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  1. Thockey17

    The Smartphone Thread

    Apple sells 1.7 million iPhone 4s through Saturday, June 26 Not at all.
  2. Thockey17

    The Smartphone Thread

    So you can easily "hack" your Android to upgrade to Froyo, but cant plug a iPhone into the computer and run Blackra1n for 5seconds to jailbreak it?
  3. Thockey17

    The Venting Spot

    Try $393.37 a month...
  4. It should run you about $150-200 per wheel for a good job. Powder coating is the way to go. Much more durable finish so the wheels wont chip like painted ones do. You can go either flat or gloss black, its up to you.
  5. Thockey17

    Show It Off

    Too much of a hook to be a Parrish, unless he's changed it lately.
  6. Thockey17

    The Sweet Spot

    In related news, Alabama gets running water
  7. Thockey17

    The Venting Spot

    PC's? We off that. :P
  8. Thockey17

    Post Your Team's Jersey(s) Thread

    That is what you get for playing at Hot Skates...
  9. You could scoop up a Carrera GT and a GT3 for $400k if you do so searching. Or.... F430 Scuderia + R8 V10 599GTB + GT3RS GT2 + M3 + Exige Viper ACR, 'Vette ZR1, GT-R, + A Daily Driver (M5, CTS-V, etc.) etc. etc. etc.
  10. Hence the reason why I put "For the right price" $400k for this thing is a joke, simply put. So many options out there for that kind of money.
  11. Wouldn't be caught dead in a Toyota for that kind of money. The stable is pretty much set, unless of course an F40 can be had for the 'right' price...
  12. Its too hard to choose one, they're all pretty great cars. All my cars have been pretty heavily modified, but the stock E92 platform is probably my favorite so far.
  13. Beating the living hell out of it. Took a dip into a wonderful NYC pothole which swallowed up the VRS lip, so the front end is back to stock. Stock 19's have been replaced with HRE Monoblok's and a Brembo BBK. Other than that, nothing has changed on the exterior. The interior is stock except for the alcantara BMW Performance steering wheel with digital readout If weather permits, i'll have some new pics this weekend.