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Zuperior S - wolfpack_1986

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Steel: Tydan 238

Hollow: 90/75 fbv

About me:  I've become a decent skater, having taken up the game while in college 12 years ago.  I'm small, and try to use speed to my advantage since I'm not getting it on size. Historically my weakest area in my skating has been stability, especially in crease battles.


I came to this profile after skating on stock 10'.  Stock 10' was a significant adjustment taking about 5 skates to truly be comfortable coming from 9' stock.  I immediately felt comfortable on this profile, it had the surety and stability I had liked with the 10', plus a little extra on the heels.  I also felt more comfortable executing tight turns and backward crossovers, two pieces of my game I felt like I lost with the 10'.  Acceleration was improved, but still lacking. I have a little bit of the opposite issue I had with the stock 10' (too much toe limiting my push through)--I feel my toes sliding out a little prematurely than I'd like.  

I've been on this steel for two games, plus two long pickups (one being winterfest).  Areas I like what this profile has given have been the turning especially, and also sound stability when transitioning from backward to forward skating while controlling the puck.  The profile has suited my skating style thus far.  I have 3 additional profiles in the queue, but I would not be surprised if this set makes it to the next round of comparison.

Mobility: 4

Stability:  4

Speed: 3

Acceleration: 2.5

Other profiles on deck:

Edit 17-Feb: upgraded Stability from 3.5 to 4

***since ratings are subjective, I may revise my scoring based on experiences with other sets should I feel i was either to generous to too harsh on a particular aspect.

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updated rating to upgrade the stability.

Follow up after trying Quad 0 and 9/50mm/10.5:  I would have expected to want to do a longer term test on this profile after the initial pass.  however, I would place this as third, and it does not make the final 2, for me.  

This really highlights the value of this program, for those that are on the fence.  If i didnt try anything else, i would have been content that I upgraded my skating through a better profile... which is true.  But there was better for my skating style and steel size.  I'm thankful i had the change to explore.

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