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  1. Thanks, very informative. I think I will go for some mid range freestyle inlines once our lockdown ends and I can get to a shop for fitting.
  2. As the rinks are closed I’ve been doing inline skating each day as my allowed daily exercise during lockdown. I have Bauer x300r skates which are basic, but they fit nicely and I get no pain. I’m not interested in roller hockey, just keeping fit till we can play ice hockey again. So, a few questions. The skates seem to have high resistance, by which I mean I slow down quickly. Is it worth upgrading the bearings? Also I haven’t cleaned the existing bearings, what should I use and where do I get it? Finally is there much difference between my skates and higher end ones? My ice skates are Bauer 2s Pro custom ie top end, and they are amazing, very comfy and yes I do feel they make a difference to my skating as I feel the ice more and they are responsive. (I’m a low end rec hockey player but a decent skater.) In my inlines I can feel something bending when I do crossovers, maybe the tyres or the wheels, it’s odd. I skate on roads ie tarmac, and it’s not the best surface what with stones and sticks, and holes.
  3. I bought my second set not long before the new ones came out. I guess they might have been old stock, or we have differences in heel shape. It was always the heel area that cracked.
  4. The first were excellent, but they tended to break as the plastic was quite brittle. My first pair lasted 6 months, the second not much longer. The new version is made from a more flexible plastic which does not fracture so easily, and they have a small amount of padding which makes them more comfortable. My version 2 speed plates have lasted nearly 18 months with no sign of breaking. So overall I reckon version 2 is a major improvement.
  5. Why do you say Bauer will discontinue SP2? They are amazing IMO.
  6. I am UK size 9 shoe size, and my custom Bauer 2s Pro skates are 6.5 and 6.75. I've never had lace bite in them, beautiful skates. I was in a size 7 Supreme 160 skate and did get lace bite from time to time, it wasn't nice. I think the really thick tongue in the 2S Pro allows me to wear a smaller size skate without lace bite. Maybe you could find something to go under the tongue (or even over the tongue) that helps spread the pressure?
  7. I am told that CCM black steel is painted and comes off easily. Surely if a steel is harder, it is more liable to break?
  8. I’ve worked for more than a few small(ish) companies whose owners were fattening the company up so it could be bought out. Maybe it would be to our advantage as Sparx would then benefit from CCM marketing and distribution channels.
  9. Has anyone created a real ice pad in their garage/basement? And if so what are the running costs?
  10. Curious, I've taken slap shots to my 1S shin pads and felt nothing. They have expanded polystyrene and Curv composite so they should absorb shock. Which part took the hit? Maybe there is a weaker area.
  11. Yup, Sparx here too. Next best purchase is top end skates. However, my best money spent award goes to skating lessons which are massively improving my skating.
  12. My 2s Pro came with a card stating that they can be baked up to three times. I think the temp and time were 80 Celcius and 4 minutes. I know someone who baked his skates in a gas oven and the flame melted the rear! Why not email Bauer?
  13. I have Bauer 2S Pro skates which have a carbon fibre shell. Baking speeds up the shaping to your feet although they will gradually mould to fit with use. Some of these carbon fibre boots, especially Trues, are very heat mouldable and my guess is that they might never achieve as good a fit without heat forming. (It isn’t really baking since the temperature is so low, more a case of thermoforming. But the term baking is in common use by the manufacturers.) Of course it depends on how good a fit you get out of the box. AFAIK there are no downsides to baking as long as you don’t exceed the recommended temperature and maximum number of bakes.
  14. I wear Merino wool ski socks. Very comfy. But I wear through socks very quickly.
  15. I bought some Bauer ones and they are awful, totally the wrong shape for my feet. They assume pointy toes, not flipper shaped feet! I like woollen ski socks when the rink is cold, they keep my toes warm.
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