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  1. Does the Ft4”pro” elbow come in a pro stock version, like the ultra vs the ultra pro in the tack elbow? I remember the quicklite elbow had a pro and a retail version, although differences were subtle. Thx
  2. Hey gang. Shot in the dark here but any chance anyone has any/leads on tracking down a new pair of the old Bauer pro shoulders in Medium? Appreciate the help.
  3. Anybody try this out yet enough to speak on it? Currently in a p28
  4. Didn’t realize the twitter user and the poster were the same, my fault! sounds like CCM Fast Team is saying curve aspect alone is same as p90T
  5. Have to assume the main difference without seeing it is the shaved heel, maybe creating more of the “dual lie”
  6. Can you expand on this at all?
  7. Anyone know the lie of this? Or how it varies from the Benn pro? Aware of the height but is curve larger/smaller, lie different, etc. thanks.
  8. Hi guys. Sorry for long winded question here but looking for some advice from anyone who has experience with both ProSharp and Cag One profiles. I skate nearly everyday and have used 9/10’ for roughly 5 years on a 272 tuuk. I live close to the ProSharp office so I started playing around with different profiles this summer out of curiosity. I originally tried the Zuperior S, but felt a little long in the heel. I then tried a Quad 0 for a skate, and it felt closer. I had a skate issue (Listed in “Is this holder mounted properly” ), but my trainer thought it was more of a steel issue that was causing concern (steel was in fact bent). After looking at Quad 0 on my blade, I was told there was hardly any blade on the ice and it was actually balanced behind center. He is a Cag One guy, and said he could fix my edge balance concerns with a new profile - gave me a 35/65 on the Cag. He explained I would feel like I was on rails a bit but would improve stability and I’d adapt. I’ve used it for 6-7 skates now and it feels way too long still unfortunately. I went back to some old 9/10’ steel I had kicking around today and it felt like I had nothing there on my blades now. Wasn’t sure if it was because it was old and worn/sharpened steel or if it was because I was missing the longer contact area My question or need for advice would be - do I go back to a 9/10’ if I didn’t have any issues prior. Do I go down in CagOne to say 30/50? Do I try the Quad 0 again as I’ve been told the holder is mounted correctly. Open to any suggestions - I’m not too proficient in the science of it all, and don’t know how much flat spot I’d be losing with the 9/10 or Quad 0. I obviously liked the straight ahead aspect of the 35/65 but felt like my agility was squashed. Thanks for your time/help in advance gang.
  9. Skate unfortunately was made for me with my normal specs and no mention of pro/supination. https://imgur.com/gallery/A8bVEKG
  10. Figured this thread was recent enough to ask a holder alignment question on here. I have a pair of pro stock Bauer’s in question. Felt like sharpenings were off (steel was also bent), but have now noticed after never feeling right in Left skate, that holder seems to be misaligned. Is it just me? If not, is this correctable or would the holes be too tight to remount etc. Blade/Holder photos
  11. @althoma1is the Covert QRE actually noticeably lighter than the Dynasty?
  12. Thanks for the feedback - wasn’t aware of the prosharp project but have done some reading, thanks for the advice. Do you recall what you did profile wise to adjust? Thanks
  13. Hi guys. I’m on my skates (custom Vapors) every day and tried to get into VH and then True on two separate occasions. Both times I felt like I was too far forward on my toes when pivoting as a defenseman. I loved the fit and the response of the skate. Ive spoken to a veteran member on here about profiling and flattening the steel (currently at 9.5/10.5). I’ve also heard of lifts being used in the front. Has anyone else struggled to transition? Was it the profile of the steel or was it the cut of the boot that angled you for forward flexion? Any recommendations or insights are appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Anyone know anything about CCM’s new Jetspeed/FT1. Appears Boeser wearing it in DaBeauty League on instagram. Looks sort of like the 70k but with red accents. https://imgur.com/a/XyV9IGJ can delete post if it’s not allowed yet.
  15. Out of curiosity - does anyone know the basic concept of the scan. I know it will clearly display any bumps or foot/ankle abnormalities, but does it also generate a size and measurements? A la, the old tracing recommendations from the old fittings. I wasn’t sure if they use the scanner to then select the last size or if they come up with the sizing based off previous skate size/shoe size etc. thanks in advance!
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