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Christian Tapered Composite Blade

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Our rep was trying to convince us to pick up the Christian OPS and since they also had tapered blades it was an easy way to gauge the feel. They're also a bit cheaper than other tapered blades so I figured it was worth a look.


When new it was impossible for me to bend it with my bare hands, something I try on all new blades.


Weight is about the same as most other composite tapered blades, maybe a hair heavier due to it having a slightly longer hosel and the blade being a hair thicker than some others.


Catching passes and puck feel is excellent with this blade. One of the best feeling composite blades I have ever used.


I don't know what it is but something just feels off with this blade. I don't know how else to say it. Shots are good and hard but it feels a little "off" to me.


This thing is a tank. I had been going through tapered blades like water but this held up for almost two months so far and shows no indications of breaking soon.


Great blade, I suggest everyone try it. They have 4 or 5 curves and more are on the way according to my rep. The durability and puck feel make this a fantastic blade and we have had good response so far on the OPS.

These blades have since been discontinued and replaced with blades of new construction.

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Curve: #1 (Modano)

Shaft: Easton Synergy II, Warrior Dolomite, TPS XN10 R2

Time Used: 6 months

Stickhandling/Receiving Passes

This blade reminds me of a slightly softer Synergy II blade. As I already find the Synergy blade on the softer side, this one seems even easier to catch passes with. It has good feedback in terms of stickhandling feel, but not excellent, as I find stiffer and thinner blades are a little easier for stickhandling. 8/10


Overall this blade produced good shots, nothing terribly hard, but it didn't torque or twist at all. Again, I think it is due to the softer feel of the blade. I believe the shaft is a bigger factor in shooting though. 8/10


The blade has a longer tenon and is slightly thicker than your average blade, so it does seem a bit heavy. I actually cut at least half an inch off the tenon with no problems except to reduce weight. Not really a problem while playing, but not as light as newer blades. 7/10


I used this blade for quite a while before it broke, and it retained most of its stiffness and never cracked or chipped. Eventually, the blade snapped at the joint between the tenon and hosel on a slap shot. I did have a second blade that snapped at the same spot on the very first shot, but that was likely a defective blade. Furthermore, I did speak with Harrow about the problem and they said they were aware of it and fixed it on their newer models, which seem quite a bit beefier and a bit heavier. 9/10


New, these blades are cheaper than most manufacturers, while offering very good performance and durability. 10/10


Looked really nice with the black blade and silver logo. The tenon is just a hair slimmer than other brands, so need to use a bit of tape.


These blades are a great bargain if you're not incredibly picky about feel.

Overall 8.5/10

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