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  1. Rust Issues

    I would bring them to your LHS and see what they say. Sometimes its an easy fix but sometimes you have to get new holders and steel. Also do you air dry your skates after every use and wipe them off once your done skating.
  2. eBay idiot, or not?

    I've bought a few things from him. He gets stuff from a lot of hockey teams. Some suppliers want to remain nameless cause they don't want anyone to find out where they came from. I bought a Totalone that was made for Selanne but I wasn't supposed to tell where I got it from. Just so sources don't want to be bothered.
  3. warrior shaft/apx blade combo and converted s19 OPS shafts

    if Florida wants just the blade I my be willing to take the shaft.
  4. Is anyone here an equipment manager?

    Somedays it sucks. I was a equipment manager for my local high school and also the local college I went to. The nice thing is you get to try out some new gear the college I worked for went from using Bauer to warrior. I got try out stuff before the team gave them out. The cool thing is everyday you work you have new things to deal with. I sharpened a lot of skates and worked on a lot of sticks. Just have fun with it. It could payoff someday. The head equipment manager that I worked for now works for a club in Europe.
  5. I've been using my harrow blade for almost a year now and have no problem with durability I take a lot of slap shots I just can't seem to kill the blade. It stood up better then my Totalone did.
  6. Drying skates between tournament/playoff games

    I just bought this one two weeks ago it has just forced air so you it just dries the skate out. Its a bit more but ten times better then the $20 or 30 ones. http://www.seaproductsonline.com/index81.html
  7. Drying skates between tournament/playoff games

    I've always went with a boot dryer that I can get at my local sporting store or farm/ranch store. I always set it on low and never have a problem with my skates. Your looking at about $20 to $30 for them normally.
  8. Show It Off

    Just got my Nick Schultz signed game used Warrior Luxes gloves today
  9. How dangerous are visors?

    The local junior team wears visors but one player has wore a cage since day one since hes on the pk 90% of the time. Some guys have lost teeth this season while wearing a visor. Its all what you wanna wear. but its your call
  10. Are Two Piece Stick Set ups dying?

    Their blades are good. I'm using a the pattern 10 (ovi pro stock) I like it to a point I have broken 3 since February. I would recommend going with Combat they seem to stand up to a lot of abuse.
  11. I'm moving to Fargo in August. I'm looking to join a league anyone on here play in either Moorhead or Fargo?
  12. Weird Tendencies

    always a bottle of Water and Gatorade on the bench at all times and re tape my stick at the rink I'm normally the first one there.
  13. CCM Pro Series glove

    Yesterday I went and checked the CCM Pros at my local hockey shop with the U12 and U8's they are like the x60's but a little roomier. They aren't any different then my Maddens. Like I stated before.
  14. CCM Pro Series glove

    I have a pair of CCM Pro Series that were worn by John Madden. I would say they are close to the X60 gloves but way comfortable compared to the x60. And they are a little bit looser then the CL's and U12 gloves. Probably one of the best gloves I've ever owned.