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    I should have the Pro Shop back up and running in a month or so.
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    As many of you know I had some significant heart issues this year. Three procedures leading to 5 stents. It took a bit but I’ve been really doing well now and am back on the ice and feeling great. Now today got more good news. Sonogram showed the blockages of my carotid artery dropped from 20% to 10%. Can apply that same 50% drop to the arteries feeding my heart. So happy the dietary changes and meds have worked. I feel like I’ve got my life back!!
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    So the 5030 mailbox is complete! It's a bit over the top, but we are in a very rural area , and it's located in area where it's surrounded by trees. It kind of sneaks up on you when driving. There is about 2 feet in the ground set in concrete to prevent kids like me when I was 18 or so from walking off with it.
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    These were like 4 years in the making, from finding appropriate donor gloves to getting the embroidery files digitized and then stitched out, then sent off to CPR. Didn't get around to sharing on this forum. Here's a teardown photo CPR sent me:
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    I assume he reads this forum, and is experimenting with different ways to tie his skates, after the thread about lacing more loosely.
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    Well except for this past summer I have worked with him every summer since he made the show and I have never not seen him in Step steel and on a combo. So there is that and take it for what it is. As for the Tour i sure hope something happens but I do not see it being likely at this time. Maybe 2022? As for the whole leave laces loose theory I have done extensive treadmill work with high end clients and players as in the one study that were in True vs there old skates had much better forward flexion even doing them all the way up. As it said in the one study the Mako was the best fitting and performing skate even when done up. So seeing as that skate and True are based on the same idea that would ring true to the video I have shot with clients. And I know Dr Lockwood (former business partner) would agree that fit is paramount. Proper fit means laces can be done up snuggly and still have the correct amount of forward flexion for optimal performance.
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    I feel like I've suffered a head injury every time I click into this thread.
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    Throwback Thursday
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    I skated today for the first time in almost 2 1/2 years, thanks to a broken foot and assorted health issues. It was pretty ugly but I was out there.
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    Just to follow up, I went with a sherwood Code V girdle, the thigh pads are adjustable by up to 5" .
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    Ive tried everything. One of the benefits of owning a hockey shop TLDR: I prefer the FT4 Pro over the Hyperlite. However, I think the 100K is better than them both. I actually like the FT4 more than the FT4 Pro though as the slightly lower stiffness allows the boot to flex a little more. The FT4 Pro and Hyperlite are very different. FT4 Pro is very stiff, considerably stiffer than the Hyperlite all over. More forward flex in the Hyperlite than the FT4 Pro. FT4 Pro is significantly more responsive. Weight is about the same with standard steel. With the Carbonlite option, the Hyperlite is significantly lighter. I did not like the Carbonlite though. FT4 Pro foams seem better than the Hyperlite, I feel they actually mold better to your feet. Hyperlite didn't lock me in as well as the FT4 Pro. I like the liner better on the FT4 Pro, I would feel my heel slip slightly on hard pushes in the Hyperlite. I assume the monoframe boot also contributes to better fit. I didn't notice the fancy new outsole on the Hyperlite. Maybe because I used Flare instead of typical steel but the implied design of the new Hyperlite outsole was supposed to allow for more flexion and thus more grip. I felt nothing different or new. I didn't like the Hyperlite tongue. The tongue insert was painful for me. No lacebite, just overall was not comfortable and when in a deep knee bend I felt like it was digging into my forefoot. I also prefer the interchangeable tongue of the FT4 Pro.
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    I play in a league that had some sort of sponsorship deal with All Black Sticks for a few seasons. Each season, a player or two would win a free stick. The people who won these for free didn’t like them, and generally didn’t use them. This is only a sample size of six people or so, but even when people pay for them the best reviews I see are “it’s good for the money” or “I can’t tell the difference.” If you know where to look and be patient, they aren’t good for the money. These are people who bought a thing, and want to feel good about it, so they leave a good review. And for people who say things like “I don’t care, I can’t tell a difference,” these aren’t people with nuanced views from whom you want to accept advice. I’m overly cost conscious in my typical day to day life. I love a good value, and will spend extra time and energy to save money. I have literally NEVER* seen a stick from a discount supplier that is a good value and worth what you spend on it. Typically, you are getting less bang for your buck. People are charmed by the idea of getting a “good deal,” and focus more on that than whether it actually plays well relative to what you paid. *A few people on here who I really trust stand behind the Prohockeysticks.com stuff. I haven’t used or seen one in person. But, for the same $130 -$140 you are paying them, you can probably find a new prostock stick from a big name manufacture that meets your needs. I think the advantage that site offers is being able to order weird curves pretty easily. If you’re fine using a 92/88/28 curve, you should be able to find one fairly easily in the $110 - $130 range.
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    We will be hosting MSH Fallfest on Sat October 2 in Metro Detroit! Registration is open and you can sign up here: Thank you for supporting MSH!
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    My Sparx is just over 5 years old. It shipped Jul 2016. My two boys were in minor hockey at the time and they now play Jr A and NCAA. I play beer league a couple times a week. I've never had a single problem with the Sparx in that time. I routinely do 2 passes every couple of games/practices to keep our edges always 'like new'. I very rarely do more than 2. I've sharpened everything from Step Steel to stock steel and the Sparx handled them all equally well. When coming home from Jr A seasons my boys' steel was usually destroyed from a profile perspective because of their team equipment managers sharpening on BladeMaster machines. The toe and heels were significantly rounded off from the manual machines. Sharpening on the Sparx (which I have done for my own skates exclusively) has never affected the profile on my steel, so my blades last a lot longer than theirs do. But then again they are on the ice practically ever day vs. twice a week for me. I don't have any experience with the ProSharp unit so I can't offer any comparison head to head. Yes, it would be great if Sparx wheels were cheaper but honestly at the current prices and the way I use my machine, it's simply incredible value to me and our family and has been since the first day it arrived. Russ owns the company so yes take his words with a grain of salt as everyone has their own biases, but Russ is an engineer not a business or marketing guy. Everything I have read or watched (lots of great Sparx history on youtube) from Russ was logical, fair, balanced and very much what you would expect from an engineer with a background in industrial design. I was in on the Kickstarter like many others here, and for that first year or so when timelines kept slipping I'm sure we all wondered whether Sparx was ever going to deliver on their promise of a revolutionary home skate sharpening machine... well 5 years later after their first launch I can say from my own experiences with the product that they exceeded my expectations, and pretty much nailed it right from the first revision of the machine. For a small company like Sparx, that's pretty impressive when you consider what went into getting the first units out the door.
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    I should clean out my storage more frequently.
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    Very excited to get these today, can’t wait to try them out on ice. I’ll be putting together a long term review of them.
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    Just a heads up. The new store opened May 1. Things have been really good and I am very happy with our first months progress. Website: http://penaltyboxhockey.com Yelp: https://yelp.com/biz/the-penalty-box-las-vegas Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penaltyboxhockeyshops Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PenaltyBoxHockeyShops
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    When I worked there, I did not have any 16 year old employees, nor did everyone in the store sharpened. The most I ever had was 6 sharpeners out of a staff of 25 - roughly 25% of the staff. It was the only way to maintain quality control. But I was the exception, not the rule. It’s truly a blessing that I’m no longer there. I can’t see myself still there if I had the opportunity to. My skill set wouldn’t have been appreciated. And from what I’ve been told, it’s a breeze to swap wheels/hollows on the FireBall.
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    Well I am now on my 4th month of of custom True skates. I typically play 3-4 times a week lately and I have played in 2 tournaments in this time period. I love these skates. I'm not a very good player, but these have made me a better skater all around. I can actually feel my edges and my "speed" has improved. But most importantly, my feet never hurt when I'm done skating. One of the tournaments (3v3) I was in had games with an hour break between them so I never took my skates off. My first game was at 8am and the last was at 6pm. My feet felt great.
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    I think there’s a huge shortage in __________. And you can put whatever product you want into that space.
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    Been a long time... Glad to log back on and see so many still around. Miss you all! Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Boxing Day, and Happy New Year! Looking forward to seeing most of you at WF.
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    I play in the MHL and I use FBV (.... Midnight Hockey League )
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    When I wanted my new logo, I got on Freelancer and hosted a contest for logo design. I set the winner to receive $25, told them a description of what I was looking for... and tons of graphic designers (from countries that think $25 USD is a big deal) really competed for it. A couple weeks later I picked a winner from all the submissions, and I ended up with the best logo in my league.
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    We've had our Sparx just over two years... I bought it while we were still in the US when my oldest boys were playing Squirt AA. My youngest two also skated, albeit with nowhere near the frequency of the other two. I also played a little old man hockey in the summer. We were a good hour to our "home" rink pro-shop or any of the big box hockey shops - the Sparx saved so much time and allowed me to avoid the crap shoot of who is actually doing the sharpening. Now that we're in the NL the Sparx is a godsend. Throw in COVID, goofy shop hours or even trying to track down a reliable person to do the sharpening and the Sparx has been worth its weight in gold. I honestly don't care about crunching the numbers - the reliability and convenience were worth every penny.
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    Uni team was looking to make an order of gloves for the year but too many people were on the fence for model so I had to bite the bullet and get a 1 of 1 as a demo pair. Safe to say I've now got people complaining about the wait time for a second run. e: realize there is a separate custom glove gallery... should this be posted there?
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    Trying out some retail skates since my custom VH are pretty old now.
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    It is beer league. Nobody thinks about Home/Visitor. As long as both guys are pretty square with sticks down, have at it.
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    Call it net flex or whatever you want to, but cutting down a stick is going to result, because of the reduced leverage, in less actual flex for a given force applied and therefore less energy stored, and the actual flex is what we care about, not the engineering number (flex rating that he keeps referring to).
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    Of course it did. It gave you mega power, (and style)!
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    Don't you badmouth my beloved Micron Mega 10-90's! They were the shiznit!
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    You can't just have any old schmuck work an automated machine. If you're honing steel post sharpening you need to have some experience and a decent set of hands. I own a Sparx and love it, but it's not as simple as it's made out to be. It's not for the kitchen and it's not as simple as press a button and go.
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    Indeed. But the messaging around the top eyelet controversy I think is doing a disservice to others. Nobody will argue that ankle mobility is paramount. However, skipping the top or second eyelet is a solution to a problem created by the trend towards ultra stiff skates. Versus some sort of new paradigm in skating technique, which it most certainly is not.
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    Does anyone but a bunch of equipment nerds care what type of steel skates sell with at retail? Most people can’t be bothered to figure out what hollow they skate on.
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    True advised me that the crack in the photo would not compromise the structural integrity of the boot at all since there’s a full composite shell under the plastic overlay toe cap. They also added the rivets helped further secure the cap to the boot. So.... I’m not going to worry about it
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    Just had ultrastop shot blockers put on my skates. Hopefully it won't be much longer until I can use them again!!
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    I know. Once he got the yellow stone, doesn't that mean he can blow up half the universe?
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    It should be fine, but I would drill a tiny hole if you can reach the end of that crack to alleviate/stop the propagation, and then also maybe a dab of plastic weld or epoxy. Something like
  40. 5 points
    And here is what the doc also said - "1 in a 100 million chance" (along with a dozen other comments about risk, mitigation, freak accidents etc). Those are the odds you are asking manufacturers to spend money on, get real. Here's a guaranteed 100% chance of avoiding this accident - DON'T PLAY, go find something else to stand on a soap box and harp on about. Or here's your answer, I've found something protective that covers the whole head and most of the body, as you said yourself, shins are just bones so who cares about those.
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    Let me start by making a statement, take it how you will, but it is not an attack. You need to learn to argue the points people are making, not what you think you are hearing. NOBODY said a rule change would have prevented what happened. NOBODY said they are opposed to helmet companies making helmets safer. Straw man arguments just lead to people not taking you seriously. What WAS said: There are multiple ways to address most problems. The difference between no helmets and today's helmets is huge, but we are close to the point of diminishing returns. Concussion research evolves but they still don't know everything. Helmets have probably hit the point where they have done all they can to help mitigate, which is not much since many (most? don't have data) concussions aren't from direct impact. What WAS said: Someone who works in a field that uses data and probability feels that rule changes would have a bigger IMPACT (he didn't say it would have prevented it as you accused him of) on many high-risk scenarios. Argue your points as vigorously as you want, but argue against what people are actually saying.
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    Nobody's blaming the skates... blaming the graphics lol
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    my new wheels, hardly ever worn. These things are without doubt the comfiest skates I have ever owned. Just slightly better than my air 90s and a damn sight more comfortable than my Kevlar 752s
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    Every once in a while, I find something that I just can't say no when I see it. Now to find a pair of his gloves again. I'll probably make another post in a couple months, haha.
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    Howdy, When I was a kid, I was sure that the thumb loop was there to stick the end of the stick through. Mark
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    crosby using the PP77 Coffey in practice
  47. 5 points
    I had the tip of my pinky sliced off from a skate. It's crazy how white your bone is! They reattached it...demerol is awesome! It's not pretty but I can still pick my nose...that's what counts.
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    The red heel on the prototype Vapor looks awesome. Just the right amount of pop and identifiable from a distance/on TV while still being a classy looking black boot. I’m sure it will end up like the Ultrasonic with some horrible bright yellow racing stripes but here’s to hoping.
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    But those 5 less grams on the FT3 are everything. It’s probably like 20 more goals over the course of a season
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    I utterly despise guys who go the high route with dumps, especially in beer league.

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