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  1. farnarkler

    True Girdle

    A bit of advice about the True girdle. I'm only about 5'6 and the girdle is too long. I wear CCM Super Tacks pants with suspenders as I have a bit of extra padding and don't like tight pants. I tried on a Medium sized True girdle with CCM Super Tacks shin guards. While the Medium size fitted my 36 inch waist just fine, the thigh pad extended so low that it affects the shin guards. Pity as, other than the fact it doesn't opn up like the Bauer 2S Pro, it's a decent bit of kit. My advice is you'd need to be 5'10 or taller for the True girdle to be a comfortable fit.
  2. What's it like for padding on the bum?
  3. Hi, I just got a 2S Pro girdle and while I like it, I miss the feeling of having suspenders like on my old CCM pants. Has anyone had a go at adapting either a girdle or the shell to allow suspenders?
  4. farnarkler

    NHL goal frames

    Hi, just wondering if any of you can tell me if there is a single manufacturer for the NHL goal frames or do the teams or arenas buy NHL spec goals from whichever manufacturer they want?
  5. farnarkler

    90's Skates

    Bauer 2000s from 1992.
  6. farnarkler

    Equipment modifications

    I bought a roll of Poron XRD and had some stitched into a pair of hockey shorts to give my a lot more protection.
  7. I'm 46 so the knees have a lot of mileage. I'd like your opinions on what you think are the most protective and comfortable shin guards currently on the market for those occasions when you've dropped on your knees. I've got MX3s, however, the knee donut just doesn't feel right and I'm looking at the Bauer 1X and 1N and the CCM ultra tacks.
  8. Perhaps I wasn't the only person who ordered a pair of MX3 skates with a 1X tongue. Never was a fan of the default tongue and now Bauer have rectified what I saw as a problem.
  9. farnarkler

    Your current equipment

    Right now I've upgraded to: Shoulder, elbow and shins: Bauer MX3 - Really comfortable and light. The elbows are a bit of a pain when putting a jersey on. Shorts: Bauer APX2 - No complaints Skates: Bauer One.6. I have odd shaped feet so am waiting for custom MX3s to be make and sent. Helmet: Bauer Reakt. No complaints although I was a bit shocked at the Virginia Tech test results. Gloves: Reebok 11k. No complaints Stick: Bauer Vapor x600 intermediate. I'm only 5'6 so I'm not about to break it. Nice and whippy but I'm not really sold on the Griptac.
  10. Hi, I've recently lodged an order with my Bauer rep in Sydney, Australia. I'd like to hear opinions from those of you who have custom Bauers (any, not just MX3s) of how your skates are going. I've ordered the 1X tongue, extra padding and a wider toebox in the right skate as I have odd wider toes on my right foot. Thanks, James.
  11. farnarkler

    Loop locking your skates

    Just fitted the Reebok lace locks to my Bauer One.6. They work fine.
  12. farnarkler

    Marsblade roller chassis

    Hi from downunder. My local skate shop said the Marsblades can't be attached to Bauer One.6 skates. They said the boot is not wide enough. They suggest any boot with a composite shell. Might have to get the chassis put on my APXs.
  13. Hi, I’m a newbie from downunder so I’m bound to ask some bizarre questions. I’m nursing a broken shoulder from falling on the ice. The laughable thing was that I was fully padded up. I’d been trying out my gear on a very quiet public session and attempting right turn crossovers. At 44 I haven’t conquered the psychological barrier of right turn crossovers without wearing full hockey gear. Next thing I know, my feet get tangled and I’m heading head first to the ice. I put my right palm out instinctively and, on impact, felt the shoulder go. Should I have tried to roll mid fall and let the shoulder pads on my 20ks take the brunt of the hit or tried to let my shin guards take the brunt of the impact. Any advice would be much appreciated for the next time I head towards the ice.
  14. farnarkler

    Being strong turning both ways - help?

    I'm 2.5 weeks into a broken shoulder because of right turn crossovers. The most embarrassing thing was that I had all my pads and helmet on. I got a good sequence of three or four then my feet got mixed up, over I went, put my (gloved) hands out instinctively and the second my right palm hit the ice, the pain began in the shoulder. Another 3.5 weeks in the sling then god knows how much physio until I'm 100%. Must learn to fall over properly.