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  1. MCornell

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Thanks for the feedback - wasn’t aware of the prosharp project but have done some reading, thanks for the advice. Do you recall what you did profile wise to adjust? Thanks
  2. MCornell

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Hi guys. I’m on my skates (custom Vapors) every day and tried to get into VH and then True on two separate occasions. Both times I felt like I was too far forward on my toes when pivoting as a defenseman. I loved the fit and the response of the skate. Ive spoken to a veteran member on here about profiling and flattening the steel (currently at 9.5/10.5). I’ve also heard of lifts being used in the front. Has anyone else struggled to transition? Was it the profile of the steel or was it the cut of the boot that angled you for forward flexion? Any recommendations or insights are appreciated. Thanks!
  3. MCornell

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    Anyone know anything about CCM’s new Jetspeed/FT1. Appears Boeser wearing it in DaBeauty League on instagram. Looks sort of like the 70k but with red accents. https://imgur.com/a/XyV9IGJ can delete post if it’s not allowed yet.
  4. MCornell

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Out of curiosity - does anyone know the basic concept of the scan. I know it will clearly display any bumps or foot/ankle abnormalities, but does it also generate a size and measurements? A la, the old tracing recommendations from the old fittings. I wasn’t sure if they use the scanner to then select the last size or if they come up with the sizing based off previous skate size/shoe size etc. thanks in advance!
  5. MCornell

    Bauer Total One vs. HP girdle

    Awesome, appreciate everyone's feedback
  6. MCornell

    Bauer Total One vs. HP girdle

    Bauer HP girdle
  7. Hey guys - I tried to search this topic but didn't come across an answer. Is there a difference between the two girdles as far as weight/protection/quality go? looking to replace my TotalOne and it seems Bauer has done away with a true girdle and there are still some of these around. Not sure if it's a lower price point item or a SMU for stores so looking for some input. Thnks!
  8. Did a brief search and may have missed it, but... Will Warrior be offering a girdle in the Alpha line?
  9. MCornell

    CCM Super Tacks Skate Initial Thoughts

    How is everyone finding the stiffness? Know I was nervous of a one piece composite boot but can anyone compare stiffness to a Bauer? Thanks !
  10. MCornell

    New Warrior Dynasty Girdle

    Hey guys coming from a 9k and was wondering on sizing. I wear a medium in that, am 5'11 and 185. The mediums in store felt a little tight in the dynasty. Do they stretch out over time at all for someone who has worn them for a little while now? Loosen in the legs etc? Thanks guys!
  11. MCornell

    2015-16 Gear Sightings

    Have been trying to find out who has been making these for a while. I think Stoll and a few others are wearing the all black ones. Not sure if Zuccarrello (sp?) is wearing the same company's but his seem to be a similar fit but with a silver design on them...
  12. MCornell

    2015-16 Gear Sightings

    Any one have any idea as to which company produces that black shot blocker that the rangers are using. Looks super form fitted!
  13. MCornell

    2015-16 Gear Sightings

    The only thing about Zuccarello is that they're shot blockers, yes, but don't appear to be made by ShotBlockers. If you look closely, they are fitted differently and are missing the back strip that is used by ShotBlockers. Additionally, ShotBlockers has gone away from the black carbon ones and now seems to just use the clear plastic, albeit in the same mold process. Here is another look at these...Anyone have any leads?? http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/andrew-shaw-of-the-chicago-blackhawks-gets-knocked-to-ice-news-photo/491739738
  14. Couple questions for you guys >> Is the major reason guys stay in Vapor Cut Tech mesh skate because of the stiffness/"agility" or is it because they prefer the fit. I understand there are probably situations where both apply. But does a Curve composite skate play that much stiffer than the Tech mesh? For example, would a 2 stiffness in Curve feel like a three stiffness in Tech mesh? Sorry if that confuses. Also, for guys/pros who seem to switch from tech to 1x to MX3, etc... would their custom order forms stay the same size or would they need to adjust each time to fit that skate? Does Bauer just say at their custom factory that a person with a 8D/A measurement in 1x would be the same 8D/A in MX3? Sorry in advance for long winded post. Thanks for the help
  15. MCornell

    Drill bit for making vent hole

    Thanks JR