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10' - wolfpack_1986

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Steel: Tydan 238

Hollow: 90/75 fbv

About me:  I've become a decent skater, having taken up the game while in college 12 years ago.  I'm small, and try to use speed to my advantage since I'm not getting it on size. Historically my weakest area in my skating has been stability, especially in crease battles.


I came to stock 10' a few months ago, coming from stock bauer ls2 edge steel (9').  Immediately, I hated skating on a 10' radius as it pertained to diminished turning ability, but found a significant step forward in stability from the 9'.  Aside from turning, the biggest components I struggled with was feeling a bit too much on the toe, I did not feel like I could effectively use my steel in acceleration by getting full extension on my skates.  After about 5 or 6 ice times, I started to adjust to the turning radius, leaning back into my heels a bit more, but I still feel a bit hampered in the agility department.

Mobility: 2

Stability:  3

Speed: 3

Acceleration: 2

Other profiles on deck:


***since ratings are subjective, I may revise my scoring based on experiences with other sets should I feel i was either to generous to too harsh on a particular aspect.

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