so I'm going to buy more of the QREdges in the same flex/pattern. Great job to Warrior. Will add another review in the coming weeks after more games are played.

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