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    That Hockey Tutorial guy will endorse anything for the right price, he has no shame lol, I stopped watching his stuff after the whole charity scandal and just getting tired of biased reviews. He doesn't hold a candle to Hills' "Hockey Reviews" page in terms of reviews. With that off my chest, I did enjoy the Graf video, my 705's I got in the mid 90's were my favorite skates I ever owned, partially because the brand had so much history and just stood out over Bauer/CCM at the time (it was like going for a Porsche over a Ford), and partially because they just felt so good on my feet. I haven't seen or tried any of their new offerings but they'll always have a place in my heart.
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    It might not be suitable for full-time use, but a couple of times, I've had teammates coming back from broken or badly bruised ribs. I gave them some thigh inserts salvaged from old pants that they held in place with compression shirts. Those contoured thigh pads actually conform perfectly to your ribs and don't get in the way of anything. They're also much more protective than any padded shirt.
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    It's definitely very difficult to thread the top two eyelets over the tongue with the skates on. What is much easier is threading the eyelets behind the tongue and then pulling the laces over.
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    I like the 2024 Catalyst skate design. Best looking retail skate they have ever made. https://acrobat.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:US:968e037d-fb71-4110-ba3d-4778ab89e1d1
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    Yeah, I stopped watching Hockey Tutorials years ago.
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    100% agree. At least we have options now. Everyone's feet are different. And I've suffered through enough discomfort with my feet to know a pair of well fitting skates is probably the most important piece of equipment you can invest in. I haven't been skating since I was 2 like most of the NHL guys. And I'm also not getting my skates for free. Having a "near custom" fit experience at multiple retail price points is amazing for those of us who need it or see the value in it due to unique biomechanics or whatever. And yes, the durability issues need to be addressed or what inroads they've made in the retail space will start to decline. Hopefully these new models fix at least some of those issues.
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    Pros get a different more comprehensive custom skate. That and ccm Bauer been around way longer than true so they definitely have the edge in terms of brand loyalty. At the retail level, it's a trickle effect of what people see the pros use in the NHL. True needs to really up their game in the quality and durability department though. Ifs laughable. At least they're getting a bit better in the esthetics department.
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    Can't speak for other brands, but I am pretty confident there is no structural / design difference between the larger senior sizes and the smaller intermediate/junior sizes with the True lines. Less material needed for a smaller size = less money. And I'm sure to some extent they need to make it more palatable to parents as their young one's foot grows, so probably making more profit off the senior sizes to offset the smaller sizes at lower prices.
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    I also have a pair of those pliers whenever I run into stuck steel. Work great
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    Take a look at the CCM Jetspeed/Tacks girdles. I'm similarly sized and have been using these for a few years now and cansee going back to regular pants. The legs are height adjustable so you can dial in your preferred length. Not bulky or heavy at all.
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    Guys. You were totally right about sizing issue. Went to a different local hockey store at lunch time. spoke with the guy over there. Looked very knowledgeable and asked me lots of questions about my issues with the Ribcors 9.5D. He measured my foot and quickly said: Mister customer, you need to go down to size 9 or maybe 8.5. Mister customer, you got a narrower foot than average. Mister customer: you got to feel lost with the 9.5 ribcors and skate like an a$$. We tried different brands in the mid range level $500-700$cad (I dont want to spend $1200 and I only play once a week). True were no bueno for me. Awkward fit inside. Too much padding in some spots and not enough elsewhere. CCM JetSpeed - in the mid range they don't offer tappered fit on jetspeed so overall size 9 regular width felt ok not good. Room for improvement. Bauer Supreme Matrix (Similar to M5) - size 9 fit 1. Was comfy in it. But ankle felt unstable and balance point was hard to reach. Vapor X4. size 9 fit 1.Wow! I think we got a winner. Foot felt wrapped and supported. No dead spot inside the boot. Toe were brushing end of toe cap. Also tried size 8.5 fit 2 (they didnt have fit 1 size 8.5 in stock). Length wise, with the 8.5, it felt a bit tight and toes were slightly bending/curving. Even with knee in flexion. Not sure if this will be good or not. Bummer they didnt have the 8.5 fit 1 in stock. The guy at store told me: 8.5 is the fit I'd suggest if looking for a more "pro fit". Size 9 is "comfy performance fit" I didn't pull the trigger. Was in a hurry at lunch time and didn't want to take a decision too quickly. But will look to try size 8.5 fit 1 in the vapors.
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    What is "urinal wear"?
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    My kid cracked the heels in his Cat9s. True replaced them with a receipt and photo evidence. It was super easy. I've had no issues with my TF9s. Granted he is on the ice 5-7 days a week. I am 1, if I am lucky 2. And as someone who has had foot issues since I started skating a few years back, the Trues are by far the most comfortable skates I've worn. Not even close.
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    I agree that the PVD coating helps edge retention and does provide additional protection but I don't think it changes the glide, bite, feel, or sharpening. I am fairly certain blind testing would show 90% of players would not be able to tell the difference in a controlled environment.
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    Always Will find the process interesting no matter the company.
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    The thing with Trues is, you don't have to bake them snug around the ankle. You can flare the top out if that's what you're after. The customizability of the boots can make them tricky to dial in.
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    Equipment can never compensate for proper skating style and talent. I know many players who wear low end skates, they are smooth and fast skaters. The fastest and, arguably, best player in the NHL still wears first generation Jetspeed skates. 😉
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    I have the Graf Peakspeed 4700. Found 2 pairs of new old stock at Play it again sports. Wonderful fit for pretty much everyone. Only pair of skates other than True Catalyst for me that did not pinch or literally just hurt sticking my foot in. I think a lot of people want them to come back here.
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    Yup, I didn't bother even putting my foot in before having them baked (doubt I could have even got them on otherwise).
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    Yup. I had low expectations for the ti steel because it's Bauer steel but I was still surprised how bad it is. It definitely feels like regular Bauer steel and don't notice any real increased edge retention and definitely doesn't provide smoother gliding like step or jrz dlc. Pretty much a ripoff with it being the same price as other brands dlc steel.
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    This is why I love my Easton Pro 10 shoulder pads, they have adjustable rib pads, maybe try to make something to mimic it? you can see the design at the 1:56 mark....
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    Catalyst fit about a 1/2 size smaller (more inline with the other big brands / "true to size"). So going for a 6 in the Cats would probably give you a closer fit. If you like the TF7s, see if you can get them in the 5.5, really no difference in the stiffness or performance of the Intermediate/Junior sizes compared to Senior. I'd definitely suggest sizing down instead of trying to stuff the extra space with something. The TFs also tend to continue to break in and feel a bit larger as the foams compact. For instance, I have very small feet and am in a size 4 in my TFs, and I'm 190lbs
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    I use FT4 Pro shoulders too. The Hex shirt pads sometimes get "caught" on the ft4 pro side panels which can be slightly annoying. However I’ve also tried the EvoShield shirt with the rigid rib pads which are WAY more protective than the HEX, but also much more obtrusive.
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    I have these after I got cross checked to the ribs: https://www.mcdavidusa.com/collections/hex-padded-tops/products/hex-basketball-tank-3-pad They're not perfect but they're the closest thing I've used that is also the least obtrusive. Once the rib bruising went away however, I stopped using it. So for me, it's not a preventative piece of gear...more to protect an already compromised area. McDavid also makes this which can be cut to size as needed: https://www.mcdavidusa.com/products/hex-skin-turf-tape
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    Warrior says the DX and LX2 is the same kick point... but LX2 Pro feels like a complete hybrid. LX Pro will be the same as DX and plays more like a low. Novium is a full mid (or what Bauer calls a high kick).
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    I dropped lace length by a lot as well. I use 84" laces for my trues and 108" for my Bauers.
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    My take? The carbon fiber outsole and boot transfers the feel of the ice and the inputs from your body much more efficiently than other skates. There is little to no "slop" in the system and that creates the sensation of far more grip. As for laces, I've found you can significantly downsize your lace length. As you mentioned, you don't need to tie them very tight, so you aren't pulling as much lace slack up when tying. The eyelets/facing aren't flexing to the same degree as other skates, so again, less slack needed. I remove the laces from the top eyelet when removing the skates. At second eyelet, laces are barely still in, maybe an inch or two of slack. That gives me enough room to unlace the rest of the boot wide enough to get my foot out, once I break the "suction" by pushing down on the back of the skate (not the tendon guard) and pulling my foot up and forward. It takes a few extra seconds to relace the top eyelets when putting them on, but I find that far more preferable to having insanely long laces. I was using 96" previously. Dropped down to 84" with the TF9, waxed laces in both cases.
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    My son and I both have these. The we found the Jetspeed girdles to run very tight. He's using a CCM PP90 shell (available in longer inseam lengths) and I'm using a Tackla TGS60 . Both are XL. You would want a + 1 or 2" with the CCMs.
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    In my day hotdogs cost a nickel.
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    I think in America that's called "hitting your out of pocket maximum".
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    Bauer and ccm are strict on their pricing. Even clearance item prices are controlled by them. It's ridiculous. Generally speaking, true items are allowed to be included in online sales etc, whereas Bauer and ccm are not.
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    Hopefully this is it and you're on the road to feeling better.
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    I have both a TF9 and a True Custom, the TF9 is a goalie skate and the Custom is a player skate. I had gotten the Custom when it was the only option, and hesitated going back to retail fit but my skate guy at ensured me that he was confident about fitting me in a TF9. TF9 took about a month to really break in even after a proper wrapped heat mold, at first I thought I had made a mistake but two games in and they were 80% there, and six games in and they felt pretty good with zero pains (except for 1 issue which turned out to be my fault entirely). I still prefer a Custom but the TF9 is pretty close. My feet have a half size difference too. I think I will get whatever replaces the TF9 if these ones fail.
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    The Canucks matte black helmets remind me of that one guy in every beer league with the old matte black Easton bucket that never looked good, usually paired with roller hockey pants and some skates from 20 years ago... it's a hard no from me.
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    “G8RSkin significantly reduces these peak acceleration values“ Is it because wearing it keeps you from moving at all since you’ll be on the bench for looking like such a fool?
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    As they say, what happens in Vegas… …can become a viral sensation on the internet!
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    The other day I had a chance to get some first version Hyperlites, my size, my fit. They were new and sexy. And after wearing my trusty TF7 for 1,5 years and being on ice ~2 times per week all year long I really considered this option up to the point where after a proper baking procedure and putting Bauers on next day they felt way too loose in the ankles, so much in fact I could barely walk in them. I could somewhat mimic the feel of True skates by tightening Hyperlites really hard, but at this point it was just getting absurd and uncomfortable and I couldn't flex forth/back as easily. Now I am somewhat concerned that True have spoiled other brands for me too as I enjoy having more options. Even though new hazardous 9 look sexy af.
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    True just recently released retails skates only a few years ago. I'm confident that more and more people will enjoy the comfort of their skates and the retail gaps with start to reduce between them and Bauer/ccm. Trues price is also very competitive for what you get. They just better fix their durability issues with the retails shells and their sticks or they're essentially be giving a 2 for 1 for all the warranty replacements. As for the pro level, true dominates the goalie skate numbers.
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    From my experience owning all three brands. I've said it before. True and ccm are more pliable after being in the skate oven as per their respective baking instructions. Would Bauer skates get as pliable as true skates if they were in there for 8-10 mins at 180-200? Maybe. But we're going here by their recommended bake times and temp settings.
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    FWIW, hockey monkey doesn’t care about all the small shops they have run out of business. I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad milking every possible thing out of them without a second thought. These giant stores can’t undercut local shops and fall back on “just capitalism bro, nothing personal,” and then cry foul when consumers do the same thing to them. Fuck ‘em.
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    Well, I wear 10W dress shoes and 10 sandals and have a pair of converted TF9 inline skates in 7W. They felt too small at first, but after baking and about 10 hours of skating they feel like the right length. I scan a 7.5 Fit 3 on the Bauer scanner. So, based on your Bauer and shoe size I'd recommend a 7 TF9. With that said, I wear 8EE Mako II skates. If you should've been in 8.5 Makos then perhaps a 7.5 is the way to go. With the 30 day guarantee, trying either size isn't that risky. Just make sure they're properly baked and you wear them for several hours before deciding if they're the right size.
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    Don´t forget that half and full sizes have a different construction in the toebox. In a half-size boot the toebox, above a small foam-wall, is some mm longer than the insole.
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    Part of the reason for the lack of general knowledge is that most of these processes are proprietary, its basically each companies secret sauce, so they want to keep that information internal and provide retailers basic general information. You also have to consider that most staff working at stores aren't educated on custom skates since the number of custom skates sold is very minimal compared to the abundance of customers buying off the shelf retail skates. Not to mention many employees of the larger stores which offer custom skates just don't really care all that much. As someone who has owned multiple pro shops I can tell you that not a single one of my staff truly ever understood how each custom skate differs even though I provided them with literature, videos, and even spent time trying to educate them. I was the only person who could handle these questions which is ludicrous considering I am the owner of the stores. But, back to your initial question... Bauer and CCM take your measurements and basically grab the components to match the specific sizing and assemble the boot. After assembling the boot they 3D print a cast of your feet and insert that into the skates. They then apply high heat and pressure the skates to form them to your foot. How much pressure? A lot. Specifically how much, no clue, that's proprietary. How much heat? A lot. Specifically how much, no clue, that's proprietary. How does TRUE make their custom skates? Depends on who you ask. TRUE used to create a custom last based on your specifications and then build the skate around the last. This allowed them to make many adjustments to the skate as they are building it. It's a very hands-on process which requires a lot of work and truthfully the end result is only as good as the person doing the work. We did a ton of TRUE customs and yes, there were times we had issues with skates being too big or had a holder that was not properly aligned and 99% of the time TRUE fixed the problem. There is only one customer I can think of that we couldn't satisfy and he had significant foot issues. That customer also tried custom CCM and Bauer skates and those also didn't work for him as well. My suggestion, give TRUE one more try to get it right. Provide them as much feedback as possible. The more information you provide the better understanding they have of what works and what doesn't. If that pair comes back wrong still then I would look into other options.
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    In terms of custom fit I would personally rank them in the following order. 1: TRUE 2: CCM 3: Bauer That being said, this is my personal opinion. I have owned multiple customs from each of these brands. I am also open-minded and think that each brand has its pros and cons. I am ranking them in terms of fit specifically not taking into consideration features and such. For example, I prefer LS Edge or XS holders over the TRUE SHIFT holder. I do not dislike the TRUE SHIFT holder but specifically because I use Flare steel and they don't have steel available for that holder currently. I think CCM and Bauer have a better finish and aesthetics than TRUE. I also like that there are more options available with CCM and Bauer as well if you go full custom but going full custom is VERY expensive compared to TRUE. Long story short. They are all good but all have pros and cons. TRUE skates are typically better fitting than the other brands but you have less input into how the skates are built, options, and specifications. Other brands give you more options but it could be argued they are giving you more rope to "hang yourself" as well. I personally have made some decisions in previous skates that I later felt were wrong. Sometimes having too many options can be worse than someone making decisions for you. All of these companies spend a lot of time doing development and testing products finding the right combination of materials to arrive at a product that works entirely with all of the various combined components for the majority. Sorry for the lengthy post.
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    FWIW, I’ve tried Blackstons FBV from two different places and the results were much different, same exact cut. As with any manual sharpening, it’s only as good as the guy/gal behind the wheel. Ive also tried a Blademaster flat bottom, which was nothing like Blackstones. Not all flat bottoms are created equal.
  49. 1 point
    @jimmy Darn it- can’t edit the last post. The Sparx are taking over due to inexperienced sharpeners and places not wanting to hire good ones (i.e. pay the $$$). The pro Sparx units do allow for a cross-grind capability, which does help with the number of passes. Not everybody wants to mail in blades. I am not picking on your business (or any other mail in sharpeners) by saying that, BTW. My Sparx does fantastic for me, and I can touch up my edges after every skate. Is it a good hand-sharpening? No. But the ability to get a consistent edge and not worry about the pot luck sharpenings is priceless. And I’d rather get a Sparx sharpening out some place than worry about whether or not my edges were going to be right. I have had more than one game ruined due to a wheel that was not dressed properly.
  50. 1 point
    I've skated on FBV exclusively for the last few years now since trying them at WF. This last summer, I tried the Sparx Fire cut equivalent, and personally did not like it as much. Used the cut for about 5 skates, then got cut back to FBV. Personally, lack of FBV and large initial investment would keep me from buying a Sparx, even with the convenience factor.

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