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  1. sher-awesomeness

    Anybody here a P14 (Bauer) user?

    I was using the P92 when I tried the P14 blade on my two piece for the heck of it. Don't know if it was the blade or placebo, but my scoring went way up after the switch and I stocked up on them back during the TotalOne MX3 days. I agree with previous posts that it's a little too narrow compared to the P92, and I've whiffed on a few pucks because of it. But I like the toe curve enough to make it my primary pattern; definitely serves me well all over the ice in any position.
  2. Definitely check out the Hockey Giant in Cherry Hill, NJ next time you get a chance. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, and they were attentive to my needs. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the Norristown, PA location, so I would avoid it unless they have an item you really need. The only real "advantage" is the shooting range for testing sticks, but that's only because they have so much empty space in the store. Cherry Hill is a cramped space, but it reminds me of a mom-and-pop store because of it, kinda like Max's Hockey Shed was.
  3. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    After 5 years of playing I finally get a new stick, and it's a beauty. I can't wait to try it out.
  4. sher-awesomeness

    Flyers 2009-2010

    The starts Boucher had in between Emery and Leighton weren't too bad, the team just hung him out to dry. The real reason Leighton was doing so well early on was because the defense woke up all of a sudden and bailed him out. If Boucher can stop the stoppable shots and the defense does its part like it did for Leighton, then there's a chance of salvaging this season. But I didn't think Leighton would take this team very far, so my hopes for Boucher doing that aren't so high either.
  5. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    Close, but not quite. :P (Not mine, by the way) I think his shaft was closer to a 9009, whereas mine is a 9900. Although, his last stick may have also been a wooden Hespeler. I'm not 100% sure.
  6. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    Well, with my Easton Octane dead (check that thread for pics), here are my other two sticks, both also 5 years old. And yes, that's a junior Synergy. An inch or two too short, but the flex works for me. The Hespeler has the right length, but is almost impossible for me to flex. Can anyone ID which Synergy it is? It was bought back in 2005, around $100 I think? I can get pictures of the blade if you need them.
  7. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    Not even the Reebok/Jofa protective?
  8. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    Judging from the vent placement, the VN foam, and the conveniently labeled sticker, I'd say that is a Nike Bauer 4500 helmet. As for the visor...no idea.
  9. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    The blade graphic on the Graf ops reminds me of the Louisville Locjaw blades.
  10. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    just a curious question, why you choose flexlite toe caps, is it fit reasons? and holy crap aren't you asian? 4x Es :P Yah, asian's tend to have wider feet in relation to causcasians. I went with flexlite toe caps because they are wider then the vapors, allows my toes some room to spread. Not perfect however, my big toes still rub a little against the side. that i did not know and i'm asian, but i have super narrow feet, nice skates anyways enjoy them :) I wear an EE in Mission Fuels, but I'm not sure how wide Missions run compared to other skates.
  11. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    I'm not a fan of Warrior, especially their marketing approach, but damn those gloves and shaft look good.
  12. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    Nice. Wish the Flyers could've gotten Ryan. I'm curious to see how your X:60 holds up, with that thread about its durability and all.
  13. sher-awesomeness

    Best bands that you're not listening to.

    Before Imeem got absorbed by MySpace and completely ruined, I was listening to Black Tide and their album "Light From Above." You might remember them from NHL 10 and/or Rock Band. Doesn't sound to bad. I might give them a try. Here's "Show Me The Way": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nl_hikrl8xI The other band I was listening to was Jupiter One. Heard them from NHL 09. Even though their sound is kind of "indie," I really like it, especially the synth stuff. I could've sworn I saw their CD at Borders, but can't find it. Have yet to purchase the album. "Countdown": "Turn Up The Radio": "Platform Moon":
  14. sher-awesomeness

    Flyers 2009-2010

    Wow. 6-0. Did not see that coming. Leighton with a shut out?! I guess he gets the start against Boston?
  15. sher-awesomeness

    Show It Off

    Nice! I've only had mine for two weeks, but I'm in love with them. Extremely comfortable, and the palms are amazing. I hope you'll love them as much as I do.