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  1. Totally understand you are frustrated, but there are plenty of players at all levels, AA/AAA and at the professional level, that use TRUE skates. In all of my years of owning many pairs, I have never had a tendon fall off, though I did have more than my fair share of holders break internally on the first generation SHIFT holders. Sounds to me like whomever has been trying to "fix" your tendon isn't doing a good job, even if you feel they are skilled.
  2. On the new 2024 Cat the tendon is removable, but the rivet is covered...
  3. The catalog hints at it: https://acrobat.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:US:968e037d-fb71-4110-ba3d-4778ab89e1d1 The literature specifically says carbon fiber for the 9X4, but doesn't state the same for the 7X4.
  4. It's def a "buzzword bingo" thing. Basically, the 7X4 has trace amounts of fiberglass mixed with the carbon fiber. I argued with the TRUE rep when doing booking for 2024-2025 product because I didn't understand the value of the 9X4 compared to the 7X4 if the boot itself was the 100% the same. If you look at both, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference visually. However, the actual composition is different. I agree 100%, composite = made up of various parts or elements. I hate "buzzword bingo". It makes me die a little on the inside when I see marketecture.
  5. Both are carbon, but the 9X4 is 100% carbon while the 7X4 is a carbon composite blend.
  6. The argument here would be to order custom as opposed to buying a retail skate. I have always offered CCM custom skates for the same price as retail.
  7. The 9X4 is a one-piece carbon fiber shell, while the 7X4 is a composite one-piece shell. The insoles and steel are different, too. Overall, I think the 7X4 is the best bang for your buck. I personally like the new shell design more than a carbon fiber shell and in the future I imagine they will be moving more towards this composite design.
  8. I think equipment managers can get them at the pro level. I will ask around. Also, considering CCM has the XS replacement tongues in their retail closeout catalog, I am unsure of the future of the replaceable tongue system.
  9. At retail, they have not made any new options available for 2024.
  10. They offer little support and aren't worth the price IMO. Basically a glorified stock insole.
  11. It only stores that are very loyal to Bauer that usually go this route. Those stores feel TRUE is more difficult to sell since it requires more time. Having to bake the skate and actually spend time with the customer verifying proper fit seems to be too much work for those retailers. The 2024 Catalyst has significantly better step in comfort compared to the previous model, so we will see if that changes the retailer thought process.
  12. All the demo pairs I used and have seen others using had no durability issues like the previous generation.
  13. XL steel is a few mm higher in the front and back, compared to the regular Pulse TI steel, otherwise it is the same. You might want to use a heat gun to lightly warm the holders and try to the XL steel in.
  14. The 2024 Catalyst is entirely new. Not sure why the store would have given you incorrect information. The fit of the 2024 Catalyst and the Hazrdus are similar. Are you saying that you go with a 0.5 size larger to accommodate your toes? If so, you have probably been in skates that are too big for you. Can you go to a store and try on the 2024 Catalyst and the Hazrdus? Thats the best way to find a good fit.
  15. I have tried them and was not impressed. I still think the Bauer Speed Plate is the best hockey insole I have ever used.
  16. Go to a shop that uses stainless steel oval head semi-tubular rivets and all of those issues should go away.
  17. The last will fit more like the current generation Jetspeed, which is also very similar to the AS-V. I went from a 100K size 7.5R to a 7.0T in both the AS-V Pro, FT6 Pro, and the XF Pro.
  18. I don't think the changes are extremely significant, but with the longer front and rear post, the steel likely engages better with the holder and provides more side-to-side support internally.
  19. They all start with factory shell, with adjustments to foam placement, facings, etc. Overall, nothing has changed. If you have foot issues; bone spurs, haglunds, etc. You should consider TRUE SVH customs. If you don't have any foot issues, but have different sized feet, need minor adjustments to skate facings, etc. Then Bauer or CCM custom should be fine.
  20. Bascially. https://www.instagram.com/bsharpottawa/reel/C7Us8_oRM64/
  21. It's closer to a P90T than a P28. I have used it and like it. I prefer the shape of the P29/92 and dislike the P28 blade shape.
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