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Detroit 1 on Marsblade - Deke

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Profile: Detroit 1

Steel: Marsblade on Mako Skate

Hollow: FBV 90/75

About me: In my 60's and have played since high school. Good skater playing 3 to 4 drop-ins per week during the the winter months only.

Baseline: "Similar" to Quad Zero NOT from ProSharp. Did nothing particularly well and later found out there were some issues with the blend from profile to toe. I should also note that the Marsblade is a different animal and is best at techniques that power through the heel. 

Detroit 1 Review: As I mentioned above the Marsblade likes heel things. This was really an experiment to see if the super long heel radius of the Detroit 1 would compliment the heel rocker of the Marsblade. The result was "kinda". The Detroit 1 promotes (and demands) long strides and so does the Marsblade. From that standpoint they are good together but at the front end I felt the 10' radius was too much for me. However, and this is a big however, I was surprised that a profile with radii that long worked as well as it did! Acceleration and mobility might have been just OK, but speed, stability and glide were very good or excellent.

I'm not sure how much longer I am going to continue with the Marsblade, but if I do keep going I think I would try a Quad 1 or Quad 2 based my experience with them on standard holders.

Acceleration: 2

Mobility: 3

Speed: 4

Stability 5

See my Quad 1 review

See my Quad 2 review

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