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    Bauer 1X
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    CCM Ultra Tacks
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    Warrior AX1
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    Easton E700
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    Warrior Franchise
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    CCM CL
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    RBK 20k
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    Ultra Tacks
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    JRZ Phantoms

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  1. Dangles83

    Alpha DX Shins

    Anyone have experience with DX Shins? I currently use the Ultra Tacks and love them as far as protection, but I am looking to lighten up a bit. Was curious if these fit the bill based on experience. I do block a bunch of shots, so protection is important.
  2. Dangles83

    CCM Jetspeed FT1

    Back after another full season in the FT1 skates. In a nutshell, these things have been warriors! Other than the cosmetic damage I reported previously, the skate integrity has been nothing short of stellar; believe it or not I am still on the original laces (which I also love by the way). I am extremely impressed with this skate and I don't regret transitioning from the Vapor series. If you are a Bauer Vapor player and are looking for a bit more of a heel lock and less volume in the toe, I highly suggest you trying out the FT1. The performance and durability have been exceptional and other than a few gripes about aesthetics, weight, and the lacking quick change holder, this skate has been a huge win! My overall score of an 8.5 still holds true! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the fit, performance, transition, etc. Hope this helps!
  3. Dangles83

    2N Pro Stick Stiffness

    Wanted to get the consensus here on the 2N Pro stick; does it play stiffer? In a Bauer, I am typically an 87 (85 is my ideal), but is a 77 the way to go with this stick?
  4. Has anyone tried to touch-up screened cuff logos? If so, how? I have some screened Warrior logos in white that have several nicks and scrapes and was looking to replenish the white...thoughts?
  5. Dangles83

    Gear For Sale

    @oydh4 sorry, sold; couldn’t access forum to update list as gear membership expired
  6. Dangles83

    CCM 21K Pro Shin

    Anyone have any info or experience with these? I have CCM UT shins now and love the protection, but looking to shave off some weight. Have a couple of recommendations, but just saw these and was curious.
  7. Dangles83

    Wrist Support

    @mc88haha I literally measure the same and ordered a M as well. Let’s see how they preform!
  8. Dangles83

    Wrist Support

    Have not tried that as it sounds restrictive, plus that would be lots of tape each game I would imagine.
  9. Dangles83

    Wrist Support

    I have injured both my wrists in the past and it has left me with some permanent damage; essentially my wrists aren't nearly as strong as they used to be and are often sore. I am looking for a compression wrap to help support them when playing. Has anyone had any experience? I was looking at the Shock Doctor 822, but that actually looks a bit bulky and like it may interfere with my glove. I was also looking at the evoshield compression wrist sleeve with strap. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Dangles83

    Ultra Tacks shins vs Super Tacks

    @YesLangesit was my post in the shin reviews for jetspeeds; I was shocked at the lack of protection!
  11. Dangles83

    Ultra Tacks shins vs Super Tacks

    @FlyChicagaany weight difference between pro stock UT and retail?
  12. Dangles83

    Ultra Tacks shins vs Super Tacks

    @Cavs019 how was the weight difference? @stick9had mentioned that the knee protection wasn't good; assuming you didn't notice anything here?
  13. Dangles83

    Ultra Tacks shins vs Super Tacks

    Hey @stick9, I had read your thorough review and that’s why I was looking to see if there was anyone who had experience with both ST and UT. I love my UT (just looking to shave some gear weight) and never had an issue with the knee; trying to find out if that’s due to a new design or if knee is actually the same. Didn’t see another review, must have missed.
  14. Was curious to know if anyone who came from the Ultra Tacks shins has tried the Super Tacks, and what their opinion was.
  15. Dangles83

    CCM JetSpeed Shins

    I purchased the CCM JetSpeed FT1 shin pads to possibly replace my Ultra Tacks shins. The primary purpose was to lighten up my gear; I love my ultra tacks, but they are a tad on the heavy side. So here are my initial thoughts... Aesthetics: 8.5/10 These are very nice looking shins; the black and red go together very well. Unfortunately it doesn't really matter since they are under your socks, but a good looking shin nonetheless. Design: 5 The overall design of the shin was decent, but they definitely felt like cheap plastics to me. That may not be the case, but as soon as I felt them I noticed a HUGE difference in quality between these and my Ultra Tacks. As for the shape, they are a more narrow-fitting pad, almost built like a triangle (the top of the triangle being in front of your shin). Straps: 6 The bottom strap was well-designed with the ability to adjust the length of the strap via a dual-end Velcro system. This is definitely nice as people's calves come in all different sizes. Where the strapping falls apart, is the behind-the-knee strap. In order to show the JetSpeed logo, CCM opted to reduce the width of the Velcro strip that runs along the front side of the shin. This is problematic because, unlike the bottom strap, the top strap is not adjustable. Not only that, but it is extremely long. When I wrapped the strap behind my knee and around the front of the pad, I was already well-beyond the Velcro strip! I basically had to settle for a loose-fit - this was very poor. Weight: 9 The weight of the shins was exactly what I was looking for; they felt great wearing them and I definitely felt a weight difference between these and my Ultra Tacks. Mission accomplished right? Protection: 2 The shins felt OK during normal stick and board work, but the first shot of the game that I blocked definitely didn't feel the way I am used to. I am used to feeling a pressure that is distributed throughout my entire shin pad, but this was more of an acute pain. I would classify the shot as average, maybe 50mph. After the game I took of my shin pad and viola: Overall: 3 Unfortunately, shin pads HAVE to be protective against at least average shots, otherwise what's the point? The lightness of the pads was a plus, but obviously it came at the expense of protection.