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New player work outs / conditioning?

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Hi everyone, I just joined the forums. It looks like a cool site you guys have going here. 

Just some background about me...

I played hockey (roller/ice) in all forms (street, organized, pickup, etc) from about the ages of 8-18. I basically lived on my skates/rollerblades. However around college my interest tapered off, and I eventually quit playing altogether. Recently I just moved back home to CA after a stint in NYC, and now that I have some disposable income again (NYC is expensive!), I’ve been purchasing gear and will be playing in an adult league that starts in about a month or so.

My first time back on the ice in 15 years was a bit of a reality check. I may have well been a baby deer on ice skates. However, after about 20 hours on the ice, and a new pairs of skates that fit me, things are coming back rather quickly. The one thing that isn’t coming back too easily is my stamina and strength.

I’m 6’2”/170’bs. I don’t run or lift weights. All I really do is take my dog on long walks (and hit the rink for a skate session two times a week for about 2 hours) . Hopefully I can improve things in a few weeks.

Can you guys recommend any exercises/weight training/stretching that would be beneficial for someone just getting back on to the ice again? What I want the most is to not get gassed so easily, and to have harder/faster wrist shots.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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for cardio could try HIIT/tabata running/biking

for weight training something a strength training program like starting strength/stronglifts/351.

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On 9/30/2016 at 4:04 PM, SB39 said:

Squat, deadlift, run hills, and make your stomach as strong as you can. 

I came here to basically say this ^

  • If you don't have a gym membership get a heavy kettle ball or 2 for swings, squat, dl, and even ohp movements.
  • Run/sprint or bike. Even 10 minutes of pretty intense running twice a week will make a noticeable difference. Also just play with intensity and it will come along.
  • Get your hips stretched out along with your legs in general. I'd recommend a roller for the big leg muscles and stretching for your hips like: frog stretch, lunge/spiderman, happy baby, and resting deep squats.

Train your hands and head on the ice, train your wheels on land.

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Because Maria Mountain is the best, I'm going to link to the workouts she posted a week or two ago:

Home workout for skaters, with no equipment: http://hockeytrainingpro.com/wordpress/2016/10/home-workout-for-skaters-no-equipment/

Home workout for goalies, with no equipment: http://hockeytrainingpro.com/wordpress/2016/10/home-workout-for-goalies-no-equipment/


I am going to remove every single barrier to taking the next step.  I am giving you a goalie workout that you can do at home without any equipment (so not having a gym membership can’t be an excuse), it will take you 30-minutes or less (so time can’t be an excuse) and I will give you videos of each and every exercises (so not knowing what to do can’t be an excuse). 

Then, you will either do it and take a step closer to your goals or you will find some other reason (cough, cough excuse) not to do it and stay the exact same player you were yesterday, last week, last month and last year.


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