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  1. reaper07

    Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    wow kovy, i can only imagine how responsive those things must be congrats
  2. reaper07

    David Perron

    i'm not an english professor but it seems as if perron isn't happy with the blues right now and not to bash but maybe some of the early discussion regarding his team play/ethic have come true?
  3. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    tape job is prolly from rubbing a puck on the tape after your done... just a guess though
  4. reaper07

    Show It Off

  5. reaper07

    Show It Off

    i think he does the the same thing i do and cuts off the bicep part of the pad
  6. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    yeah man i know school colors guess what the other one is... gold :(
  7. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    and the converted synergies....
  8. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    recent game... bout to take a face off
  9. reaper07

    The Things Customers Do

    lol its "zaftra" darkstar next time they are wispering say "ya panimayu ruski"
  10. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    yea i just found out today i got an hc100 lol thanks anyways
  11. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    does the other team have all intakes?
  12. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    yea i have this tape with nhl logos about every inch or so when i tape the blade it makes these hella sick patterns ill take another pic if u want
  13. reaper07

    Photos of yourself

    the only guy in the picture lol w/e head up hockey? 4 assists that game
  14. reaper07

    Cutting OPS at fuse point.....

    didnt wanna start a new topic i was kinda confused with this one if i have an 2006 sl intermediate and cut and chisel itll fit any intermediate tapered blades right?