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    My video comparison of the True Catalyst 9 vs Catalyst Pro vs TF9 is now on YouTube. I can't link it here though. There will be an actual on-ice review of the Cat Pro vs previous True Customs in the future but I thought it would be important to get a sizing comparison on the Cat 9 vs TF9. Also of note, people on this forum and online who reached out to True in an attempt to make videos and a review happened are the actual reason I got a chance to get a pair of the Cat Pros and do the videos. So huge thank you to the community for the assistance there!
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    I don’t see Graf as a ‘major’ brand anymore.
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    Imagine having the extra time and disposable income to buy $1k+ custom skates you don’t want or need or even like just to endlessly complain about them before you get them, ignore advice to help them fit, and assert a bunch of unfounded assumptions, all so you can make some protracted internet argument, while lashing out at people offering advice and saying “you guys are all True fanboys, Bauer skates is the best 4eva.” It’s like when a child throws a tantrum about not wanting to eat a food that they’ve never even tried, but in those cases the child didn’t go out and spend a bunch of energy getting that food.
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    I just got a Christmas sweater to go with my socks!!
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    Excited to give this a try. I know some are t a fan of the golf/hockey crossovers but I personally am.
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    They last longer than my attention span before wanting a new stick
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    Starting to wonder if just buying a sheet of grip tape from a skateboard shop would accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the price.
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    Yesterday I started physical therapy for my knee. I completely ruptured my MCL in January. The therapist says she thinks I should start skating again in about 2 weeks. I'm super excited
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    Solid week of vintage pickups
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    Hi everyone, Russ here from Sparx Hockey. The topic of the Cross Grind Ring and our consumer machines has been raised before here on ModSquad and there’s been quite a bit of inaccurate information to why that decision was made. I thought it was important for me to jump in here and explain why cross grinding is not available on the at-home Sparx Sharpener. Below, I will go into quite a bit of detail, but here is an overview for those looking for the quick answer! 1) First things first – do not ruin your Sparx Sharpener by modifying it to do something that it was not manufactured to do. Not only will modifying it instantly void the warranty, it will most likely damage the machine and alter the high-level of precision that has become the hallmark of the Sparx Sharpener. 2) When you purchase a Sparx Sharpener, you are investing in years and years of research, design and development. We have spent literally thousands of hours testing our products – both in real world and laboratory settings. We take those in-depth learnings to make the most accurate, safe and easy-to-use automated skate sharpening products on the market. 3) The on-board dust management system of the Sparx Sharpener is one of the most important aspects of the machine. Said as simple as possible – if you want a small format (i.e. portable) skate sharpener WITH this important dust handling feature, cross grinding is simply not an option. 4) The real need to cross grind is very limited for the at-home home user. The main reason our commercial customers use cross grinding is to prep new steel and in that rare instance when an at-home user needs to sharpen new steel, it can easily be done with a traditional Sparx Grinding Ring. Also, the increased cost of the Cross Grind Ring simply does not make financial sense for 99% of home users. If you think you must have cross-grind capabilities, you should update to the Sparx Commercial Sharpener or visit your local shop. Ok, now here’s the FULL story: As engineers at Sparx Hockey, we are tasked with designing our products to be the very best for our customers. This is very important to us since many of us at Sparx are the customer and use our own products every week for our own families. The Cross Grind Ring was initially launched with the First Generation Sparx Sharpener. When we did our detailed and in-depth research before launching the company, we quickly realized that all other home sharpeners in the market were being run without dust collection capabilities. This seemed crazy to us as the metal dust (called swarf) that's generated from the sharpening process needs to be captured for obvious reasons. How could someone design an at-home sharpener where the dust isn't captured and disperses throughout the air, especially when those sharpeners were going to be placed inside homes and locker rooms? We were not going to allow that to happen with the Sparx Sharpener. From this important observation, we made the decision to integrate a HEPA filter into the Sparx Sharpener. We did in-depth (and expensive!) testing at external labs to make sure our chosen filter material captured the particle sizes that were generated. When we released the first generation Sparx Sharpener, we noticed many users were not replacing their filters on time. While some people figured they could save a little money by not replacing the filter, not replacing the filter causes the filter to lose its effectiveness, among other things, when they get clogged with the swarf. It is important to replace your filter when it expires. As it relates to the Cross-Grind ring and the filter – an important observation from real-world use was that swarf produced by the Cross Grind Ring was significantly bigger and hotter than the swarf created by the standard Sparx Grinding Ring. As we always do in the product development process at Sparx Hockey, we took these important real-world details and behavior seriously. From those early observations of user behavior with the first generation Sparx Sharpener, we determined that cross-grind swarf was not ideal in the consumer sharpener system where on-board dust collection is located within the immediate sharpening chamber. As mentioned, on-board dust collection is a very important feature of the Sparx Sharpener. Beware of sharpeners that don’t have onboard dust collection – this just doesn’t make sense for many reasons. The only choice we had was to move the cross-grind ring, which is mostly necessary in the commercial setting anyway, over to a new sharpener platform - the Sparx Commercial Sharpener. The Sparx Commercial Sharpener has a dust collection system specifically designed to handle the larger cross-grind swarf. A standard Shop-Vac is NOT an acceptable alternative to the Sparx Commercial Vacuum that all Sparx Commercial Sharpeners utilize. Shop-Vacs are not designed to handle sharpening swarf and they most likely aren't designed/tested to be HEPA compliant. The Sparx Commercial Vacuum has a metal-lined collection tube and a filter specifically designed for these types of environments. If you absolutely want a Sparx Cross Grind and you don't want to buy the commercial sharpener, we strongly recommend visiting your local hockey shop for those very, very rare instances when you might need a cross grind. Sparx Sharpeners are now used in well over a thousand hockey retail locations around the world and there's a very good chance your local hockey shop is using the Sparx Commercial Sharpener. I hope this helps explain why the Cross Grind Ring went away from the at-home, consumer machine. For the very few times you'll actually need a cross grind in the consumer world, just remember that the cross grind is simply a coarser abrasive. You can achieve similar results with a standard Sparx Grinding Ring by adding a few more cycles (roughly 3:1 standard to cross grind is the ratio). Happy Sharpening! -Russ
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    First post on mod squad! Just finished getting rid of the red on my FT4 Pro's with some leftover carbon wrap - curious what you guys think?
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    Let's get some facts out: Fly holder will accept only Fly steel. The center of the holder (steel channel) is skinner than the front and back, kinda like this )( Fly steel will work with Fly or Edge holder. Edge steel cannot fit into Fly holder. Fly holder is stiffer in the front and softer in the heel to allow for more ice contact when coming out of turns. Same idea why they softened the rear outsole on the Hyperlite boot. Overall, it's significantly stiffer than the current EDGE holder. You cannot twist the Fly holder with your hands like you are able to do with the EDGE holder. Same height, same dimensions, some bolting pattern. The trigger is grey, like the current EDGE holder. Weight is the same as the EDGE holder.
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    Hockey community: “I hate how expensive everything is and how nothing really changes. STX: Hey guys, look at these different ideas we are trotting out. Hockey community: Oooooooh, Bauer slapped a new model name on the supreme line and is charging 10% more than last year for effectively the same product. It must be great!
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    Just got my old retail Easton Z-Air gloves repalmed. SkateTech did them. I did Nash and digital heel.
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    Probably works well during the regular season and then stops working in the first round of playoffs...
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    just stole these off eBay for $280. they were never skated in. came with never sharpened LS3 steel
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    I got a chance to try on (and bake) 8.5R Cat 9 skates. Those skates fit smaller length wise than the 8W I had for TF9. I might be getting a pair of the 9s so if I do I'll be sure to compare the lengths and see how they fit after a proper bake and everything.
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    I am taking a break. I will be returning, I’m just not sure how long my break will be. Lots of overwhelming stuff going on at the moment.
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    Do you guys really think CCM put out baking instructions without checking the time and temps?? Come on guys, that basic engineering. They know better than that. Looks to me like a textbook example of overbaking or pulling way to hard on the laces when warm.
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    Well, I went to my LHS and did the Bauer scanner (pretty cool) and the suggestion was for a fit 3. What's shocking is how much the sizing has changed....I'm actually a 7! WTF!? That is still bending my mind because I wear 9.5 US shoe size....it makes no sense to me, but I tried on different Bauer Supremes and CCM Tacks and the skates were snug, but my toes were juuuust at the toe box without lacing up....perfect. After trying on the Bauer's and CCM's I actually ended up with a pair of CCM ASV's. It was a tough decision becuase I have worn Bauers for over 30 years, but I had to go with the right fit and not just stick with brand loyalty.
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    Those are too far gone. The hole the eyelets shaft goes into has been enlarged/elongated. Putting in new eyelets will result in them just rattling around the expanded holes.
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    Between racism and the need to constantly start petty arguments about everything, some new people don’t fit this board and I hope they can change or they get asked not to post here.
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    From my experiences in lockerooms, lots of guys think of profiling essentially as: guy A: “my new steel is so tall and I keep catching the her and toe” Guy B: “the shop can grind down your blades to match the weird messed up shape of your old blades.“ They know the new steel has too much heel and toe for them, but rather than making any adaptations or learning what profiling actually is, they want the new $100+ runners to be shaped to the same ugly banana radius the shop mangled their old blades too. It’s like they have just enough info to completely confuse and misunderstand what it actually is.
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    Guys, take it to PM's - all the purse swinging is cluttering up the thread .
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    Or it just doesn't work for you and it does for the people that enjoy them. How is sizing down a "hack"? The skate either fits you lengthwise or it doesn't. Honestly from reading your posts, I already knew it wouldn't work for you. Dont even both getting a larger size. Might as well return the skates now otherwise it's just going to be 29 more days of you complaining about them.
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    Bauer made the SGX 90, a shin pad with built in knee brace. (I vaguely remember Eric Lindros being the poster boy for these, as they were originally produced for him)
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    At this point, it feels like companies are just rolling some various number of dice, then whatever numbers come up, making it a profile and marketing it as some mix of speed and agility. It’s like making a D&D character, but for skate blades. I’m getting elf/mage/warrior/thief for my next quad profile.
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    I’d go Jetspeed if you’re looking for something lighter with a good strapping system. CCM is where it’s at for protective - the current Bauer lines are overpriced junk.
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    If 6.5 feels like the right length in Bauer Supreme, I would definitely go with a 6 in the TF series. You then need to choose between the R width and W. If you are a EE or Fit 3 Supreme, wide makes sense. If you are a D Supreme, then I would stick with R. Either way, the right size in the TF skates will feel too small before baking. Your toes will be hard on the cap. After baking and break in, you gain about a half size in length. At least that was my experience with the TF9.
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    I know this is a generational thing and I’m “old man yelling at cloud,” but those are probably the two worst possible sources for hockey equipment feedback. The Reddit hockey forum is full of, well, idiots, and most YouTube reviews are click-baity garbage driven by people who read the Reddit hockey forum. It’s people who know just enough about hockey equipment to completely get everything wrong, and do so in the loudest way possible.
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    I hope the nhl moves to a model where at the first game, there’s a giant pile of XL practice jerseys in the middle of the floor. You get whatever number you get. Johnny Gaudreau ends up wearing a goalie cut because he came late and there was nothing left. Eventually the navy team plays the black team and one team has to wear yellow pinnies. If a players gets called up mid season, they just wear whatever random jersey they have in their bag.
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    Howdy, I replied in the other thread, but just to make searching easier... 8-32, 1/2" long. I would order these if I were buying some specifically vs. just had something lying around: https://www.mcmaster.com/92210A194/ True's replacements also have blue thread locker pre-applied. Mark
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    Went to my local Hockey Monkey to try on the Cat9 skates. Since I wasn’t planning on buying them I didn’t have them baked, but tried on a size 8R (same size as my TF9) and they fit the same. Toes pressed pretty hard against the toe cap which would fit perfect after a bake. An 8.5 was a closer fit, but after baking they’d open up way too much. Prior to making the switch to True last year I wore multiple Bauer skates over the last decade, all in size 8.5D. So I’d say the Catalyst line fit the same as the TF line, which would be 1/2 size DOWN from Bauer/CCM sizing
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    Hills is the GOAT with the True Hockey Skate line reviews!
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    Boo. Bummer. Hey @True hockey - hook him up!!!!
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    Where to begin... QRL were a great idea but the foams were way too soft/weak for protection and the finger pieces weren't sewn tight enough together so massive gaps appeared and sticks could easily get between them. QX glove was basically the exact same as above. QRE fixed a bunch of the foam protection issues but went down to 3 piece backhand padding. Which isn't the end of the world but annoying. DX fixed most of what was wrong with QX, it was a solid glove. QRE 10 put 1 GIANT piece of foam/plastic in the backhand which conflicts with how hands actually move. Flex cuff was more open which I think is a step backwards but is fine. FR Pro & LX Pro... killed off the solid DX to make a cheaper in everything FR Pro. Which is pretty disappointing all around, meh foams, 2 piece fingers, restrictive cuff. LX Pro is the glove no one really asked for, with good foams and overall design but a way too restrictive cuff. I think the QR5 Pro glove is probably solid, but I haven't seen it yet. The problem with Warrior now is there is just more competition for them as well. CCM still makes solid stuff, Bauer makes okay stuff, True makes excellent gloves, Sherwood even makes really good gloves. So they have to do something actually good and decent to warrant anyone going to them.
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    Brand new pair of mako 2 skates. Recent pick up. Love them
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    This raises an interesting point. In many countries there are now laws that protect consumers, in mine a manufacture has to make a product that is fit for purpose, durable (and yes, the cost of the product is part of this equation - the more it costs the longer it is expected to last) and that they must carry spare parts for the expected life of the product in the market. A manufacturer's warranty is no longer worth the piece of paper it is written on, what counts is a "reasonable expected life span" of the product. Puck strikes are part of the game and if it had happened here within a 2 to 3 year period of owning the skates I'd suspect that someone would be dragging Bauer's ass (or their agent, the shop) in front of the tribunal on at least 2 breaches of our law (and I can think of another 2 beyond durability and spare parts). disclaimer - I'm a litigious pita bush lawyer that has spent many many hours helping people out with cases against manufacturers / agents and their supposed warranties, marketing bs and disclosures.
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    So it's official, the machine is a Fleming Gray, it's from the 1950's... I got lucky and called the guys over at Fleming Gray about what stone size I needed. I told them I wasn't sure what make my machine was And "Doug" I believe was his name asked if I could send him pictures... He said "Yup that's one of our old machines" who would have thought they would still support and help a guy with a machine that's almost 70 years old. They got me new stones for it. Extremely excited they knew what this machine was... I am absolutely blown away with the help I've gotten from you guys and from them..
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    FWIW, hockey monkey doesn’t care about all the small shops they have run out of business. I wouldn’t feel the least bit bad milking every possible thing out of them without a second thought. These giant stores can’t undercut local shops and fall back on “just capitalism bro, nothing personal,” and then cry foul when consumers do the same thing to them. Fuck ‘em.
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    There’s a lot going on here with David’s shoulders. CCM belly pad, Old school Jofa chest pad, Reebok shoulder caps…
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    Sorry to quote myself, but... I just dropped a message to True's Instagram account making the case for them to provide Matt with a demo pair of Catalysts to review. I suggest others here write a similar note. I'm happy to reach out to them by other channels if anyone has good contact info for them. I'm sure my Insta message will go into a black hole, but it was the only direct access point I could think of. Open to other suggestions. If we can get enough people to make the suggestion... maybe they'll see the value and do the right thing. I know for me the TF line review Matt did was HUGE to making my purchases.
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    Ok I spoke to "the experts"... my 9yo son likes them, likes the colors and thinks the design on the reverse side is cool (has no idea who Beiber is). My 12yo daughter thinks they're lame (she's 12 and is VERY opinionated so this was an emphatic "lame!" ), she has heard of Justin Beiber but doesn't know who he is or why he's famous. I mean maybe it's more aimed at local Toronto kids so maybe the rest of us are out of the loop but if it's aimed at kids I think more colorful and fun designs might be better (looking at you Dallas Stars with the obnoxious green on black that I absolutely hated at first but have come to realize it actually really works well... of course both of my kids loved it from the get go lol, I clearly wasn't the target demographic there either).

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