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  1. What size do you need? I have a ton of insoles.
  2. AS-V pro plays entirely different from any of the other Tacks stick I have ever used. The new taper, similar to the Ultrasonic in some ways, makes the lower portion of the stick extremely stiff and pushes the kick point up much higher than previous models.
  3. I looked at it a while ago, during booking. It seemed similar to the QRE Girdle in a different color. The fit and everything else seemed the same.
  4. Ok, maybe I should update this. When I say “overall” I mean what is most of your gear, not every single individual item. For example, most of my gear is CCM, but I do use a Warrior girdle. I think a majority of players will have at least one item that is not the same brand as others, but I was looking for what the general majority is. Hope that makes sense.
  5. What is your overall "go to" brand for skates, sticks and protective?
  6. I tend to bake my skates at least 3 times to speed up the break-in process. This is typically over the period of 3–5 weeks. Obviously, this varies by brand, as some tolerate baking better than others.
  7. They have been long gone for ages now. Sorry.
  8. The 75 is still made for Team sales. Not retail. 2023 is EOL for it.
  9. That is going to be tough. Not sure if I would suggest a 254.
  10. You can always warm up the shins and then use a C clamp to make them more narrow. I have done this for many players with smaller width shins.
  11. On what size and model of skate? Anything is possible, the holder might just hang off a little on the toe and heel.
  12. Re-Akt 75, Re-Akt 85, Re-Akt 150, and 2023 Hyperlite2 are the current and soon to be released helmet options. None of them are close to the Re-Akt 200 in design as that helmet was stuffed full of foams. If you like the Re-Akt 200, you should be able to find one on SidelineSwap.
  13. Most of these "small company" sticks are light but lack good puck feel and whip out quickly. YMMV.
  14. They have been around for a little bit. Not sure how good they are. https://bjornsports.com/product-category/ice-hockey-blades/
  15. I am looking at a medium and large side by side, seems only the length is different and the width is the same.
  16. Thats how I lace mine as well.
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