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    Warrior Alpha QX (Ice) Warrior AX1 (Roller)
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  1. Has anyone used the CCM XS Skate Tongue Extra? I have the FT4 Pro's don't need to reduce the volume. Would these tongues just make the boot fit snugger than it already does?
  2. Thanks, West Side skate shop looks great will try and get over there.
  3. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated I was just looking using Google maps. Looks like the Penalty Box Hockey Shop in Las Vegas is the best bet.
  4. Thanks for the advice, not sure if I can manage that far from where we are staying potty the MonkeySports in Northridge is permanently closed ;( that would have been perfect.
  5. Hi, Looking for some advice We are taking a 4 city trip around American the first 2 weeks in May. Does anyone know of any good ice and inline hockey stores around these areas? Found some shops selling ice gear, but can't seem to see any selling inline gear. NY staying in Midtown East, Vegas staying on Las Vegas Blvd, LA Staying on Vineland Avenue and San Francisco staying on Nob Hill. Thanks
  6. I got a great deal on the Bauer Re-Akt 200 Helmet online, fits great. I know it is optional, but curious if i can bake the fit plate at home? the helmet dosen't come with much instructions on the baking process just the amount of time to put it in a Bauer oven. Has anyone done this? can it be done at home? if so how? Thanks
  7. i got mine when they were released so i don't know if the strap is maybe a touch longer, but it only reaches about to the middle of the velcro. I tried the CCM QLT at the same time as trying the alpha and didn't really like the straps or the way the pads sat on my legs, kinda looking at changing the alpha shin guards though as the strap is getting a touch annoying, i haven't tried the Jetspeed pads.
  8. I have the Alpha QX and it attaches to the velcro but the strap seems very short to me too.and sometimes comes off.
  9. So maybe I am missing something but I thought that the Warrior Dynasty Girdle had a built in cup holder? I was think about starting to use mine instead of having my cup in the jockshorts, but mine dosent seem to have one. It's not too old maybe a year or so, did later iterations of the girdle not come with a built in cup holder? Thanks
  10. i heard somewhere that the rocker sticks don't if this is because of moisture or something.But i asked the question on there Facebook and they got back saying that there is no issue that they know off.
  11. i looked at backing one but they are like half the price of skates (to get them to the UK) i just wait for them to come to the UK store will give me time to read the review.Plus i don't think that you can put Step Steel or anything in them which i just got :/
  12. I haven't had any issues with that ( but then never have before) only way I can describe the tongue its a bit worn from use but that's about it no problems there.
  13. I've been wearing mine since about a month or two after release (3-4 hours a weekend) previously always worn the Ribcor line.After getting them baked they felt really good could feel how well they were shaping to my foot.No hot spots after first skate just a bit stiff so difficult to get them tight enough. Only took about a month (could be less cant remember) to fully break in had no discomfort through all of this time, rubbing or anything. The boot is a bit lower cut than the Ribcor's so no need to skip the top eyelet. Fits my foot incredibly well and honestly find it more difficult to get my foot into the boot, but once its in feels great hardly any negative space. The boot is really light and stiff and haven't had any issues with durability ( the carbon fibre near the toe cap looks like its cracked but I have been told this is just part of the moulding process). cant remember the name of the new eyelet thingy but its defiantly noticeable and hugs your foot a lot more. have been hit with pucks on the back, side and toecap if there was any pain it went away very quickly. Only the one on the toecap left me with a small bruise on my big toe. The only issue I had was with the superfeet carbon insoles sliding forward in the boot when trying to put my foot in no idea why but changing to the CCM custom support insoles fixed the problem. These have been the best pair of skates I have had buy far, just wish I could have gotten them sooner.
  14. How did you find skipping the top eyelet? I used to on my old skates but the supertacks don't come up as high.
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