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    Kor Shift 1
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    Innovative 1100 tapered with CCM 892 wood blade
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    Mission Fuel 120
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    CCM Vector 8
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    Bauer Lite girdle
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  1. The blades passed the razor blade technique and I had them checked at Total hockey and they agreed that they were straight. I had them sharpen them and skated yesterday without issue. I'll try swapping the blades skate to skate and see what I learn.
  2. Thanks guys. I'll try the razor blade technique tonight. I have to get them sharpened again, so no great loss if I damage the edge further. I haven't seen the brown mark, but I wasn't sure if the stainless steel used for skate blades would have that telltale mark. I had thought of hitting the bench bases but it has happened at a rink that has those covered. And it is always the same skate, same edge and pretty much the same spot. Seems unlikely I'd hit that spot so consistently if I was doing it by accident.
  3. In 4 of my 5 last games I've lost the inside edge at the heel on the right skate and that is with them being sharpened in between. That is often enough I'm wondering if it isn't a coincidence and there is an underlying issue. It is always right at the same spot. My first thought was that my blade had been bent. I checked it at the rink on a door frame and it seemed fine, but I'll verify on a level at home tonight. My second thought was that my second to last sharpening I ended up with blades that were uncomfortably hot to the touch. And that after they had sat for a minute or two. Is there a way to check if the blades have lost their temper? Any other ideas on what might cause an edge to fail repeatedly in the same spot? Details: Easton M8 - size 10.5 EE - stock blades - FBV 90/50 Thanks!
  4. I did not know such a thing existed but I need one now! On topic, my beer league team made the playoffs for the first time in several years and I'll be out of town for work for the whole thing.
  5. I gotta disagree with you on that statement. Having watched Korpikoski play for the Oilers for a year regularly and a handful of Dallas games this year, he doesn't struggle with confidence but rather a lack of skill. It is a mystery to me how he is still employed by an NHL team.
  6. I haven't seen him in a long time, but there was a goalie at some of the pickups I skate at who wore the old Mike Liut style mask. Only his nose was huge so he'd cut a hole for his nose to stick out. I could never raise the puck against for fear of hitting him in the schnoz.
  7. I like the concept of the All Star jerseys using the colors of the various jerseys the home team has worn throughout the years, but i agree the execution isn't wonderful. The yellow one particularly bugs me. The Kings never wore yellow and black. Switch out the black details for purple on the yellow jersey and now we're talking. What is going on with the numbers? Is there some kind of random pattern in the body of the number? Looks a bit like stained glass or a mosaic.
  8. How big is that bad boy? I think you'd get a great reaction if you wore it for warm ups.
  9. @kgbeast Look up the Richard riots in Montreal, The Rocket had a number of serious run ins with the officials.
  10. Has anybody has issues with the tongue on their M8s? On my pair the very edge on the inside of the tongue sometimes folds over. It isn't very noticeable at first but after some skating time it irritates the top of my foot. Any suggestions on how I can make sure that portion of the tongue lays flat?
  11. I would be interested in a write up about how you made those. My Oggie grip supply is dwindling and I need to find an alternative.
  12. I know you probably didn't mean it this way, but sheesh this came across as typical Toronto fan arrogance. The Bruins may not be a perennial championship contender the likes of the Hawks, Penguins or Kings, but as a fan I'd be an awful lot happier with the Bruins record of 1 Stanley Cup, 2 final series appearances and 7 playoff appearances in the last 10 years than with the Maple Leafs record of 1 playoff appearance. Lets maybe see more than 1 win and an overtime loss before we start saying the Leafs should treat the Bruins like patsies. But then again, I'm an Oilers fan so what do I know?
  13. Well that game was anti-climactic. That first period was fun for a while and US showed some life for a few minutes in the third, but otherwise Canada throttled them.
  14. Did anybody watch the game last night? Was it as lopsided towards the NA side as I thought? I felt like other than when Kopitar was on the ice or the occasional shift by Draisaitl, Team EU was getting shelled. If Team EU looked that bad against Team NA, the games against Canada, Sweden and the US could be ugly for them.
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