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  1. Leif

    Bauer custom skate ordering process?

    That is weird, I guess True have a good reason for that. I’ll ask a friend about his UK True skate purchase.
  2. Leif

    Bauer custom skate ordering process?

    Yes, of course.
  3. Leif

    Bauer custom skate ordering process?

    I assume you mean MyBauer Custom Skates. I was scanned in England. I chose my options while in the shop, and I then paid the shop. Three weeks later I received a pair of skates. They are fantastic. The shop are very keen on custom skates even though the profit on each pair is small.
  4. Leif

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    I know someone who went from Nexus to custom Vapor. Whatever the reason, someone fitted him wrong originally cos the Vapors are comfy. My first decent skates were fitted casually, no attempt to see which line was best. They were a size too big.
  5. Leif

    Help with vision in a cage.

    I have a Bauer fish bowl, I used it once and moisture was streaming down the inside, it was completely unusable. On our rink even my washing up treated glasses fog up. It is a very humid rink. Some of the Olympic women's teams wore fish bowls, so they do work sometimes. Looks good. I like the fact that the visor is quite separate from the cage, giving plenty of ventilation. I hope these will be available in Europe/UK.
  6. Leif

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Those look a lot neater than usual, no obvious glue blobs.
  7. I was talking to a rink owner yesterday about his Sparx, which was one of the first in the UK. He travels with it, and on one occasion he dropped the bare machine (not in a case) from waist height down a flight of stairs. It bounced down 7 steps. It has also taken direct hits from a puck, including to the glass, and has some cosmetic damage as evidence. It still works perfectly, which shows how solid the internal mechanism must be. The fact that it is not out of alignment is surprising. Mine copes with the stresses of sitting on a carpeted floor.
  8. Leif

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    Excellent advice from Vet88 except that I’ve known gel pads to work for several people including myself.
  9. Leif

    Lacebite From Powerskating

    There’s huge amounts of useful information about lace bite on this forum and elsewhere. I used to get it with Bauer S160 skates. I had the Bauer scan and it put me in Vapors which have even less depth, so they should be even worse. Mmmmm. Anyway, I now have Bauer S2 Pro skates, I skate more often now, and I’ve never had lace bite with the new skates. Higher end skates tend to be more comfortable. When I used the S160 skates, and lace bite appeared, I’d wear a bandage with a gel pad made by Silipos, similar to Bunga pads, u til the lace bite went away. Don’t just skate through lace bite as it will get worse. As said above, wide non waxed laces are good, I liked Howies, I have had issues with QC on the last two pairs of A&R laces, one pair being unfit for purpose ie impossible to put on a skate. Anyway, let’s hope this was a one off for you.
  10. Unfortunately Massive is not sold in the UK. Thanks Nicholas, any idea how many passes the Sparx would need on new runners? I know one local shop charges £10 for the first sharpen compared to £6 usually, but it’s free if the runners are bought from them.
  11. Does anyone sharpen Step black steel on a Sparx with a normal ring eg 7/16”? Do you have any issues? I’ve used mine on Bauer LS5 and standard Step steel, and they sharpen nicely. However, I prefer the Step blade profile, so I’d like to move over to Step black. Does it work okay on other brands of black steel? And a side question, how consistently flat are Bauer LS5 and Step black? My ordinary Step steel blades were not plane parallel, and gave different BAT readings on each face.
  12. Seems like a sensible choice. His biggest gains will come from learning to skate, stick handle etc. Higher end skates provide more comfort, and last longer, but he has growing feet.
  13. Leif

    New True Lid

    It looks like a Jewish skull cap on his head. The guy is big.
  14. Thanks all, oh well, I’d better get some ear defenders so I can’t hear the neighbours shouting.
  15. I’ve just got me a full size goal, and this evening I was taking shots with biscuits, using my shooting pad. To be honest snap shots made a hell of a racket when the stick hit the pad, and I’m concerned I’m annoying the neighbours. Anyway, the pad is made from six of these: https://www.skatestation.co.uk/stilmat-inline-hockey-tile/p3041 Are these known to be noisy, or would a one piece plastic board be just as bad?