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    I'd go 5030, no chance I'm putting 2020 on anything.
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    Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster I work for STX and manage their Ice Hockey division. Hills over here has been an integral part in providing us with feedback on an initial prototype that we sent him. To answer some of your questions... Fit: The Halo glove (pictured), will be tight to hand, similar to the Surgeon line. We can't have these be loose fitting, otherwise the purpose will essentially be defeated. Protection: We would not be pursuing this product if protection wasn't a first thought. As someone pointed, we took inspiration from our RZR lacrosse glove. We beefed it up, and have put the gloves through industry standard protection testing. The gloves have passed with flying colors. We also have prototypes out in the marketing with elite youth and junior players. Release date: TBD... most likely May/June HPR2 Pro gloves: Improved four roll glove based off the HPR2. Releasing this Friday. I like to talk gear. Email me at ericb@stx.com if you'd like to shoot the shit.
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    After 1 year 8 months and 27 days I finally had my drains removed today!!! I can actually sleep on my stomach if I want.
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    indeed is the ft4 stick to go along with the ft4 skates. only a matter of weeks till the ft5 twigs come out
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    After covid made my current position pretty much obsolete since fans haven’t been able to attend sporting events, I accepted a job offer yesterday after being on the hunt since the summer basically. it’s an entirely different industry to what I’ve been in, but it’s giving me a great pay and benefits package, and as someone who’s turning 30 this year, those things become more and more appealing hah
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    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this for sale on SLS. Blade isn’t in the greatest shape but I really didn’t care
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    Wife got vaccinated today!!
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    Yeah, I love those gray cuff roles. I wish more retail gloves had different colors on the cuffs.
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    I put spray insulating foam in my skates after I tie them. It eliminates negative space and helps achieve better heel lock.
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    But those 5 less grams on the FT3 are everything. It’s probably like 20 more goals over the course of a season
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    Not really Trigger 5 Pro 365 grams Jetspeed FT3 Pro 375 grams Halo 380 grams Tacks AS3 Pro 385 grams *advertised weights
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    Finally got around to stripping and anodizing my R1’s. Damn these look sick! Plan on painting the axles just to complete the murdered out look
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    If you look at the IG teasers the HPR2 Pro glove is still a 4 roll glove. This looks like the successor to the RX3 gloves Edit: pro gloves release the 22nd. In the IG comments for this pic STX said the release date for these gloves are tbd
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    2s pros 15"-1" at the cuff Kings Hg12s- digital palms and gussets avalanche
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    fwiw - comments I have received from True about their skate length:- "The internal measurement of True skates are a 1/4 size longer than the equivalent internal measurement of Bauer skates. The external measurement of True skates is longer than equivalent sized Bauer skates because of features in the True boot and it's design - for example the True one piece shell has an inner carbon toe box that is covered by an external toe box." Sadly their is no rational explanation as to why someone who can fit their foot (25.5cm long) into a size 6D Bauer (with toes just off the toe cap) can fit the same foot into a 5.5R True skate (with about a 1/4 size of room to spare). True insist that their skate sizings are equivalent to Bauer and refuse to acknowledge that the internal measurements of their skates are at least a 1/2 to 3/4 size larger than same sized Bauer skates. It's the CCM debacle all over again. At least CCM fronted up about it, eventually. One can only hope True will bite the bullet and do the same and fix their sizing in the next release, this was alluded to me by the comment "as we incorporate your feedback into the development of our next skate models".
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    So as I posted earlier, my local Postmaster suggested filing an insurance claim if you're the sender for any package that has been missing or stuck "in transit" for the claim window of the service you used. I did that for a package had been stuck for 15 days. It was finally delivered 2 days later. Today I received a payout check for $64 for that claim, given because the item was past due. If you are the sender of a package that still hasn't been delivered - FILE YOUR CLAIM!
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    Following up to this reply to help maintain some continuity. Today, my son skated on his TF9s in two back to back games for the first time since profiling to 10 ft and -1 pitch. As a reminder, he hated the stock profile out of the box and was miserable after one stick adn pucks. As reference, he skated on his Makos in a game yesterday and decided to dive in head first for two games today for a number of reasons. This was a fairly high level skate (college recruitment), but not at the AAA 15U level. Since he skated one game yesterday, the Makos were fresh in his mind and TF9s were brand new and effectively novel to him since the profile was different. I'll break it down by things I think made a difference. 1. 10 ft radius - Much better than stock. He was visibly "teetering" back and forth on the stock profile at sticks and pucks. It was probably a combination of things, but he commented he felt like there wasn't enough steel under his toes and heels. No such comment today and no "teetering". 2. minus 1 pitch - Again, much better than stock. He commented that he still felt like he was being pushed forward a bit, but could probably get used to it. Will give it a couple more skates. Other harder to attribute observations: 3. Power transfer - He commented that he felt more powerful on them. As support, after playing two back to back games, he felt less tired than the day before playing only one game on his Makos yesterday. As corroboration, watching him, I thought he was going further on each stride. I commented on this to a friend before his comments. So, not that this would be a specific True property, I just think the Mako footbed is breaking down and he's just getting better power transfer, resulting in greater stride efficiency and less fatigue. 4. He said they feel like "tanks". Heavier, beffier, less agile. They are heavier than Makos, but as I've stated before he needs more protection, so, any more protective skate will likely be heavier. at this point, this is his only complaint and he accepts that nothing will feel like the Makos from here on out. So, need to adjust and see if he can get the agility from these on top of the other benefits. Finally, the fact that he skated two back to back games without any comfort issues in brand new skates is almost unheard of in any other brand, than Makos, I expect. The only comfort complaint was a bit of rubbing at the cuff because they come up higher than Makos. He's going to try higher socks next time to see if that fixes it, but if not, I'll heat and roll out the cuff. Still, pretty impressive to get that knid of comfort/fit for $600.
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    Gloves have become such a sad joke.
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    The Bell logo is way too much imo. Seems like they haven't set a standard on helmet ad sizes. Rangers and devil's looked ok, but Habs and the Pens I saw were atrocious. Edit: My point is that they need to standardized dimensions, colors, positioning etc. The only thing from Europe that I'd like to see more of is the Jofa 690 helmets lol
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    Or they figured out how to fill out an order form.
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    Maybe they are hoping this stick will be the, ahem, Ultimate Warrior.
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    Ok, had a chance to test all the Ellipse 0, 1, and 2 yesterday vs Quad 0, 1, and 2. Here is a quick summary. Ill write up a full review later this week. This was all done with blind testing. I had a friend take all of the steel sets and mark them as A, B, C, D, E, and F so it would not be possible for me to determine which profile I was using. All steel was sharpened to 3/4". First of all, a big thank you to @kkskate for profiling the Ellipse profiles for me. You did a fantastic job! I always give credit where credit is due. If anyone needs a profile definately reach out to him. Great service, prices and excellent work! I typically skate on a Quad 2 and have always felt the Quad 0 and 1 are too aggressive for me in the toe area. I also prefer glide, stability, and top-end speed more than agility. So please keep that in mind when reading my feedback. I used each set of steel for 20 minutes in a pick-up games with friends and some of their kids who are back home for winter break. Some of the kids attend prep school and the adults have all played high-level hockey, ACHA, D3, D1, AHL, Major Juniors, and such. While we like to have fun all of us still play earnestly without attempting to hurt each other. With all that being said. On to the review and rankings: Ellipse 0 = Considering I dislike the Quad 0 I was shocked that this was actually my second favorite profile of the bunch. It feels like they didn't go as aggressive on the toe as the Quad 0, went a little longer in the middle, and then shorter the heel a bit. Overall this was a very good feeling profile. I ranked this as my second favorite. Ellipse 1 = Considering I also was never a huge fan of the Quad 1 I was surprised that this was my most favorite profile. Everything on it felt effortless. Plenty of agility, glide, bite, and stability. This felt similar to a Quad 2 but with a slightly smaller heel. Almost like a blend of a Quad 0.5, Quad 1, and Quad 2. This was by far my favorite profile of the bunch. Ellipse 2 = I would have assumed since I like the Quad 2 so much that I would have liked this profile this as well. I did not. It felt long and cumbersome. Kind of like a Quad 2 in the front and a Zuperior in the middle and heel. I really didn't like this profile at all. This profile ranked last out of the six. Quad 0 = Still not a fan. Feels too small and aggressive for me and my skating style. It's better than a standard 10' but I think I just don't move my feet fast enough for this profile to match my skating style. I ranked this fouth. Quad 1= Still not a fan. Everything on paper says this should be a profile that I would like but I have never been a fan. I dislike the toe and middle but the heel feels ok. I ranked this fifth. Quad 2 = Still my favorite Quad of the bunch. Not nearly as good as the Ellipse 0 and Ellipse 1 but If I had to go with a Quad this would be my choice. Good speed, stability, and glide. You do sacrifice some agility but I will take top-end speed over agility any day. This ranked third. Summary: 1: Ellipse 1 2: Ellipse 0 3: Quad 2 4: Quad 0 5: Quad 1 6: Ellipse 2
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    Just wanted to wish all of our members a happy Holiday season! Obviously 2020 has been crazy and I've been working through some issues myself over the past few months and haven't been as active, I just want to say that I appreciate those who are helping out and creating content in my absence. It's definitely noticed and appreciated!
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    It took the better part of a decade of dreading going to work every day, but we finally made the leap of faith into a new career for myself, and it is delightful.
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    Hit it with a heat gun about 2-3" away. That will tighten it up. You can fill the gap in with a paint pen if it bothers you.
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    Thanks for sharing this. I thought the ranking of the FT2 was interesting, so much so that my LHS had them knocked down 40% on clearance and I luckily had a gift card to us so I picked one up (not that I needed a new stick but whatever). After a bit of usage, I concur that the stick is more "forgiving" when it comes to shooting. As was pointed out, you can still get a nice shot off even if your mechanics are off a bit or your balance isn't perfect. I own both Trigger 2s and 3Ds (low-kick) as well as Super Tacks 2.0 and Ultra Tacks (Mid). I find with the low-kick, you really have to grip hard and snap to get the most out of them, while I find with the mid-kick, your mechanics/follow-through need to be sound to really load up the shaft get the most out of those sticks. The FT2 seems to me anyways better able to handle a wider variety of in-game shooting opportunities. Which is sort of how it's marketed.
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    I agree that this site is the best resource. Chassis: Hi Lo, Flat, Marsblade O1 (more for ice training) and R1 (designed for playing inline) and the Sprung chassis are the main playing options. I have tried Hi Lo, Flat, the old Tuuk Rocker and Sprungs and definitely prefer Sprungs, but you do have to maintain them (and if you want them to last, it's better to use them indoors then outdoors). I haven't tried the Marsblade R1, but would if my Sprungs were shot and I couldn't buy another set of those. The Sprung creator is working on a more durable version called the Fizix, but there's no definitive information on if or when those will be released (just prototypes on FB that have been posted for 2-3 years now). There are more detailed threads here with detailed discussions on the Marsblade O1, R1 and Sprungs. Wheels: This depends on your weight and the surface you're playing on. For outdoors on Asphalt, the Labeda and Revison Asphalts are two that are regularly recommended. For smooth cement, Labeda Gripper yellows are wheels many players I know use for that surface. The best wheel I've used for Sport Court is the Konixx Pure (I use them in +2); the newer version of that is the Konixx Pure X (haven't tried that yet, but they're discussed in a wheel discussion thread). Personally, I spend the money on the good wheels for Sport Court, but just get the cheapest, hardest wheels I can find for outdoor use and if I'm ever on cement indoors I either use cheap wheels or very well used wheels that I've retired for Sport Court use. Bearings: Personally, I don't notice a huge difference in bearings as long as they're clean and spin. I've tried Swiss, Ceramic, Helo Quark, Abec 7, Abec 5 ect. In my opinion, either buy good bearings that have removable dust shields so you can clean and lube them on a regular basis or just buy the cheapest bearings you can find and replace them when they stop spinning smoothly. I notice a huge difference with high end vs. cheap wheels on Sport Court, but really don't notice a big difference with bearings. Some people swear by high end bearings though.
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    Reilly isn't the best guy to be looking at to get an idea of how the 100Ks will look, most of the branding and colour pops are covered by his shot blocker additions
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    If they fit you well everywhere else why don't you take them to a shop and get them stretched? I did this with my Jetspeeds (admittedly I did it at home but a shop can do it just as easily).
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    By any chance have you talked about the other sticks that you tested, but were not able to talk about yet. I would think they would have been released......at least one of them I think it could be...Nexus Geo?
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    Maybe midwest bias, but an old Christian with the diamond blade design my look good
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    And back in True skates.
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    I have no idea about retail, but mine came with standard Nash with palm and thumb overlays and they're fine. I don't even know how anyone can wear retail gloves. The branding everywhere is just gross. Plus I paid 130 for brand new gloves with full poron package. Not sure what the retails come with. BTW, I think your assertion that the palms should last longer is not what Bauer is going for. I think their approach is more that the $200 gloves should have a pro feel, which is why they choose performance palms over durability. For the mid tier gloves the palms tend to be more durable for the average player who is looking for that.
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    More validation that I made a wise choice stocking up on Made In Canada Warrior mitts.
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    I think it was all downhill from the APX and MX3 for Bauer, CL series for CCM, and QR1 for Warrior. While the newer gloves might be lighter (arguably) they don feel the same, aren't as durable and aren't worth the ridiculous cost.
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    Agreed with all the above, I think the 5030 is the most recognizable/iconic one. Maybe the PMP 7000 that I believe was more popular in the NHL? Or you could do something flashy and try to recreate the Gretzky Easton with some shiny paint?
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    @Hills, who is the company who seems like they know what they are doing?
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    I read the statement as don't get your expectations too high.
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    lol I'm not allowed to say anything specific. You know that. Simply put, the new Warrior Covert product updates and failure should be a decent indication of things to come....
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    Depends where you are from. Here in the North East, the majority of beer leaguers have played organized hockey all the way up to High School, some beyond that. Not sure where you play, but here wood chopping is definitely not part of the game. It's a simple equation, hack my stick and I hack yours or you for that matter. Everyone gets that, or learns it pretty quickly. FWIW, no way would I buy a used pro stock over a used beer league stick. The power pros have and the frequency in which they use them will have a much bigger impact on the life of the stick. As for used sticks. I agree with dkmiller. I've bought and sold used sticks without issue. But I know what to look for and what to ask sellers. For example, I've bought new sticks to try a certian curve. If I don't like it, I'll sell it. Those are the types of used sticks you want to look for. Back to the OP's point. Not knowing the particulars of the used stick in question and all the other variables in place, go with the new completive level stick, or find last year's elite level on closeout, like a Warrior Alpha QX at HM. Pro-Stocks, which I fully support aren't for everyone.
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    Rielly is wearing them: True Project X
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    The answer is yes, it should, and nevertheless, it isn't. Basically I think this is everyone's complaint, that the number of the size is irrelevant, it's the length of the skate matched with the holder. It's one of the reasons why, as good of a deal as the TF skates are, that deal is pretty much dead when you have to swap holders and pay an extra 1-200 bucks and then try to sell the shift holders which nobody really wants
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    I am going to ignore all of the Fit1/2/3 stuff from Bauer and just focus on standard D and EE fits for simplicity skate. When you go down a half size from a 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 size skate you usually end up with a smaller holder. This gets even more complicated when you add width it's the equation. Example: Bauer 6.5D = 254 Bauer 6.5EE = 263 Bauer 7D = 263 Bauer 7.5D = 263 Bauer 7.5EE = 272 Bauer 8.0D = 272 Bauer 8.0EE = 272 Now imagine you wear a Bauer 7.5EE and therefore skate on a 272 holder and now need a size 7 or smaller TRUE skate. You would be going from 272 to 263 or a 254. Let's take this a step further. Imagine you are going from a 7.5EE Bauer to a 6.5 TRUE skate, you would be going from a 272 to a 254. Does this make things a little more clear? Perhaps clear as mud in some ways. Let's please not get CCM and Mako sizing added to this as well since that in itself is a whole other can of worms. With all of this being said I really wish that manufacturers would all standardize skate length and holder sizing, but that is likely not going to happen in my lifetime.
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    Or maybe just accept that the kid doesn't have it between the ears yet because he's only 13. Let the kid be a freakin' kid and have fun playing. I mean seriously, an undercover sports psychologist? What if that doesn't work, slip Adderall into his Gatorade?
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    Yikes, you are really busting out of that lower mid section. I can't believe a fitter recommended you try a thicker felt tongue, ffs. One look at that and I agree customs would be your best bet, just make sure that whomever you go to knows their stuff because you need a custom facing and a narrower boot so the measurements need to be spot on. I'd recommend you take manual measurements and then compare them with the scan and measurement data before it gets sent off to True. If you aren't happy with what they have produced, make them start again and don't let them send it until YOU think it is right.
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    Just got my appointment for drain removal. 1/6/21. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    With all of the lost ticket sales due to Covid, they've got to try and make up those revenues somewhere. Granted, these ads will be here to stay and likely followed by jersey and pant ads.

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