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    Graf 301
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    Prostock Easton 4 rolls
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    Bauer 5500
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    Totalone nxg girdle
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    fit+ 09
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    Easton EQ50
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    Sherwood t90

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  1. Yes I've seen Andy Heinze come out for a men's league game with his skates untied
  2. That line was unreal last night. What are they going to do when Bergeron comes back? Tuukka looked real shaky early on, but settled in. Carlo and O'Gara looked ok, just a bit nervous, but they could easily push out K miller and Mcquaid if they keep on improving
  3. I purchased a pair, but had to return them due to the depth issue. Build quality looked really good, but they were also very wide for a D width (which didn't bother me, as I am in a EE anyways) I'm looking forward to them coming out with a boot that is at least closer to a Supreme style fit and giving them another shot.
  4. The sticks are very comfortable to hold......
  5. I would love to see the Sher-wood Bourque curve re-done. I'll have to digging tonite for the one blade that I've saved for all these years
  6. Not really a show-off of my gear, but a mask I recently painted for a buddy of mine
  7. I was just checking out the Wideman, it matches up to a Bauer lie 6 with more of a flat rocker
  8. Sounds like an LMC kinda night there Chippa, and I completely agree, I love beating that team
  9. it's not as noticable as the dagger taper and intellisense is no longer with the vapor line like previous years. along the glove lines, the MX3 fits a little looser than the NXG because the poron is moved from inside the liner to the outside of the glove. still haven't seen the skates, but the speed plate is definatley interesting
  10. Absolutely awesome night as I jumped on the opportunity to sharpen skates for a major D1 school tonite and tomorrow on the road also. A super experience for sure. Can't wait for the bus ride tomorrow.
  11. Having a sub goalie and have him not even try after the first half of the first period
  12. after my first week at the new job, I'm loving it. helping people with the sport I love is pretty damn awesome
  13. Just finished my second interview for a new job and it looks promising. the new dilemma is the fact I have a potential deal at another job at a local shop. Probably the best problem I've had in the past ten years
  14. Sprained my ankle crashing into the boards last night. hopefully it isn't too severe as I haven't had anything like this happen before
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