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2019-20 Playoff Ideas

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I was reading an article about the idea of additional teams in some sort of play-in so they can jump straight to playoffs when the season resumes. https://www.tsn.ca/mapping-out-a-potential-24-team-nhl-postseason-1.1457692

I have a different idea that would be super easy to implement that would actually be even shorter. A 70 game regular season. Hear me out.

Changing to a 70 game regular season would eliminate all but the bubble teams. Start with the easier East. If you make it a 70 game season, you have these for standings:


All of the Atlantic bubble teams are out, so you have three teams for two spots since the divisions are already decided. You just have Carolina and NYI play twice (home and home?). And you have Washington play Philly for the division (PIT cant catch them so no reason for them to play 70). Done. Easy peasy.

Now let's look at the more complicated West:


Some teams have played 71 games. So, for the purpose of STANDINGS ONLY, eliminate the last result from those teams. StL, Vegas, Winnipeg were wins so subtract 2 points. Edmonton was a loss, so they stay the same. So you end up with:


From there, you can just have the four remaining teams with 69 GP play their closest geographical team (NSH @ DAL, MIN @ VAN - home team based on 69 GP standings). 

So that means you could easily wrap up a play-in in two days if all these games happen the same night (and the second CAR/NYI game happens the next night). And you're not doing any weird 24-team playoff crap.

I think the only ones who would really complain about it would be those teams who were automatically eliminated immediately, but its not like they didn't have the same opportunity as everyone else. 


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I don't know if teams would want to shorten the number of games played from a revenue standpoint. The revenue from 12 less regular season games would be a loss, but their salary expenses stay the same. To extend the season wouldn't be unreasonable. MLB is already planning to start later.

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