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  1. Didn’t Flare blades have a non parallel sides ie flared outwards? I think these have a rectangular cross section, but wider/thicker at the front and back. This freestyler has reviewed them: Unfortunately the review isn’t very informative, it lacks depth although he likes them. It’d be interesting to know the min and max blade widths and any issues with Sparx sharpening.
  2. Everglides in Gosport have several automated ProSharp machines, which preserve the profile and I believe they can profile runners too. I think SkateStation can profile runners. They do good manual sharpens too. I no longer trust manual sharpens, one is fine assuming a competent operator, but over time they ruin the profile. I had runners that became flat after a year, one sharpen every fortnight. I don’t believe any person has the skill to preserve the profile, and if they do, they are few and far between. It’s hard enough finding someone who gets level edges. The new Sparx machine can be bought direct from Sparx at a very reasonable price.
  3. When I change hollow, I mark the blade with a sharpie, and try a couple of passes. Two usually removes all of the ink when going from 1/2” to 5/8” normal hollow, and vice versa.
  4. I do one pass every 4 hours or so assuming no damage to remove, I use a 7/16" ring and LS5 runners. I don't swap round rings between sharpens which helps. I once sharpened some cheap skates with fixed blades and that was awful, I gave each boot 5 passes, soft steel, just didn't feel right.
  5. I play rec, or did before lock down and the ban on scrimmages. I would go to stick and puck sessions, basically drop in non contact hockey. I’ve been deliberately slammed into the boards, once I stepped onto the ice on a line change and a wannabe skated into me at full speed, knocked me flying, he just got off the ice and ignored me. I’ve had a slapshot to the helmet, above the forehead, to the shoulder and to the legs. I had a huge guy skate into me at full speed when nowhere near the puck (he looked very embarrassed and sheepish afterwards, careless rather than a moron). I’ve had someone take my legs out from behind, falling backwards, that’s the most scary and dangerous one. I’ve been cross checked into the lower chest, that hurt. There’s a lot of wannabes who try to prove their virility by steam rollering over some other players! I wear top end Bauer 2S Pro pads for health reasons, and I’m sure I’ve been saved from injury several times compared to entry level stuff. That said, the arm pads are rubbish.
  6. A player of that ability could wear pink skates with dayglo green holders and flashing lights underneath and everyone and their dog would be queueing up for a pair. CCM do seem to have an ability to create fugly skates, it’s as if they don’t employ a graphic designer, and hand the job over to a friend’s ten year old child. Or maybe I am officially an old fart ...
  7. “has the look that all players will remember when you fly right past them” Certainly has. And another advantage. The goalie will be laughing so hard that he’ll forget to try to save your shot. Look good, feel good, play good. Look like a dork ...
  8. That is unfair as that is not what I said, and if the OP did think I said that, then I apologise to him. I commented because he said in his posts that “I do totally suck at skating” and “I’ll never be able to play or even skate well”. The point I wanted to make is that contrary to what he thinks a skating coach could teach him to skate well. I know from first hand experience that a good coach can turn a poor skater into a half decent one. And skating is the core skill for playing hockey. To be honest I really did not appreciate how big a difference a skating coach can make. In my own case I had to completely relearn how to skate as I had got everything wrong. I was a total muppet with no control. And once you get the basics right, you enjoy skating so much more, and in my case I was safer. As for beginners and intermediate players having high end and custom skates, if you have the money then go for it. They are worth it for the comfort factor. Anyway, I do hope the OP sorts out his skates.
  9. Slightly off topic and apologies if this has been addressed, but I strongly suggest you take one on one skating lessons. In my case they are making a huge difference to my skating which in turn greatly improves my hockey. (Still can’t shoot for poop, hi ho.) Spending $1,000 on skating lessons will do massively more to improve your skating than buying $1,000 skates.
  10. I know 3-4 people with custom trues, one friend’s feet go numb but he had no joy with stock Bauer skates, he has big wide feet. The others love their Trues. I know several people with custom Bauers and I have custom 2s Pros. I had blisters on my big toes for a month or two where the toe cap joins the boot shell, it seems to be design fault reported here by several people whose feet are widest at the front. Silicon toe sleeves cured the pain and expanded the boots, and silicon pads can be a solution for other people who have pain in other areas. Obviously they won’t fix short skates. My skates are amazing, they fit like gloves, better actually as gloves on feet would be stupid. I would have thought Bauer would get a good fit, given the heat and pressure moulding of the skates around custom lasts created from your scans unless there is a limit to how far from stock they can go. However, I’ve had two Bauer scans two years apart, and there are significant differences (one arch initially high, then below average for example), so maybe scans are sensitive to the way you stand when scanned, or maybe one scan was done wrong.
  11. I wear size 9 shoes. Size 8 is painful. I wear size 6.5-7 (Bauer) and size 8 (Powerslide) inline skates, and size 7 (Bauer) stock ice skates, or 6.5 (L) and 6.75 (R) custom ice skates. The skate sizes just don’t make sense unless you use Mondopoint ie mm, in which case they are consistent.
  12. Audi usually if not always share platforms with VW, for example the Audi A1 is basically a VW Polo in a fancy frock. Engines, gearbox, transmission, brakes etc will be the same. That reduces cost greatly.
  13. I had the same issue with custom Bauer 2S Pro, with blisters forming on my big toes where they rubbed against the join between the toe cap and the upper. I wore a silicon sleeve (from ebay) on each big toe to prevent pain, but they must have expanded the boot because the rubbing has gone without the sleeves on. It only took a year. You’d think they’d fit the appropriate size toe cap to avoid this happening. Beautiful skates, but I’m tempted to try True when they wear out. As for cars, BMW seems to be de rigueur in the UK for ice hockey players. (VW, same company as Audi, for me.)
  14. So where does the money spent on team gear come from? On topic, my (UK) LHS recently had a facebook image of True skates post bake with plastic film wrapped round, nice to see them done properly.
  15. So if Bauer gives out free skates, and pays players to wear them, this must incur a big cost which is paid for by you know who ie us. It’d be interesting to know how much this ‘tax’ adds to each skate. Personally I don’t give a fig who wears which skate, but I’m sure the youngsters do care.
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