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Found 11 results

  1. Anyone have any info on the up and coming mission roller hockey skate? I'm looking at buying the NLS1 now but trying to figure out if its worth another couple of months in my skates. Any idea on release date, specs ect. Mostly wanting to know any injected lacing with the mission roller hockey skates.
  2. I'm a beginner ice hockey player and I am looking to get into roller hockey as well since a lot of the best players at my ice rink play both in the same week. They say transfering back and forth between both improves your ice game. Mainly stick handling, positioning and endurance (since roller teams are usually smaller and only have 8 skaters you get more playing time). Also I've been invited to join my colleges roller hockey club for next year. I own a pair of $99 Tour skates with all 76mm wheels that are 82A. I use them for practicing outdoors at the tennis courts with a green biscuit. I've read on some old threads that rockering your skates can make them feel closer to ice skates. However, others have warned not to do it because you lose the competitive advantage of speed. If I only plan to use these skates on the tennis courts with a Green Biscuit is rockering them ok? Also how should I rocker them use a 72-76-76-72 pattern? When I put my inline skates on I have a hard time turning like I do on ice and I can't seem to stop. Regarding Indoor roller hockey, I was planning on buying Bauer Vapor X500 skates with 74A wheels since the indoor rink is sport court. For Ice hockey I use Bauer Vapor X500s. I see that Bauer and Mission skates come with a "Hi-Lo" chassis compared to a straight chassis. What's the advantage of the Hi-Lo chassis? Does it help with turning and making the skates feel closer to ice?
  3. Anyone have any info on the up and coming mission roller hockey skate? I'm looking at buying the NLS1 now but trying to figure out if its worth another couple of months in my skates. Any idea on release date, specs ect. Mostly wanting to know any injected lacing with the mission roller hockey skates.
  4. I'm new to the forum but i have been playing competitive roller hockey for 12 years and I currently play D1 in the NCRHA for Robert Morris. I'm getting tired of roller hockey skates falling apart and mainly loosing their stiffness after a season (im very OCD about my gear) and the prices for new high end skates are ridiculous. I just wanted to know if anyone has made a pair of skates (bought a boot and chassis separately). I saw Verbero offers a full composite skate boot for only $130 and i think i may but a magnesium chassis which is around $150. I feel like that combo would be as light and durable as possible. Being a college student I don't have the money for 1x skates but i want similar performance/ lightweight/ durability and I think composite is the best way to go. Anyone have any suggestions or past experience with this? Or any other product suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Mission Pro Compression Roller Hockey Girdle Height - 5'7" Weight - 175 lbs Pant size - Medium Level of play: Beer league indoor hockey, 2x a week. Fit: These are tight fitting compression pants, that really move well with you as you skate. When I first tried them on, they felt like they hugged around my body much more than the Mission Thorax I was replacing. I ordered a medium based on my weight and was worried they may be a bit long, but they fit really well and I haven't noticed any issues. The spine guard in the back feels a bit high and my jersey does get hung up on it from time to time, but its not the biggest issue. 9/10 Protection: They are really built well with lots of protection in the right areas. Coming from a pair of Mission Thorax pants, the layer of protection has been really beefed up. I really like the thigh guards, and although the padded belt takes a little getting used to, it is a nice feature. I mentioned my jersey getting hung up on the spine guard, but it is a nice protective feature to have. 9/10 Weight: Very light weight. Given the amount of protection they offer, they really did a great job of keeping the weight down. 10/10 Durability: They have held up well so far. I play defense and block a lot of shots and these have held up every time. So far no rips or anything. 9/10 Conclusion: Very nice upgrade from the Mission Thorax. The protection is excellent, the weight and fit are great, and I don't feel like I'm wearing overly bulky pants. The 37.5 is really nice, especially playing indoor roller hockey. I wouldn't say that they keep me noticeably cooler, but I'm definitely not overly hot while wearing them. Overall an excellent girdle for the player looking for a really solid amount of protection. Overall Rating: 9.25/10 (37/40)
  6. Time for another review, this time it's the Mission Pro Compression Padded Shirt. Is it a shirt, is it shoulder pads? Actually, it's both. I picked up this item second-hand, used twice, from another MSH member. Best purchase ever. Here's a pic of what it looks like: Background: 31 years old / 5’11 / 215lbs / left-handed Men's div B/C and shinny hockey (former minor league rep team player) On ice ~5 hours a week I've struggled to find a good, light-weight and protective shoulder pad for adult rec hockey and shinny. I've previously used and liked the Bauer Supreme One.4, but found it a bit bulky for shinny. Fit I picked up the XL model - I'm usually between a L and an XL when it comes to uppers. I'm sure glad I went with the XL because this product fits SMALL. It definitely is a compression shirt. I do appreciate that it wears pretty long on my torso so I can tuck it into my pants. This is a big bonus because I don't like when shirts or shoulder pads roll up. The protective shoulder and arm caps are attached using adjustable velcro. This is also a bonus as not everyone is built the same. I'd prefer if this shirt was a tad roomier in size, but otherwise fits great. 8.5/10 Protection I'll preface this topic by stating that I don't play contact hockey anymore. I was looking for something lightweight, moveable, flexible, breathable, etc. This product fits the fill perfectly. I feel more than comfortable wearing it during shinny, but I am a bit hesitant to wear it during league play for one reason only. The padding over the core/heart and ribs leaves a bit to be desired. It would likely only pose a problem if you were bodychecked straight on, if you got hit by a shot, or if you were slashed. For me, it works perfectly for shinny. The guys I play with keep the puck down when someone is out front. The green perforated padding in this area is nothing more than airy foam. It moves great with your body - I'll say that. This would be a perfect option for roller hockey and I think that's what it was designed for. The shoulder caps, due to their adjustable design tend to sometimes hang a bit low. This exposes a bit of the top of the shoulder. I've yet to dial this in pefectly, but like I said, they work perfect for shinny. 6.5/10 Weight Zero concerns here. This is a lightweight product. You barely notice that it's there. 10/10 Durability I wash these in the washing machine with cold water and normal detergent once a week. They've held up nicely for the past 3-4 months. No issues whatsoever. The heatpress mission logos for the sizing and part number are wearing off, but this is minor. The graphics on the body of the shirt remain vibrant. No issues with stitching or straps or velcro. 9/10 Intangibles The compression shirt itself is a short sleeve. Likely designed to keep roller hockey players cool in the warmer months. I'm a long-sleeve hockey shirt guy. Because of this I end up wearing a long sleeve Under Armor shirt under the Mission Pro. This adds a bit of bulk, but I refuse to play without long sleeves. I'd ultimately like a version of this with long sleeves and a touch more protection in the chest/heart area. Sometimes the padding moves around inside when you wash it - easy enough to fix. 8/10 Conclusion For shinny, I couldn't ask for a better pad. If you're a gambler, it might also be all that you need for league play, as long as you're coming from not wearing shoulder pads at all. It's a compromise. This shirt would rock for roller hockey. It's protective enough, it's cool, light, and moves with your body. The pricepoint is pretty good for a compression shirt with a semi-shoulder pad built in. Overall, I'd buy another one without hesitation. Great product in terms of what it's designed for. 42/50 - 84/100 = 84%
  7. Hey guys, I'm finally breaking down and have to replace my Mission Proto VSI with a Hi Lo set up. I'm looking at getting either the CCM Tacks 5r52, the Bauer X70, or the Mission Inhaler AC3. Any suggestions? I'm leaning towards trying the Tacks but it has the straight 80mm chassis, and I'm not sure if I would adjust after using Hi Lo's for so long. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, I kind of went on a hockey hiatus for a little bit but now im back and I need some help. During this past spring i took up playing ice hockey over roller and my skates were/are some easton EQ40s that I purchased for pretty cheap on closeout. In the store and sitting they fit like a comfy warm slipper, even at home i wore them for an hour and they were great, i thought for once i found a skate that was perfect. I played on them about 10 times enough for them to be broken in and playing on them they perform great and i like how they feel.... But a half hour into pickup or practice I get foot pain that will not go away until I take the skate off and let my feet be for a couple of minutes. This didnt bother me too much as i got used to it but now picking up again I am reminded of it and at this point i dont want hockey to be hurting me. About me: I play 1-2 times a week on low comp teams. im 5'7" 250lbs. The pain: I dont notice it while skating probably bc im in the moment but once i sit on the bench it starts to come on quick then its hard to deny, it's on the outside of both feet behind the toes and right before arch and when your foot comes to curve in. Its only relieved by taking the skate off or loosening it significantly and i cant stand on my feet for a couple of minutes after. It also at times seems to make foot cramps more easy to come by. Ive had this with many skates and i just figured they were too narrow but being younger i was told its ok if skates hurt a little so i kept playing, What ive tried: I tried playing through it, figuring the skate would break in more and more but it hasnt happened, even after 2 full bakes. I first tried super feet which i have in most of my skates and i enjoy how they feel but didnt make it better. Then i tried different lacings and lace tightnesses. I tried making it so when i tie around that part of the foot its only tight enough that it takes the slack out, to so that it has some tension, to tighter than i want and it seems the less tension there the better. The only other thing is seeing if that part of the boot can be punched out which im not sure if it can due to where it is in the skate. Solutions: ??? well, despite not wanting to spend more money, and knowing ill be taking a step back in skate performance by buying a new skate i am looking at other skates. Namely the bauer supreme or nexus line bc they seem to have a multitude of fit styles, and the other known wider fitting skates ccm/reebok never stood up to my use. Im looking at both the supreme 160 and nexus 600 and i was wondering what would be a better skate. It looks like the nexus 600 is a little older but higher end but the nexus line seems to be not as "high tech" and more comfort orientated and im afraid of it falling apart. I know the supreme line fits many well but im afraid now that they seem to be a little more anatomical it may not be for me. Help on how the width fitting is compared to each other could also help a lot. Cost for me is about the same. For reference: current skate: Easton eq40 size 8.5ee Looking at: Supreme 160 (probably a wider width) or Nexus 600 (may not need a wider width in those) Best fitting skate I have played in to date: Mission AC2 roller skate size 9ee, these fit really well to start with but after some use it feel as if the front of my foot may have a tiny bit of lateral movement. But these skates never hurt out of the initial break in period and they are very very stiff. I will also be visiting a store to look at how each fit feels but i want to walk in with some knowledge as most of my LHS lack any. though this is hard too as the pain comes with playing not trying things on. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know if the Mission Inhaler DS1 gloves skimped out on protection, since they are marketed as an inline glove? I play in an ultra hot, ultra humid rink, and I sweat buckets, so "Warm gloves" are like water makers on me. I asked a similar question about the Mission Inhaler helmet, and turned out it was ice ready. I have been wearing the Inhaler helmet for ice, and find that it releases my heat much better than my old Re-AKT (which I have since done away with). I play forward and tend to steer clear of pucks, but ya never know when some schmuck is gonna whack at one's hands right, and catch a thumb that has minimal padding. We never know too when a slapshot from the point that I am trying to deflect may get a thumb. So, that is really my concern, I would rather have nasty sweaty hands and a robust thumb guard/ all around padding, than drier hands, and be at risk for injury. But, if these are beefed up/ ice ready, then I think these may be the gloves that I was looking for. Obviously, I do not expect these gloves to offer Bauer Nexus 1000 type protection, but if they offer protection comparable to the other tapered gloves (Bauer APX/APX2, Easton HSX, Warrior Covert, CCM Crazy Light, etc.) Anything else that I ought to be aware of if using these for ice, then please let me know. I have been wearing Warrior Covert DT2 Bone:X gloves, which are rather protective, but no ventilation, and stiff cuffs, so I will not miss them.
  10. Reviewers Specs 5'10 180 lbs Inline 4-5 times a week Elite level Past Helmet Bauer 4500/Bauer 5100 Time Of Use 3 Months First Impressions When I received the Inhaler helmet I was blown away(no pun intended) with the out of the box fit. Having used the 5100 in the past I was right at home with the Inhaler, my head sits really well inside this helmet. The adjustment system is extremely easy to use and get correct, same central location just like the ReAKT/9.0 and just as easy to use. I was playing that same night so I had to get the stickers off and the ear guards removed, I could really feel how well the ventilation was when using the heat gun to get the stickers off. The air blew right through the helmet. After all that was said and done I hit the rink. My first use was on an average fall day( not too hot or too cold) so testing how well the helmet vents might not be as noticeable as it might be in the summer but still a good test. Once again, coming from my 5100 I noticed a big difference in the air flow when skating and the amount of sweat I had dripping down into my eyes. The built in sweat band did wonders but the overall "coolness" of the helmet was noticed. Didn't really noticed I was wearing anything at all. First skate went well and just as expected. Fit The fit on the Inhaler is ideal for me. No pressure points at all. I found my head sat inside the helmet rather than the helmet sitting on top of my head like the 4500 does for me. Nothing to complain about. Not very bulky or any additional room. Very much like the 5100 fit. 10/10 Durability Having used this helmet for a few months now with hours and hours of game time I have noticed a little wear. The helmet it self is perfect, no issues with the foam or anything like that. Only wear I have noticed is the sweatband and where it attaches to the helmet. The pegs have started to come unglued a little bit. This is a replaceable item so nothing to be surprised about. I'm sure I could fix this with a little hot glue. 9/10 Protection This helmet isn't marketed to have the best protection or the latest and greatest tech/spec when it comes to safety. Fully HECC certified and everything so still a safe helmet to wear. Safety is on par with the VN foam style helmets. I have had a few shots to the head and unexpected hits and have not missed a shift. comparing this to other helmets at the same price point I would have to say this would get an 8/10 Conclusion This helmet is perfect for the inline player, we all know how hot the rinks get during the summer and even spring for that matter. This is a game changer in my opinion. I don't have to worry about having to wipe sweat from my eyes or being hotter than I should be. Would I recommend this helmet? Yes. Easy answer. With Mission you expect quality product. I feel very happy with this helmet and its worthy to wear the Mission badge. 27/30 90%
  11. Mission Commander SE Size: 6.5 D About me: 155lbs, defenseman and intermediate/advanced skater. Pass skates include Vapor 8, Vapor 10 (yes I was a moron and bought into the rocker hype), Nike Quest 1 w/ Red Star, Mission Boss Black. Surfaces: Only on sport court twice a week. Usage: roughly 85 skates Fit – I felt the fit is very similar to the newest Vapor line of ice skates. I may get a bit of flack for this but my foot shape requires pretty much no break in time for Vapors or Supremes. This skate felt a little closer to a vapor fit. It provides great ankle lock and the ankle pads really hold everything in place. I do have a higher instep and these are no different than any other skate I’ve worn. I barely passed the pencil test. I didn’t feel this boot had more or less forward lean than any other’s I’ve tried. I usually go with a 6D in ice skates. However, my stance in roller is more upright and I thought I'd need a little bit more breathing room for my toes so I went half a size up. It's worked out great. The liner provides ample grip without any unnecessary tugging or pulling. I’m a sockless skater so the liner is quite important to me. The moose suede is the main reason I chose these over the Black SE skates. They just felt great to the touch. The outsoul gave me absolutely no flex during my stride and felt solid. My only gripe is where the boot meets the toe cap. It seems a bit narrower than other Bauer skates I’ve tried. Considering how much break-in time my previous skates have required, not a big deal. 9/10 Chassis/Wheels/Bearings – This is the second reason why I chose the Commanders instead of the Blacks. The lower price point gave me the same chassis as the Black SEs. The magnesium chassis is very light and is a standard Hi-Lo set up. The finish is very durable and there have been no chips or even scratches to them. The most I can ask for in a chassis is that I never have to think about it, and I haven’t. At this price point, it is a great value to get a top end chassis. 10/10 Coming from Labeda Gripper Millenniums, I thought I would give the Rink Rat Hornets a try before I swapped them out. I couldn’t be happier. It has great grip on cornering and stopping. Take this with a grain of salt because I have only ever used Labeda Gripper Millenniums on inferior skates and really have nothing else to compare them to. 10/10 The mission Swiss 608s give me no reason to complain either. In the winter, I play at a rink where dust is a huge problem. The bearings still roll great with weekly cleanings. 10/10 Weight /Protection – The weight is nothing out of the ordinary. I wouldn’t find it extremely light or extremely heavy. But at this price point, I would say they’ve done an excellent job with the magnesium chassis and the relatively lighter boot. Just don’t expect anything revolutionary in terms of weight reduction. 9/10 I’ve taken a few clappers off the side of the boot with no bruising or injury. Protection is as good as any other high end skate. Also, wipe outs, nicks, and rubs against the board have not affected the look of the skate. 10/10 Durability/ Intangibles – The fit and finish is probably the most impressive thing about the skate. Everything is well put together. Being a skater in pre and post Bauer Mission skates, it seems like they’ve improved their fit and finish even better than the current Bauer (ice) models. The durability of the materials seems great as well. I don’t baby my skates and they don’t look worn out at all. I was worried about the moose suede liner at first, since it’s not a liner I’ve had experience with before. However, after 80 skates, there are no signs of wear and tear that would concern me to least. 10/10 The third and final reason I chose the Commanders over the Blacks was the sharp look with the blue and the black. I couldn’t be happier with the look of the skate. The annoying thing will be when I replace the rink rats; I don’t think I’d be able to get matching color wheels for the skate! 10/10 Conclusion – I think most people looking at these skates will need an answer to the big question of whether it’s worth the savings over the Black SEs. That was my main concern and I have absolutely no regrets. It has outperformed every other high end skate I’ve ever worn and I couldn’t be much happier with my purchase. 9.5/10
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