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  1. I was chatting to one of the owners of our local hockey shop, he said he hated Speedplates, and loved Superfeet. I loathe Superfeet, I find them very uncomfortable. Speedplates on the other hand are amazing as they dramatically improve comfort and ice feel. Basically they’re best to leave it to the customer to decide.
  2. I heard from a local shop that Speedplates are being replaced with something more custom, but they didn’t know details then. They were due to fly to Sweden I think, for a Bauer presentation. I bought some discounted Speedplates while they were still available (not from that shop, they weren’t trying to get me to buy). They also seemed quite impressed by the new Bauer sharpener, but didn’t know the price.
  3. My Supreme 2S Pro skates have a CarbonCurv shell, having baked them three times, if they are thermoformable it is very subtle. My guess is the ankle foams benefit far more from baking. I believe they are thermoformable with enough heat and pressure.
  4. Blimey, and that machine costs serious money too. ☹️
  5. A local shop had a Skate Pal Pro 3, as well as a hand sharpener. It sat unused under a table, customers always asked for a hand sharpen and they had some issues with it. Eventually they sold it. I had a ProSharp BAT gauge that was out by a few thou, and a ProSharp depth gauge that was a cheap and nasty POS. Another local shop has a higher end ProSharp machine which seems to be excellent. What issues do you have with your SP3? I’m very impressed with the quality of my Sparx. One sample tells us nothing, but online feedback is incredibly positive. They once had an issue with some wheels not being recognised by early machines, that was fixed with a firmware update. I’m not aware of other issues, though I wonder how long they last. Hand machines last decades.
  6. How did I miss that! Thanks. That would be significant when sharpening other peoples skates. Though to be honest I find that I don’t need to recentre the unit with friends skates.
  7. Some features: Flat wheels (cross grind) available. Firmware update via wifi. Blade clamp operated by a touch button, not manually. Displays the current wheel hollow and usage. Displays the current user profile: preferred hollow, number of cycles and blade type i.e. goalie/player.
  8. The ProSharp Home was made in Sweden, which explains the high price. I assume this is pretty much the same beast but made in China to make it competitive. Incidentally, if you Google “prosharp advantedge home machine” you can find the user manual. I won’t paste the link in case it violates the forum rules.
  9. As I said earlier, Bauer custom won’t fit many people. I’m repeating this as I am angry that the Bauer marketing is deception, and screwed my skating for years, and people need to be aware of this. I’ve talked to a lot of people, including shop staff, and the concensus is that CCM is midway between Bauer and True for mouldability, so I’m not convinced CCM custom would fit me either.
  10. Except that custom doesn’t work for many people. Custom is essentially a pair of stock skates, individually sized to each foot in width and length. with a bit of pressure and heat applied. If your feet are far from Bauer shaped, the result will not be a good fit. If you have Bauer shaped feet, but there’s a bump or two that makes stock skates painful, or you are just a bit off Bauer shaped feet, then custom is ideal.
  11. For inline skating I bought some ankle sleeves made by Powerslide. Not ideal, but they might help. https://powerslide.com/products/footie-high-2mm There are of course other brands. I rebaked my right skate today, and use a pair of ratchet clamps and a piece of wood each side of the skate, to tighten the ankle a bit. I placed a towel between the skate and the wood to even out the pressure. I don’t think Bauer skate shells are thermoformable, just the foams, but you might try this, assuming it is okay to rebake the skates. Alternatively, True skates are very thermoformable, CCM are said to be thermoformable but I’ve never owned any.
  12. It took me quite a few hours to get used to my new skates, which had a different profile and pitch. I now love them. Hence I agree with the others here.
  13. Don’t doubt it. There a lot of people here who know more than me about hockey etc. However, if you ever need to know about the quantum theory of solids, and mycology, just ask …
  14. His family were big in speed skating, and he got to national level. The first skates he made were speed skates, so perhaps some of the ideas he has brought to hockey skates came from the speed skating world, as well as his later involvement in MLX. And as you mention, perhaps his biomechanics background helped. I can’t help thinking that the popularity of Bauer in the UK, compared to CCM and True, is due in large part to availability.
  15. This is strange as they have arrived, and they are very snug and my fingers touch the ends. So the opposite to your experience! You must be right about size ratio of hands. I’ve always worn size 13” gloves (Bauer and Warrior, low and mid range) that are slightly loose. Never mind, it’s only a 15 mile drive this Saturday to do an exchange.
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