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    Had JR do these. True roller boot with Marsblades. You can see that my skates are a tad too short, but he made it work. I wear a size 6.5 in Bauer, and the Marsblades are a size medium.
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    I know most bigger stores arent even aware that they can still submit a full custom order via the excel document and instead only sell the general retail custom build. Both CCM and Bauer have a full custom spreadsheet that has all of those options that you wanted, and more. I know a customer that ordered a cery custom pair of FT2 skates recently. He requested 3mm extra height + 3mm extra comfort pads on one skate and 6mm extra height + 3mm extra comfort pad on the other skate due to ankle surgery. He needed some extra volume on the one foot. Different size skates, different widths, selected a tan clarino liner, and went with oversized ankle pads with poron. He also requested the standard tongue instead of the removable/replaceable tongue and went with oversized holders. Added extra stiffness to the ankle area as well. These suckers were about as custom as you can get. I guess some of the smaller more specialty stores are more aware that they can do these types of orders for customers while others either arent aware or just dont care.
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    So I did this a few weeks ago. I didn't know what to expect, but I figured it was worth a shot considering I'm in the market for new skates (as much as you can be when only skating once a week during COVID). I've been skating in Ribcors pretty much since the Reebok 9Ks days. I love the way they fit right of the box, but I always had the same issue with them - after about 2 years, the boot will crease just under the lace lock and the eyelet just below it will stretch and break. I'm considering a stiffer boot now, but I have no interest in paying $600+ for a pair skates that will do that in 2 years anymore. (Admittedly, I don't know how long skates are supposed to last, but my old Bauer Supremes 4500 (or whatever) never creased, just brokedown after 6+ years. Before COVID I was skating about 3-4 times a week. I just feel like at 5'6" 130lbs wet I shouldn't be creasing skates, despite skating pretty hard on them.) I had my virtual fitting with Mike Peck. We talked about my skate issue and the different fits between the lines. It was actually quite helpful in understanding why my boot may be creasing (too tight above the lace lock and not tight enough below it), but also getting a better understanding of the skate features at difference price points. Eventually Mike stated he'd get me in contact with Ken Carlquist who would then help me try out some loaners. I emailed Ken and told him I'm only doing training sessions once a week, but would love to try out some skates. He asked which local store I typically shop at and within a day he had four pairs of skates waiting for me: FT2s and 80Ks each in two sizes. He stated figure out which size fit best, have them baked, and then take them for a week. Super easy. I tried them both and within the hour I knew which I liked best. I returned the skates and Ken said that when I'm ready to buy they'll order them in the store (as in I'd buy them from that store). Overall the experience was great - I had my weird foot and skate questions answered and I got to try out skates to really know which I liked better (though I should have tried the AS3s as well). Note: the 80Ks flexed in the same place as my previous skates. Definitely need something stiffer. Second note: This had nothing to do with their custom fitted skates. I never asked; it never came up.
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    My customs arrived today. Overall nice fit and finish. Disappointed they didn't do them in gunmetal as I requested. They got all of the fit specifications correct including oversized ankle pads, clarino liners, longer tongue, extra width at the pinky toes, oversized holders, among other things. Gonna give them a skate tonight to see how they compare vs my TRUE customs.

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