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  1. I did the 3D scan, sized me 1/2 a size too big surprisingly. Can’t always trust all technology.
  2. After years of foot pain, I have finally decided to get custom skates because my feet have stopped growing. I've decided Bauer over CCM but I only have one concern about Bauer, How durable is that injected molded lacing system now? I heard of problems on the original 1x but since then how improved is it? Has anyone here had any experience with taking a shot or slash to the lacing system? I don't want to order regular eyelets due to the fact the tendon guard would become the stiff kind rather than the "free flex" one.
  3. I have both and love both just as much as the other. I didn't find much difference between the two, Tuuk holders are the way to go!
  4. has Anyone converted a pair of super tacks skates into roller hockey skates? I see how the toe cap tucks into the underside of the skate and was wondering if it effects mounting the chassis onto the skate. I'm using a hi-lo kryptonium chassis hoping their won't be any issues with drilling holes and such.
  5. Anyone have any info on the up and coming mission roller hockey skate? I'm looking at buying the NLS1 now but trying to figure out if its worth another couple of months in my skates. Any idea on release date, specs ect. Mostly wanting to know any injected lacing with the mission roller hockey skates.
  6. Sorry to bother, I saw your Easton mako sprung frame conversation you did and I was wondering how you got them on their. On mine the raised vents the mako has preventents the chassis from going on straight. Did you shave down the chassis or vents at all?

    1. althoma1


      I had them mounted by a good LHS (Just Hockey SFS). The vent area was not shaved and there is no lift. They're 8EE Makos with the small A6 Sprung chassis. The chassis is mounted as far back as possible toward the heel. I have had two pairs of Makos converted with no issues. 

  7. I loved Phil threw when they'd say he's "uncoachable" the jokes made me love Phil 😂😂
  8. I need a new number from 81 (as it is taken) this season. I know numbers like 87,99,88 and 66 are off limits (you'll get chirped 24/7). Do you think 97 would fall in the same category?
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