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    UPDATE: Played last night using the CCM and was very pleasantly surprised. I was able to breathe easily and my vision was not impaired. As far as I am concerned it is clearly more effective and my concerns proved not to be an issue. Regarding effectiveness, with all due respect to my friend @IPv6Freely, we should most definetley be talaking about effectiveness. That's the whole point of the product! Now there is no way this is gonna be tested by the CDC or FDA but I do think we can apply some common sense. Neither is an N95. We get that. Neither hermetically seals your face in! But the CCM is surely going to stop more than the Bauer. Frankly, if all players in leagues would wear the CCM mask or other mask then we'd be able to play fairly safely. But... if everyone was just wearing the Bauer we wouldn't be any safer. And that's pretty damming Is the Bauer a cash grab? I don't know.... I don't quite care either. I'm just looking to lower my risk.
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    Ok... two competing concepts for the same issue... Coronavirus! In one corner, hailing from Bauer.. the Bauer Face Shield. In the other corner, hailing from CCM... the CCM Game On Face Mask! Two very different solutions and to me this speaks to the issues we are facing. Below you will find pictures of each but here are the pros and cons as I see them... In the end everyone will decide for themselves what they like better, what their own levels of risk are, etc. Discuss.... Bauer CCM Pros Visibility excellent. Breathability – does not cover the nose. Lightweight. Cons Flimsy clear vinyl. Expected hard plastic. Bottom spaces of Concept III mask remain open. No protection of nasal particles. Only designed for Bauer Concept III mask. Cannot use cage. Pros Covers the nose. Superior protection from transmission Can fit Bauer or CCM masks. Can fit on clear plastic cages or wire cages. Cons Harder to breathe – nose is covered. Impacts lower peripheral visibility. Mask tighter – chin strap may need adjusting. Bauer: CCM
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    The masks (none of them) are designed to protect you from COVID. The point is to prevent possible spread by containing YOUR vaporized droplets.
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    @Monty22 I’m gonna be buzzing around with Brass Bonanza on repeat with this set up on!
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    But people told me my sizing comments were wrong and they fit true to size
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    Equipment managers do actually have some input on what pros use and many pros appreciate recommendations from equipment managers.
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    I picked up a CCM mask on a whim. Looks like they are out of stock online in a few places, but Pure Hockey near me had a whole bunch. It took a little bit of playing with it on the couch while watching tv to figure out where to put the various straps. I have a Bauer Profile III cage. The mask has a moldable nose piece that I had to push into a “peak” so it wouldn’t press on my nose. ive only worn it once, in an admittedly slower skate, but I liked it. No vision problems at all. I honestly didn’t notice it at all while playing. Breathing was fine, but this wasn’t a game where I’m pushing myself hard most shifts. One thing I liked way better than a gaiter that I didn’t consider was not having something on the back of my neck. It felt much cooler to have my neck exposed and not covered. I have to undo cage to drink water, but thinking about it, that is probably better than pulling the mask up and down and putting my hands around my face. For fogging concerns, it might help limit that because this mask is more open by your mouth/cheeks, so air is going out there, which might keep breath away from the visor.
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    Just grabbed these early 1990's vintage Hartford Whalers Easton GX800's and Carolina faux Whalers socks
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    Fight it. Fight it until you can't fight it anymore. Which is hopefully a few decades down the road. You have to move fast to be fast and you can still do that well beyond your age. It's just that we tend not to run/sprint/skate fast the older we get with enough regularity to keep our bodies used to "being fast". Don't give up though! There's no reason you can't still be fast if you refuse to quit practicing being fast. Your body will react/adapt to the "norms" you throw at it. Don't give up!
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    Pretty solid job by the NHL coming up with a plan and executing on it. That was a really cool tournament.
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    The sound of someone wearing them coming into the defensive zone when I was getting the puck always made me feel like they were right on top of me even though they were still at center ice. lol
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    Pros get what they want. A good number don't know what they want. And surprisingly few are picky.
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    Not weird at all. I've been around long enough to hear the stories of EQMs getting trucks and boats from reps for getting X amount of players in their product... But when it comes to holders, absolutely; if it makes an EQM's life easier by having everyone in the same holder, they're going to do it.
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    Another old find in the basement. I had no idea I still had these.
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    Doc retires: Not player related but the broadcasting landscape changes again. I'd rather listen to Canadian broadcasts but Doc was consistent in transmitting excitement (for better or worse haha).
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    The label on the inside of the skate was correct. After baking wrapping and skating the skates they seem fine, but the true rep also pretty much dropped contact with me.
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    Yep, the model is ‘proper fitting shin pads’...
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    When I switched to trues I noticed a big difference in how I could feel the ice so much better on the bottom of my feet. I felt every bump on the ice. Made me way more aware of my edges
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    Hey everyone! New to the forum from NS, Canada. I've been reading the posts and lots of great info and insight on these skates. I've been interested in True skates since they first came out. I was a CCM skater for a number of years and switched to Bauer last season. I have a wide foot and went with Bauer Nexus but have not been happy with the feel and fit. I started thinking about True Custom but then I saw retail versions coming out. I went down to my local store and tried a pair out. I could not get my foot in at all, crazy how stiff these are, but once they were heated up, I was able to get them on and I was impressed with the fit. I see its common for them to be hard to get on and off. I found out there are some tricks putting them on and heating up the eyelet cuffs to flare it out some should help. I'm looking forward to getting out on them in the next few days and will report back after some ice sessions.
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    Skates are one thing where if it don't break why fix it. Skates are the biggest pita to break in even with customs. Now try introducing a completely diff boot construction to nhl players who notice the smallest things in terms of difference. Even pro gloves are no where near retail ones and are very very basic in terms of materials and design.
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    IMHO, I think it's overrated in terms of being sold as a magic solution to your skating problems. You hear about people getting a new profile and when you ask why, they just shrug and repeat stuff the marketing brochure promises. You should have an understanding of what issues you have with your skating and have plan for what you want to achieve with your profile. Simply getting some profile because it promises something special is buying into the marketing. A profile won't make you something you're not, but it can give you a boost in a specific area to help you along. But there's no free lunch. You're always giving up one thing for another. But the hope is you're gaining more in one area than you're giving up in another. For example, I have small feet, and I find because of that, I'm a pretty agile, but I'm also little less stable. So, I sacrificed some of that agility for more glide and stability by going to a flatter profile. I don't miss the agility lose, but I do notice the gain in stability. Over time, I've slowly tweaked things to better fit what I want out of my skates. The profile spec is a bit crazy, but it works for me, but I doubt it will work for many others. So, that probably what's the issue is with you. You were given a solution to a problem you didn't have and it's hindering instead of helping.
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    The UnderArmor mask is great, but can't drink with it. My son uses it off-ice to workout. I've used it to watch games. Very comfortable. The only one I am seeing that would maybe work for drinking would be the ShockDoctor. I'm curious how secure it would be with that design though. Might need to adjust it a lot. My son tried the splashguard again Friday night and Saturday morning. We switched to a bottle with a straw top to let him drink. He still wasn't a fan. Said it fogged and impaired his lower peripheral vision when fogged. And didn't like he couldn't get a finger in the bubble to fix his flow. The top row of holes it blocks gave him access to get in. His hair falls in his face even after we wet it and slick it back. I'm sure he could get used to it and deal with it if he had to, but not mandated for us, so not sure we will force him to use it. It does provide a bit more protection, but not sure it is a huge upgrade from the bubble stock, which I would think is definitely better than a cage.
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    He said the shims resulted in a significant improvement in his skating. Previously due to the supination he could never get a full toe flick at the end of every stride due to the way his ankles would supinate at full extension which prevented him from "grabbing" the full inside edge of the steel.
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    If only we could just start using mm for shoe AND skate sizing, life would be so much easier.
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    If Colorado gets a stud goalie this offseason and don't have major injuries in the playoffs; they'd have to be a favourite to win the cup next season. Tampa should still be good, but won't be able to keep everyone with their cap issues.
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    Except his point has a lot of validity.
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    It is certainly NOT the locker room and it's high time we stopped thinking we are immune or that you wont get it. Stop acting tough, the virus doesn't give a shit. And even if you don't care if you get sick what about the other people in your life who you'd give it to. I have spoken to some travel/junior parents. I can't tell you how many times I hear: "they are your and strong - they will be fine." How f-ing stupid. And then they come to school!!!! And parties. Beyond dumb. I have played a few times in clinics and scrimmages. If I skate I wear a mask. The infection rate is very low in NY but things are starting to get a little worse and I may avoid playing for a while. We can wait. Be smart.
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    I've been skating with the R1 for five games and after an initial adjustment period, I'm very happy. I think there could be improvements and I'm a tiny bit concerned about long-term wear, but at this point I'd recommend the R1. FZ-0, 6.5ee. I was properly fitted (and the mounted the frame) at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop in Vancouver and was shocked to learn: A- I was previously in boots 1.5 sizes too big; B- I have a wide forefoot but a narrow heel; and C- my left foot is a full size bigger than my right. So apart from getting used to a new frame, I'm extremely very extra super happy with the boots themselves. I've been skating for over twenty years and these are the best skates have ever felt. They're almost like an extension of my body rather than silly wheeled doodads I'm strapping on my feet for an hour or two. The skating experience took a little bit of time to figure out. For context, my sprungs were severely worn down, the arms for the front two wheels especially so. Normally the tops are squared off and fit into the base snuggly but mine had worn into wedge shapes so the effect was much less "springy" and much more tick-tocky. I could lean forward and the front two wheels stayed on the ground while the back two wheels lifted off. Which felt great sometimes but also felt extremely fragile. I was a very self-aware skater on my old skates, conscious of the feeling that the sprungs could explode at any time. Which isn't great. Anyway, I was accustomed to an extreme amount of movement and even though I was on the h5-t8, " the most movement" insert, I wanted more, especially from the toe. The heel movement felt ok, definitely better than flat frames, but I couldn't really dig in with my toes the way I could on sprungs. After three games, I loosened the bushing bolt by a half turn and there was much more play in the frame. At this point the movement took a bit of getting used to and I almost lost it in the warm up but during the game, I was digging in with my toes much better and I felt much sharper in the turns. Forward to backward transitions were quick and I was particularly impressed with my backwards acceleration. Stopping, for whatever reason, didn't feel as sharp. In my sprungs I could reliably get the wheels to make the "BEEERRRRRBBBB" noise when stopping but it's not as strong with the marsblades. I have this vague idea that in the sprungs I was better able to roll my weight, so to speak, from toe to heel so when I stopped, I could better modulate weight placement over the wheels. Maybe this is nonsense, maybe I'll get used to the marsblades and figure it out there too. Overall, I felt a bit quicker than with sprungs and apart from the stopping, didn't lose anything. Also, there's something to be said for the increased confidence that my skates weren't going to blow up... these are well made pieces of kit. As a caveat, I'm not a big guy at 66kg and in terms of how body weight affects the movement and stability, I have no idea. Bigger guys may get more movement than I do. The looser bushing bolt didn't feel weak or unstable but I'm small. I've mentioned sprungs wearing out a few times so let's look at wear for the marsblades. Look at that dust! We've been playing on a covered outdoor rink with smooth concrete, maybe one grade below polished. As you can see, there's significant wear on the anodization. There's some deep scratches and wear going on but nothing too worrying. This isn't unexpected in any way, moving parts with dust and dirt will grind down (my sprungs certainly did) I've been diligent about taking apart and cleaning everything... If you're not familiar this is the base of the frame and the rocker insert goes on top of this, with the metal frame following. This is the typical amount and type of dust that I get after a game, before I clean it. If you look closely at the bolt thing, there's some rust starting to develop at the base. I've started to use an old toothbrush to scrub around it rather than letting water clear everything away but I don't like the rust. There's a bit of wear on the sides (matching where the metal part is worn but again, nothing unexpected or too concerning. The plastic insert, likewise, seems ok. This is the metal frame facing side and it's a bit rougher, as if the movement between the insert and the frame are embedding grains of dust into the insert. Wear wise, I'm a bit concerned about the bolt rusting and time will tell about the metal frame... could it wear down so much that there's noticeable side-to-side play between the metal frame and the base? I'd feel better if I could replace individual parts of the frame setup easily or if my local shop could service them in some way. I went through three sprung set ups and they each lasted me about two years skating outdoors on dusty/gritty and sometimes muddy surfaces. If I can get that out of marsblades, I'd be satisfied. I'd be happier if it was longer but we will see how that goes.
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    I liked listening to Doc, sad to see him go.
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    I got my UA mask today, and I gotta say, it's very comfortable and allows better breathing/ventilation than many masks I've worn thus far. Also very moisture/sweat resistant. Much pricier than some other options though.
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    I played with the CCM Game On for the first time yesterday. it blows the Bauer splash guard away. I has zero fogging issues and found it comfortable to wear. I am wearing mine with the CCM full shield. not the biggest fan of that but only because I'm a Bauer cage wearer. I don't feel great about skating with the cage right now though because at least the visor offers some protection from droplets entering through my eyes.
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    Those who remember. quarantine cleanup is unearthing some relics.
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    Just getting back into the game after a long hiatus. My children are now teenagers and my three year stint in law school is finally over. No more travel for me. Found the old gear in the basement and went thru some of it this past week. Just organized some of my old remaining twigs in the media room. I’ll add more as I go. I found some of my son’s old gear in the basement from when he was about 4. He’s 13 now
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    I just switched from Bauer Supremes to True Customs and couldn’t tell you the difference regarding the soles. My Bauers were stiff and so are the Trues. That being said the Trues are very stiff all around and feel great! Because the bottom is also molded to my foot the fit is awesome.
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    That was exactly my experience!
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    No there not gimmicky. But there isn't the independent data to prove that they work better than what is out there.
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    They do sell a version for players who wear half-visors if you can find it in stock.
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    I found moving to the quad helped me with stability. The result of that was I could get to a shallower cut and with increased glide and helped me get more on top of the ice. I wouldn't go back. Very happy. Everyone has to find what works for them and that's the whole point of the profiles and the profiling project. Try stuff, see what works... etc.
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    You must have shared a playlist or something instead of the URL to the specific video because that's not what we are seeing...
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    I agree with boo10, P90TM is the same as P92 up until about the last inch or two of the toe. It opens more at the toe, but that may also just be an illusion because of the beak curve. I have more control of my shots and keep them lower with P90TM than I did with P92. But I also have more control and can elevate them faster and higher than with P88. This curve is really the best of all three worlds, for me at least.
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    Great ideas, thank you for the feedback. We have large puck bags for practices, and large medical bags for games. Ended up ordering the Milwaukee tool bags, I'll update this once they come in with how well they do/don't work and hold up.
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    This is so true. I'm always baffled when someone posts that they wear a size 10 shoe and a size 7 skate. Well if a size 7 skate fits properly, your shoes are too damn big then.
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    I can understand this for 1/2 sizes but in some cases we are talking 2 or 3 sizes out. Given a size is around 1cm, I've yet to come across anyone who has a toe 3cm's longer than any others! My personal experience with this (fitting skates for many years) is a misguided belief around comfort, to quote - "I chose that size because the skates didn't hurt when I laced them up". This is because they are so long and wide there are no pressure points on those little foot bits that don't quite fit within a retail skate profile. As to comparing shoe size to skate size, one of my great bug bears in life. Everyone wears shoes differently and shoe manufacturers still don't follow consistent sizings, I just don't get why this keeps getting repeated verbatim instead of - your feet measure 26cms long so you start with a size 6.
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    Either lacrosse pads or quarterback rib pads. Padded shirts won't help you much to protect already-injured ribs. A cheaper option that works great is slipping a padded thigh insert from an old pair of pants under a compression shirt right over the injury. That's probably even better than smaller, more contoured lacross pads because you want the pad to stay flush againt your ribs and to be large enough to really spread out the impact over the largest possible area. Thigh inserts just happen to have the perfect shape to fit nice and flush over the side of a rib cage.
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    If you're fine with locked thumbs and love the 11K cuff then I'd just stick with 11K/HG12/HG14's. They're very nice gloves.
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    Kiddos to the NHL for pulling this off. Yes, it sucks not having fans in the stands but as a hockey nerd, I really enjoyed the competition shown throughout the Bubble Hockey Tournament. Good on TB for winning the Stanley Cup again as a "small market" team.
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    Could be- I tried on the regular width 9.5 and 10, with 10 being my normal size. Toes were crammed in 9.5, 10 fit fine.
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    I don't need new skates right now, but I was near a store that carried them and it was early in the morning when it was dead; so I asked to try on a couple sizes. I tried on the TF9 in 7.5W and 8W. I currently wear 8EE Mako II's with my toes feathering the cap and right to the end of the insoles. Well, @Hills, @SkateWorksPNW and everyone else who said they fit a half size larger than most brands are correct IMHO. In the 8W, I couldn't feel the end of the cap at all with my left foot and could barely touch with my big toe on my right foot if I really tried. When I stood on the 8W footbed, there was about 5mm of space after my toes. Despite them being a bit long they still locked my heel in well when walking around and felt pretty comfortable even unbaked, but I knew they were too long. With the 7.5W my toes brushed the cap on both feet and when I took out the footbeds and put my feet on them there was no space at the end of the footbed. Overall, the 7.5W felt like it was a bit wider in the forefoot and toe box than my 8EE Mako II's even unbaked - not sloppy, but not as tight as the Mako II's and the toe box is also a bit taller than the Makos. My first impression was they're similar to Mako's, but I wish they used the Mako toe box and the 7.5W used a 272mm holder instead of 263mm. When it's time for my next roller conversion it's highly likely I'll get a 7.5W True retail if I can't find a new old stock or barely used Mako II, M8 or M7 in 8EE (which at this point is highly unlikely). Unbaked the True's felt better on my feet than any of the Bauer or CCM boots I have tried on.

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