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  1. Try the jetspeeds if the others don't work out. I have a really narrow heel and a pretty wide forefoot and they fit me great. I'm not a professional skate fitter, but I know my heel stays locked and I never feel cramped width wise in the toebox.
  2. First two goal game in 3 seasons last week. 5 hole rebound off the goalies mask and a wide wraparound that went in. Feels good to contribute again. We won 7-2.
  3. I'm 30. I'm real sick of even bothering with them. Lol.
  4. Broke up with the girlfriend today. 3 years, we live together, etc... just kind of slowly fell out of love. Has literally never happened to me before. There's no animosity for her, I just realized I wasn't happy anymore and it was rubbing off on her. So I had the conversation with her, like an adult. And holy shit. Apparently I'm a terrible human being. I knew it was going to be hard, but it was the right thing to do for both of us. Relationships are bullshit sometimes. I don't hate her and would like to someday be friends with her but goddamn. Tell me I'm not the only one to go through this.
  5. FWIW that price is super high. I had to get my headgaskets replaced on my old Forester which is a notorious and expensive problem with subaru's due to the boxer engine. I paid $1700 for the whole job including having the heads machined. Take it to a mechanic that specializes in Japanese cars.
  6. Bought my first ever new new car last Thursday. 2018 Subaru WRX Premium. This thing is a freaking blast. Mountain road glamour shot... haha. And after getting the tint done. Much roomier than the 05 I had for a while in my early 20s. Hockey bag fits perfectly in the trunk and the rear seats fold down so my sticks fit perfectly too.
  7. It is. I've been in an 02 Forester for 7 years. It's nice to rejoin the land of boosted AWD.
  8. Two awesome days in a row. Got a new set of the other kind of wheels!
  9. Won a beer mug for winning our inline championship game! Nice to see the league display a sense of humor... also got some tape, a folding allen key set, and a stick of deodorant. Haha.
  10. Realizing the money my grandma left me when she passed away in 97 is unavailable to me when I asked for access to a small portion of it because of the way my father managed the account due my grandma's boyfriend being an incompetent ?!#&. Hurray...
  11. Congrats! I just got a promotion from assistant supervisor to supervisor and I only got a 10% bump. Haha.
  12. I know that feel. Ref in my league tacks on additional minors if anyone asks what the offending player was called for, even if it's the captain asking. It's ridiculous.
  13. If the helmet doesn't fit right when you make contact there's slippage. The helmet is touching the surface you're coming into contact with, your head is not. So the helmet begins to move in a direction related to the type of contact it's making while your head is still moving in the direction of your initial trajectory prior to contact. This obviously changes the transference of force. Which type of transference of force is better or worse is debatable. The problem is unless they're using the same helmets on two headforms for a head it fits and one it does not, the data essentially useless. All it tells you is "hey, if your head happens to be this shape, we think this one is better". They flat out ignored a pretty important variable. Whether or not the helmet moves when it's hit.
  14. Doctors don't make money on vaccines. They make more money treating for the illnesses the vaccines prevent. As far as the VT study goes, they measure the transfer of force to the headform the helmet is on. They use the same headform for every test regardless of the head shape the helmet was meant for. If you've ever had on a helmet that doesn't actually conform to your head you will immediately realize why this is a problem. The study tells absolutely nothing worthwhile about helmets that don't fit the headform they used. The helmets that fit it well score well, the helmets that do not score poorly.
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