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    I don’t see Graf as a ‘major’ brand anymore.
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    Starting to wonder if just buying a sheet of grip tape from a skateboard shop would accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the price.
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    Yesterday I started physical therapy for my knee. I completely ruptured my MCL in January. The therapist says she thinks I should start skating again in about 2 weeks. I'm super excited
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    Solid week of vintage pickups
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    Throwback Thursday
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    Probably works well during the regular season and then stops working in the first round of playoffs...
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    just stole these off eBay for $280. they were never skated in. came with never sharpened LS3 steel
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    Been a long time... Glad to log back on and see so many still around. Miss you all! Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Boxing Day, and Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing most of you at WF.
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    Ive tried everything. One of the benefits of owning a hockey shop TLDR: I prefer the FT4 Pro over the Hyperlite. However, I think the 100K is better than them both. I actually like the FT4 more than the FT4 Pro though as the slightly lower stiffness allows the boot to flex a little more. The FT4 Pro and Hyperlite are very different. FT4 Pro is very stiff, considerably stiffer than the Hyperlite all over. More forward flex in the Hyperlite than the FT4 Pro. FT4 Pro is significantly more responsive. Weight is about the same with standard steel. With the Carbonlite option, the Hyperlite is significantly lighter. I did not like the Carbonlite though. FT4 Pro foams seem better than the Hyperlite, I feel they actually mold better to your feet. Hyperlite didn't lock me in as well as the FT4 Pro. I like the liner better on the FT4 Pro, I would feel my heel slip slightly on hard pushes in the Hyperlite. I assume the monoframe boot also contributes to better fit. I didn't notice the fancy new outsole on the Hyperlite. Maybe because I used Flare instead of typical steel but the implied design of the new Hyperlite outsole was supposed to allow for more flexion and thus more grip. I felt nothing different or new. I didn't like the Hyperlite tongue. The tongue insert was painful for me. No lacebite, just overall was not comfortable and when in a deep knee bend I felt like it was digging into my forefoot. I also prefer the interchangeable tongue of the FT4 Pro.
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    I play in a league that had some sort of sponsorship deal with All Black Sticks for a few seasons. Each season, a player or two would win a free stick. The people who won these for free didn’t like them, and generally didn’t use them. This is only a sample size of six people or so, but even when people pay for them the best reviews I see are “it’s good for the money” or “I can’t tell the difference.” If you know where to look and be patient, they aren’t good for the money. These are people who bought a thing, and want to feel good about it, so they leave a good review. And for people who say things like “I don’t care, I can’t tell a difference,” these aren’t people with nuanced views from whom you want to accept advice. I’m overly cost conscious in my typical day to day life. I love a good value, and will spend extra time and energy to save money. I have literally NEVER* seen a stick from a discount supplier that is a good value and worth what you spend on it. Typically, you are getting less bang for your buck. People are charmed by the idea of getting a “good deal,” and focus more on that than whether it actually plays well relative to what you paid. *A few people on here who I really trust stand behind the Prohockeysticks.com stuff. I haven’t used or seen one in person. But, for the same $130 -$140 you are paying them, you can probably find a new prostock stick from a big name manufacture that meets your needs. I think the advantage that site offers is being able to order weird curves pretty easily. If you’re fine using a 92/88/28 curve, you should be able to find one fairly easily in the $110 - $130 range.
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    We will be hosting MSH Fallfest on Sat October 2 in Metro Detroit! Registration is open and you can sign up here: Thank you for supporting MSH!
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    My Sparx is just over 5 years old. It shipped Jul 2016. My two boys were in minor hockey at the time and they now play Jr A and NCAA. I play beer league a couple times a week. I've never had a single problem with the Sparx in that time. I routinely do 2 passes every couple of games/practices to keep our edges always 'like new'. I very rarely do more than 2. I've sharpened everything from Step Steel to stock steel and the Sparx handled them all equally well. When coming home from Jr A seasons my boys' steel was usually destroyed from a profile perspective because of their team equipment managers sharpening on BladeMaster machines. The toe and heels were significantly rounded off from the manual machines. Sharpening on the Sparx (which I have done for my own skates exclusively) has never affected the profile on my steel, so my blades last a lot longer than theirs do. But then again they are on the ice practically ever day vs. twice a week for me. I don't have any experience with the ProSharp unit so I can't offer any comparison head to head. Yes, it would be great if Sparx wheels were cheaper but honestly at the current prices and the way I use my machine, it's simply incredible value to me and our family and has been since the first day it arrived. Russ owns the company so yes take his words with a grain of salt as everyone has their own biases, but Russ is an engineer not a business or marketing guy. Everything I have read or watched (lots of great Sparx history on youtube) from Russ was logical, fair, balanced and very much what you would expect from an engineer with a background in industrial design. I was in on the Kickstarter like many others here, and for that first year or so when timelines kept slipping I'm sure we all wondered whether Sparx was ever going to deliver on their promise of a revolutionary home skate sharpening machine... well 5 years later after their first launch I can say from my own experiences with the product that they exceeded my expectations, and pretty much nailed it right from the first revision of the machine. For a small company like Sparx, that's pretty impressive when you consider what went into getting the first units out the door.
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    I should clean out my storage more frequently.
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    Very excited to get these today, can’t wait to try them out on ice. I’ll be putting together a long term review of them.
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    They last longer than my attention span before wanting a new stick
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    I am taking a break. I will be returning, I’m just not sure how long my break will be. Lots of overwhelming stuff going on at the moment.
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    These beauty's came today.
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    I think there’s a huge shortage in __________. And you can put whatever product you want into that space.
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    I play in the MHL and I use FBV (.... Midnight Hockey League )
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    Long time lurker, first time poster. My recent build -
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    When I wanted my new logo, I got on Freelancer and hosted a contest for logo design. I set the winner to receive $25, told them a description of what I was looking for... and tons of graphic designers (from countries that think $25 USD is a big deal) really competed for it. A couple weeks later I picked a winner from all the submissions, and I ended up with the best logo in my league.
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    We've had our Sparx just over two years... I bought it while we were still in the US when my oldest boys were playing Squirt AA. My youngest two also skated, albeit with nowhere near the frequency of the other two. I also played a little old man hockey in the summer. We were a good hour to our "home" rink pro-shop or any of the big box hockey shops - the Sparx saved so much time and allowed me to avoid the crap shoot of who is actually doing the sharpening. Now that we're in the NL the Sparx is a godsend. Throw in COVID, goofy shop hours or even trying to track down a reliable person to do the sharpening and the Sparx has been worth its weight in gold. I honestly don't care about crunching the numbers - the reliability and convenience were worth every penny.
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    Uni team was looking to make an order of gloves for the year but too many people were on the fence for model so I had to bite the bullet and get a 1 of 1 as a demo pair. Safe to say I've now got people complaining about the wait time for a second run. e: realize there is a separate custom glove gallery... should this be posted there?
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    Trying out some retail skates since my custom VH are pretty old now.
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    It is beer league. Nobody thinks about Home/Visitor. As long as both guys are pretty square with sticks down, have at it.
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    CCM SuperTacks AS4 Pro stick. Comment before we see pics of the AS5 Pro McDavid has been using it in training too.
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    So it's official, the machine is a Fleming Gray, it's from the 1950's... I got lucky and called the guys over at Fleming Gray about what stone size I needed. I told them I wasn't sure what make my machine was And "Doug" I believe was his name asked if I could send him pictures... He said "Yup that's one of our old machines" who would have thought they would still support and help a guy with a machine that's almost 70 years old. They got me new stones for it. Extremely excited they knew what this machine was... I am absolutely blown away with the help I've gotten from you guys and from them..
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    There’s a lot going on here with David’s shoulders. CCM belly pad, Old school Jofa chest pad, Reebok shoulder caps…
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    I can’t even find a PlayStation in a 75flex p88.
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    Most of the customers/players I know who got them said they are decent, but have swapped to other skates or switched back to their previous skate. I tested them and they seem ok. Nothing special or significant stood out to me. Positives: Updated lacing system allow for more forward flex Updated liner and foams are nicer than previous generations Negatives: Carbon Curv doesn't seem durable, many of the Hyperlite skates that come into the shop are in bad shape. Updated tongue has a very stiff insert that many people find uncomfortable Carbonlite runner (optional) is trash. Stay away from it. Neutal: Updated outsole is supposed to allow more flexion and torsional flex. I did not notice this when testing them. Skate is supposedly lighter than previous generations. While it does weigh less than the 2X Pro, its heavier than the 1X. We are talking about a very small margin, so that that with a grain of salt.
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    This is already a second version of their skates, the previous was called F1.1, i have those. The boot is very stiff and comfortable, can be compared to x800 at least in terms of stiffness and protection. The boot is fully heat moldable, the tongue on F1.1 reminds One95, a thick felt with stiff plastic insert. There are options with Tuuk holder and their own holder, the steel on both options is their own, but on their holder the runner is not replaceable. Overall fit for F1.1 is claimed to be similar to Vapor, but I would say it is a little wider. Also there is an option to order only boots, like True/vh offered earlier. The price for newest model with Tuuk is around 280$, with their holder around 180$, without holders at all around 160$. Previous model is slightly cheaper now. New model, that is shown on the upper video, have several improvements, and a new fit system like Bauer and CCM. Also they offer inline versions, and some features customisation if you order the skates directly. Overall these are great skates, I would compare them to maybe third Bauer model from top, currently 3x,, maybe these are even better (somewhere between 3x and 3x pro), but almost twice cheaper. Here in Russia they are gaining moderate success due to people's beliefs that Russian manufacturers can't make decent product, and Bauer is the one and only that can make good skates, and they don't have a good retail availability, which also slows their sales, but I hope they will continue to improve and take the market share they are worth of. They have Instagram account with photos and Vkontakte (Russian Facebook:)) page where there are some additional information and opinions of their customers, the company owner is also very open to dialogue via Vkontakte. And yes, they actually make it themselves, here in Yaroslavl.
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    Ran into this guy @dkmiller3356 last night, looking sweet with those yellow laces October 19, 2021-0009-J. Schusteritsch-web-2 by Jon Schusteritsch, on Flickr
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    Over 15 years ago when Bauer was in the process of developing the first Supreme One90 with Fusion steel, their RD & D department did perform those exact tests to determine the effects of boot/blade/weight as it relates to player productivity over the 60 minutes of the game. So while some may not believe there is an advantage in reducing the weight of the steel, Bauer took the time to prove it to themselves before diving into Fusion steel. JR and myself are friends of the guys that did the research and designed the Supreme series boots.
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    Ever look down a shaft and see plastic bags? That’s a bladder mold - blown up to take shape then popped. Compression molding is when the stick is wrapped around a mandrel in the molding process.
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    Anyone else excited to see Bauer Turbo’s make a comeback?
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    Just sketched this up. Nothing revolutionary, but it's pretty true to the original.
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    Just a suggestion before you give up: -take the super feet out (they could just exacerbate the problem). Take the red insoles out and just use the blues. Wear super thin socks and have them rebake the skates. Have them bake them good (I mean the boot should be soft, not just warm) and then have them put on your feet and laced up about 90%. Tie them like you would when skating, so if you keep the bottom laces loose, top laces tight/loose, etc. and tie to top outlet. Do not Saran Wrap this time and do not have them mold it by hand either. Just sit there and let your feet do the work. Then after baking, don't skate on them for 48 hours. Finally, change out the laces with waxed laces. PHL should do the re-bake for no charge, and the most this would cost you is a new pair of waxed laces. It's very possible, from what you're describing, that they are wrapped too much around your foot and causing a bit too much friction/not enough give in spots. Switching to waxed is so your wrap stays in place, when you "loosen up" the current wrap.
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    Howdy, Original machine here vs. the current one, but I would assume this all still applies... Absolutely make sure to get an edge checker. I do skates for friends, some of which have been sharpened by a Sparx prior to me and its very common to have them have uneven edges. The alignment tool gets to somewhere near, but without an edge checker you can't actually know for sure if your edges are level. So my main tip is to actually check the level after you run a pair of skates and adjust based on what you see. For me, the adjustment will stay true for the same grinding wheel and most others. I've definitely had a wheel where I needed to make 3 to 4 clicks of adjustment when I used it however. I assume the center of that wheel was slightly off the center of the other wheels. As to the Sparx edge checker vs. others... I have both a cheapo ebay one as well as the Sparx. I would say that both do a reasonable job, but the Sparx one "feels nicer" and is easier to use. The spring loaded clamp is easier than a thumbscrew and the crossbar is a little longer, which highlights height differences slightly better. But it also costs $100 or whatever more than the ebay one so... I have the cover and like it. Its nothing magical but it fits well and I didn't have to break out the sewing machine. Again, on a budget a pillow case laying on the machine will do the same job, just a little more finicky to put on and won't look as good. One non-Sparx accessory I really like is the Speed Skate that Wissota sells. https://wissota.com/product/speed-skate/ This helps get a more mirror finish and while I've not scientifically tested, does indeed seem to help glide. You can't do a "finish pass" on a Sparx like a good sharpener can with a manual machine and I feel like this gets you closer to that type of finish. Mark
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    The finish looks so much better now, from the 1st gen True skates.
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    After a lot of agonizing, I wound up ordering the JAMM girdle. It just arrived today, so I haven't skated in it yet. But on first examination and after trying it on, it seems almost exactly like my old Tackla. The only difference (other than branding) is the butt pad (not the technical term, I realize), which feels more like the pads on more modern girdles than like the old-school Tacklas - i.e., multiple pads, rather than a single one. I obviously can't speak to the quality yet or on-ice performance, but I will say that I'm very pleased with the fit and prefer the feel and profile to the True, Bauer, and CCMs that I've tried on. Here's hoping that it holds up. And, regardless, I'll share my impressions once I skate in it.
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    It would be interesting to see how many he would have had at this point if it weren't for multiple lockouts and COVID19 disruptions. He might have already gotten to Gretzky's record by now.
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    Its all opinion. Thousands of top level skaters in history started on whatever random shape the blade came out of the box, continued with whatever shape it morphed into through repeated sharpenings, and then back to another random profile when they got new skates. What may seem intuitive may in fact be correct or it may end up being wrong. There are lots of examples where people have success doing the opposite of “conventional wisdom”. Until you have a body of actual data, it will continue to be opinion-based.
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    Lots of different profiles out there. I think it took the advent of quick removable blade to bring the new profiles to the masses. All I know is the days of the single profile are numbered. Best quote I could find on the topic from poster PBH, if people like this are giving new players advice I think profiles have a bright future: "I'll throw my hat in the ring here as someone who does a ton of profiles and also tests them. Owning a full-service hockey shop gives me the ability to have access to try all different combinations of skates, steel, and profiles. Yes, I am lucky, but this also comes with negatives as well considering I change configurations so often I sometimes physically hurt myself s and it most certainly does take its toll on my skating as well by changing equipment so often. Such is life..... BTW, when I say I hurt myself testing, I am dead serious. I hurt my back not too long ago, slipped a disc. I was testing an unreleased pair of skates with a very aggressive Quad 0 profile that was applied, it still had the full pitch in it and my back just couldn't handle the strain exerted with being so far forward. My back and core were constantly engaged fighting against the extremely stiff skate and the pitch of the profile and something had to give... Something did. My back. Anyway. Quad 0.5 is a great overall profile and as mentioned, what I typically like to start players on if they are coming from steel that has not been profiled previously. It's also very good for new adult players, as the pitch is something they are not yet accustomed to and can throw off their skating. For the young kids, I prefer to put them on a single longer profile until they develop advanced edge control. This allows them to focus on skating and not worrying about balance as much. Quad 2 would be my second go-to. The Quad 0/1 removes a very large amount of steel and also add quite a bit of pitch. Once you blend the toe properly many people feel too far forward and they get short choppy strides due to balance issues and such. There are so many factors I think we can all agree that its truly impossible to say what is the best method and what to use for each player without seeing. Not to mention that some skates have a built-in forward pitch, like TRUE, and many other skates are very neutral. For example, skating on a Quad 0 using the "Pro Sharp recommendation) on my TRUE skates makes me feel unbalanced. When I do Quad 0/1 I tend to remove most of the pitch from the profile to preserve steel and also lessen the forward pitch. I can always add more pitch later but I cannot add steel back once it's been removed. "
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    I am aware of the studies and have followed everything everyone here who has experience has posted. I just don't think they are using data to develop the profiles otherwise they would be able to prescribe them better or present evidence as to why one was better period or in a certain context or for a particular skater. I haven't found a cohesive explanation. Think about mom and little Joey who buy new skates and get upsold a profile, they are going to go with whatever is suggested without a clue of what they are buying.
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    It CAN help you. It could also hurt you if you went with a profile that works against you. The problem with the current state of profiling IMO is there are too many, not enough empirical data to make recommendations, and definitely few experts available to the end user to help make decisions. Add that it is extremely expensive to test many profiles and that I think describes the current state.
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    https://m.imgur.com/RfkCu8a?r Putin uses something similar to this. Scores 8 goals a game and is a ruler of a country. Is best thing since scooped borscht I assume. Not saying otherwise else end up in gulag.
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    Everyone is bashing it so I will play devils advocate. Looks good if you have a broken jaw or something. Also for people like me who went full cage, I can bring back my beloved mirrored visor out of retirement:) So you can have that visor you love and you can protect your expensive dental work at the same time.. Also if you love being chirped. With this set up of mirrored visor and cage, you will never be lonely on the ice again.
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    Tron... the Harbor Freight of hockey equipment.

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