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Found 12 results

  1. teamohiogocincyswords6111

    New mission skates

    Anyone have any info on the up and coming mission roller hockey skate? I'm looking at buying the NLS1 now but trying to figure out if its worth another couple of months in my skates. Any idea on release date, specs ect. Mostly wanting to know any injected lacing with the mission roller hockey skates.
  2. Post pictures of your favorite Custom/Converted skates and list the componets. Easton Z Air comp boot, mission Mg Chassis, Labeda FUZION HiLo wheels, Labeda ABEC 7 Bearing
  3. tgwl

    Inline Skates

    I'm having trouble buying new inline skates. I consider myself an above average skater, w/ plenty of speed and balance, etc. I use to put on any pair of skates, tie them and find a way to use them. Didn't matter if they were top of the line or a borrowed pair. A little background - I played forward most of my life but switched to defense and played nothing but defense for a solid 3-4 years. I've been playing both positions switching back and forth when needed for the last 3 or so years, mostly on offense. During that run of playing only defense, I started tying my skates tighter and even wrapping the laces around my ankle. I don't know why, but I did... When I needed new skates it was difficult to find ones that fit right. Too much room at the ankle / too much flex forward. I eventually picked up the high end Bauer XRPro's and they didn't feel comfortable at first, but good enough and I adjusted to them, but still tied them tight. I now need, or want, brand new skates again and I find myself in a similar situation. I bought the Mission's AC1's a few years ago on clearance and never used them. I got a really good price online so I could only get 1 size down instead of 1 1/2 - which I blamed not using them on, but it seemed to be kinda' the same problem with the top ankle. So I continued to use my Bauer skates. Since then I've tried on Tour Code 1, Mission DS2, and one of the higher Bauer models. I looked at the Mission NLS 1, but the price range is a bit steep right now. So what is my problem? Do I need to adjust with the ankle room after years of tying the skates too tight? Baking the skate didn't seem to help. Are these skates just too big? I feel like I've tried smaller sizes, about as small as I could go but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I use standard D size skates and I can try to double bake the skate, but that would be another purchase that might not work out since you can't bake and try, before you buy. The skates I currently own (Bauer), are still in good enough condition to continuing using, but in my mind if I went a little looser, I may gain an extra step and more than anything it's bothering me that I can't wear new skates. Any advice?
  4. teamohiogocincyswords6111

    New mission skates

    Anyone have any info on the up and coming mission roller hockey skate? I'm looking at buying the NLS1 now but trying to figure out if its worth another couple of months in my skates. Any idea on release date, specs ect. Mostly wanting to know any injected lacing with the mission roller hockey skates.
  5. Has anyone tried the TOUR FB-9 Pro skate? Do you like them? PLEASE HELP???
  6. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of inline skates. Currently I have CCM Jetspeed 260, but the boots are too soft and they bent at around ankle level, so now they provide nearly no support. I saw these skates, Easton V7, for a good price (around 125eur), but could find information on sellers website only: no reviews. They look like they're an old model, but I couldn't find the exact year. They say they are successor of Easton IQ44 and equivalent of Vapor X80R in Bauer range. Also they are 72-72-80-80 Hi-Lo setup (82A outdoor wheels, but I could change those), which I believe they don't do on current skates anymore. Are these worse in manoeuvrability/turning radius than other setups? Anyone has experience with these/similar skates? Do you think they would be a worthy upgrade? (I am looking mainly for stiffer/more durable boot that would last) or do you think it is worth it to pay more and go directly for more recent higher models by Bauer/Mission (ie. AC/DS 2) or Alkali (Shift+)?
  7. So I bought a pair of tacks roller blades a few weeks ago. And the tongues are too big for my liking and I'm looking for a way to make them more similar to an original APX tongue without doing a tongue swap.
  8. Time for another review, this time it's the Mission Pro Compression Padded Shirt. Is it a shirt, is it shoulder pads? Actually, it's both. I picked up this item second-hand, used twice, from another MSH member. Best purchase ever. Here's a pic of what it looks like: Background: 31 years old / 5’11 / 215lbs / left-handed Men's div B/C and shinny hockey (former minor league rep team player) On ice ~5 hours a week I've struggled to find a good, light-weight and protective shoulder pad for adult rec hockey and shinny. I've previously used and liked the Bauer Supreme One.4, but found it a bit bulky for shinny. Fit I picked up the XL model - I'm usually between a L and an XL when it comes to uppers. I'm sure glad I went with the XL because this product fits SMALL. It definitely is a compression shirt. I do appreciate that it wears pretty long on my torso so I can tuck it into my pants. This is a big bonus because I don't like when shirts or shoulder pads roll up. The protective shoulder and arm caps are attached using adjustable velcro. This is also a bonus as not everyone is built the same. I'd prefer if this shirt was a tad roomier in size, but otherwise fits great. 8.5/10 Protection I'll preface this topic by stating that I don't play contact hockey anymore. I was looking for something lightweight, moveable, flexible, breathable, etc. This product fits the fill perfectly. I feel more than comfortable wearing it during shinny, but I am a bit hesitant to wear it during league play for one reason only. The padding over the core/heart and ribs leaves a bit to be desired. It would likely only pose a problem if you were bodychecked straight on, if you got hit by a shot, or if you were slashed. For me, it works perfectly for shinny. The guys I play with keep the puck down when someone is out front. The green perforated padding in this area is nothing more than airy foam. It moves great with your body - I'll say that. This would be a perfect option for roller hockey and I think that's what it was designed for. The shoulder caps, due to their adjustable design tend to sometimes hang a bit low. This exposes a bit of the top of the shoulder. I've yet to dial this in pefectly, but like I said, they work perfect for shinny. 6.5/10 Weight Zero concerns here. This is a lightweight product. You barely notice that it's there. 10/10 Durability I wash these in the washing machine with cold water and normal detergent once a week. They've held up nicely for the past 3-4 months. No issues whatsoever. The heatpress mission logos for the sizing and part number are wearing off, but this is minor. The graphics on the body of the shirt remain vibrant. No issues with stitching or straps or velcro. 9/10 Intangibles The compression shirt itself is a short sleeve. Likely designed to keep roller hockey players cool in the warmer months. I'm a long-sleeve hockey shirt guy. Because of this I end up wearing a long sleeve Under Armor shirt under the Mission Pro. This adds a bit of bulk, but I refuse to play without long sleeves. I'd ultimately like a version of this with long sleeves and a touch more protection in the chest/heart area. Sometimes the padding moves around inside when you wash it - easy enough to fix. 8/10 Conclusion For shinny, I couldn't ask for a better pad. If you're a gambler, it might also be all that you need for league play, as long as you're coming from not wearing shoulder pads at all. It's a compromise. This shirt would rock for roller hockey. It's protective enough, it's cool, light, and moves with your body. The pricepoint is pretty good for a compression shirt with a semi-shoulder pad built in. Overall, I'd buy another one without hesitation. Great product in terms of what it's designed for. 42/50 - 84/100 = 84%
  9. I just bought my first legit pair of inline skates, Mission AC4s. I've been ice-skating ever since I was a kid and am better than average on ice. I skated on my inline-skates for the first time today and it felt entirely foreign. What stuck out to me the most was how much of the skate I have on the ground at all times. Feels like no matter what movement I do, forward, crossing over, wide turns, my skate feels glued to the ground, all wheels constantly touching the ground. Wondering what alterations I can make to get the same rocker'd feeling as being in ice skates. My ice skates have a 9' radius. I am not above to buying new wheels. I plan on skating almost exclusively outdoors on either tennis courts or asphalt. From back to front my wheels are 80mm 80mm 76mm 76mm. I tried moving the wheels around putting the 76's on the front and back and the 80s both in the middle to try to simulate that skate blade rocker. Only problem is now the 80s are touching and unable to roll in the same direction so obviously that won't work. Assume I know nothing about inline skates or roller hockey because I practically don't . I've got a lot on-ice experience but this is definitely new territory. Any tips and advice is welcomed regarding wheel modification or technique adjustments. Thanks everyone.
  10. Gents, I tried to google some indoor roller hockey rinks around NYC and most hits are in Jersey or to some dead links from 5 years ago. Anyone can recommend some rinks, pref indoor. Thanks.
  11. I recently had the good fortune of destroying the bolt head on my Bauer X60R skates by overcranking the speed on my power screw driver. While in the process of looking for a replacement Axle ( found it yehhhhhh) came to wonder what would happen if I run a straight 76 setup on the Hi-Lo chassis. I was always curious about the diff wheels setups and came upon a good thread where the consensus held up that a straight setup with a low wheel base to boot is the best way to go. I threw on 4 76m Labedas onto the chassis and basically it seems that the all four wheels touch the ground and only the front wheel has a slight angle compared to the other 3, where the front wheel needs just a tad bit of pressure to touch the ground. I did not try this with skates on ( no bolts remember) and also wanted to see the response from the world before I go and potentially break a bone or two. Also, I remember that once by accident I put the 80s in the front slots of my skates and they did not fit ( so I know the spacing won't allow an all 80 setup). So in recap; a) is there some actual difference between the Bauer Chassis vs a regular chassis ( I,e, Labeda Chassis on Alkali Skates) or is this just cosmetic and its the same chassis? b) whats the consensus in the community on the wheel setup? lastly, I am in the market for new wheels and have my eye on the Bauer XR premieres or Alkali's CA9 / CA9 RPD - but sadly sizing is not in my favor I am a size 8..sucks so bad. Opinions?
  12. I am editing this in hopes of the 104 views of someone actually replying; I am 205LB, 5'10'' play mostly outside, the skates will take abuse. I am narrowing it down to the following based on my reviews: 1. Bauer Vapor XR5 Sr. Inline Hockey Skates 2. Bauer XR4 Senior Inline Hockey Skates 3. Bauer XR1 Senior Inline Hockey Skates What about Mission, CCM, Reebok? Essentially I am looking for a good durable skate that wont wear out quick on the outside and will give good comfort and support on the inside. ( not the wheels those are what they are). The weird thing here is that you can buy skates that are good for around $200 or for $600 .. the difference? Who knows I play mostly street hockey and occasional rink.