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  • Skates
    Kor Shift 1
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    Innovative 1100 tapered with CCM 892 wood blade
  • Gloves
    Mission Fuel 120
  • Helmet
    CCM Vector 8
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    Bauer Lite girdle
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    Cooper classics
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    D&R EP 40
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    Itech SG 955
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    Hockey, duh and 50's and 60's cars
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  1. I did not know such a thing existed but I need one now! On topic, my beer league team made the playoffs for the first time in several years and I'll be out of town for work for the whole thing.
  2. I haven't seen him in a long time, but there was a goalie at some of the pickups I skate at who wore the old Mike Liut style mask. Only his nose was huge so he'd cut a hole for his nose to stick out. I could never raise the puck against for fear of hitting him in the schnoz.
  3. How big is that bad boy? I think you'd get a great reaction if you wore it for warm ups.
  4. Has anybody has issues with the tongue on their M8s? On my pair the very edge on the inside of the tongue sometimes folds over. It isn't very noticeable at first but after some skating time it irritates the top of my foot. Any suggestions on how I can make sure that portion of the tongue lays flat?
  5. I would be interested in a write up about how you made those. My Oggie grip supply is dwindling and I need to find an alternative.
  6. Well that game was anti-climactic. That first period was fun for a while and US showed some life for a few minutes in the third, but otherwise Canada throttled them.
  7. Did anybody watch the game last night? Was it as lopsided towards the NA side as I thought? I felt like other than when Kopitar was on the ice or the occasional shift by Draisaitl, Team EU was getting shelled. If Team EU looked that bad against Team NA, the games against Canada, Sweden and the US could be ugly for them.
  8. @JR BoucicautIf Vaughn bought the machinery, does that mean they intend to produce skates? I was reading earlier posts as if Vaughn was going to be a distributor of Swiss made Graf skates.
  9. I have to agree, I was stunned when I learned it was a 1 for 1 trade. Hall is an elite player right now, with good possession and traditional stats. Larsson is not an elite defenseman yet. Seems like the Oilers gave up a lot for the hope that Larsson becomes elite.
  10. Another thought occurred to me. You are, shall we say, on the larger side, right? I'm 250 and the lady managing my dosages never actually saw me. Once I pointed out that I was a ways outside the normal range for mass, she started cranking up that dosage much more quickly.
  11. Hey, based on my experience with the whole INR, blood thinner, test thing, make sure you get a list of foods and drinks that effect the blood test. I was 2 or 3 weeks into the testing without my numbers changing despite progressive increases in anti-clotting agent quantities before someone asked me if I drank green tea.
  12. If you are serious about wanting to repair them, epoxy won't be enough on its own. You'll need another material like fiberglass or carbon fiber mesh and epoxy.
  13. No experience with the Mako, but I've been repairing Kor Shift 1s for years. The best approach I found was to use a thin slow cure 2 part epoxy and some flexible carbon fiber cloth. Fiberglass will work in a pinch too. Clean the boot really well with soap and water, then dry really, really well. Wipe with a wax and grease remove and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Sand the boot around the crack to provide some tooth for the epoxy to grab. Wipe with remover and wipe dry again. Pull on your disposable gloves and mix up plenty of epoxy and saturate the cloth with it. Apply the saturated cloth to the boot. Apply pressure with your fingers to sort of seal the cloth to the boot. Wipe away excess epoxy with whatever disposable spatula like thing you can find. Disposable spoons work okay. Give it overnight to dry and then you can sand the excess epoxy to make it a bit prettier. Even this is a temporary fix in my experience. I never found anything that would last. I think the boot flexes enough that any type of repair is going to pop eventually.
  14. Yes. Do some digging into logistics and learn what it takes to accomplish what you are asking and you'll understand that you are asking too much for many companies.
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