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9'/50mm/10.5' - Wolfpack_1986

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Steel: Tydan 238

Hollow: 90/75 fbv

About me:  I've become a decent skater, having taken up the game while in college 12 years ago.  I'm small, and try to use speed to my advantage since I'm not getting it on size. Historically my weakest area in my skating has been stability, especially in crease battles.


I came to this profile from the Quad 0.  I'll be honest, i didnt really want to try anything else after getting on the quad 0.  However, the glide 50 was another solid performer.

Differences from the quad 0 to the glide 50 are chiefly around the way the blade is used.  The flat provides an increase in stability over the quad 0 at a loss of a little mobility.  I feel the glide 50 is still a very mobile profile, allowing me to cut hard on a dime, but the difference in my opinion is in how you have to manipulate the edge.  To achieve similar results with the glide 50, you need to lean back into your heel a little deeper than with the quad 0.  If your skating style lends to that, i would actually prefer the glide 50 over the quad 0, because areas i felt it performed better were stability and top end speed.

So it will come down to personal skating preference and trade-offs.

Another side note.  Im not sure if it was garbage ice, bad skating, or a "bug" in the profile, but once a game on this profile i "toe picked" with my heel on a transition from forward to backward skating, cutting into a crossover.  

I still have the 9.5/10.5 to try, but my current plan is to give the quad 0 and glide 50 each another go before I decide which to settle on.  I'd like to better consider the mobility and top speed elements between the two.

Mobility: 4

Stability:  4

Speed: 4

Acceleration: 4

Other profiles on deck:

***since ratings are subjective, I may revise my scoring based on experiences with other sets should I feel i was either to generous to too harsh on a particular aspect.

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