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JR Boucicaut

ProCurve stick curver

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PerformanceThe ProCurve stick curver does an excellent job adding curve or toe flare to a blade. It can also be used to flatten a curve or remove toe flare by reversing the position of the blade in the curver. With some experimentation I was able to tweak any number of different blade types to match my preferred slight mid with slightly open toe style. I'm usually taking curve out, but I have done blades for others and adding curve is even easier.

Curving or de-curving a blade that is similar to your end goal is very simple.

For example, changing a CCM Thornton from a deep mid with a closed toe to my preferred slight mid can be done in 2 steps First heat the blade and then place the press and swivel in the middle of the back of the blade and adjust the toe wing to your preferred openness. Converting a CCM Lecavalier from its Lidstrom like moderate heel to my preferred curve takes 3 steps. Heating, then removing the heel curve and the last step adds the mid curve.

If I was going to improve the curver, I would add another press and swivel on the opposite side of the existing one. This would allow you to take curve out in one spot and add it another all in one step. 9/10

Ease of UseThe curver is a little challenging at first, but becomes very easy with practice. Uninstalled blades are much easier than wooden sticks or blades in shafts. I'd recommend trying out the curver on some old blades without using heat. The curve won't set, but you can experiment with different settings and the lack of heat allows for easier manipulation of the blade. But once you've done a few, it really is pretty easy. 9/10

ValueFor the player who can't find his preferred curve, the curver is a great deal. Its $50 price tag isn't much more than a single custom blade. If you can find a blade with the right lie, toe shape and a similar curve, you can easily tweak the curve to your exact specs. For the player who likes to experiment with curves, the ProCurve is a great deal. A stash of clear out wood blades lets you experiment on the cheap. 10/10

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