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    To be fair - gear has stagnated completely and either innovation is at an all time low, or we’ve reached a point of diminishing returns on currently available materials. I have a hard time getting excited about CCM moving their logo from the bottom of the Ribcore shaft to the top, or Bauer adding different pops of chrome every year and calling it a new stick. Protective hasn’t really gone anywhere in about 8 years since the CL line released and skates, aside from steel/holder enhancements haven’t really gone anywhere aside from perhaps better baking results. We’ve also seen a decline in unique products. We’ve been P92/P28/P88’ed to death and quirky stuff like custom Franchise gloves have completely disappeared. Did I also mention that all of this stuff has been increasing in price at an absurd rate? It’s hard to generate buzz when there is nothing to buzz about. /rant.
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    I have to be honest, I find the topic you chose for this thread to be offensive - or at least overly provocative. There is a man behind the site that works incredibly hard for this community and that should always, in ,my opinion, be remembered. You could have just as easily asked the question, "why isn't more information about products being posted on MSH" This would have been valid and far nicer. As many have said the market has changed considerably. The way manufacturers deal with online information outlets has changed as well. I also think the way people consume news and information has changed and many prefer to listen to a video rather than write and discuss. I could get into what that says about us as people (not a good thing) but I will pass on it. Low hanging fruit as it were.... The good thing is we can do things to help.... post good topics. Share your experiences and reviews. Tell your friends about the site and, when the pandemic is over, come to events. In the end this site is what WE make of it.
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    $20 Play it Again score.
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    Since you seem insistent on leaking our POP catalog for 2020, you should probably take note that on the bottom of every, single page it says **ARTWORK NOT FINAL. These are placeholder, mockup images my friend. The stick you saw from the AHL player is a graphic sample. Those have been circulating amongst the pro ranks for a few weeks.
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    I'll just make my own. It's easy, see.
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    16 years ago, we opened our doors. Thank you for all who have helped and supported us along the way.
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    my daughter was born on Wednesday, March 11 at 12:32 pm.
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    My 40 and over team had a practice last night for an upcoming tournament. A couple of guys brought their kids (PeeWee/Bantam aged) as we were short. I brought my 11 year old son. It was my first time skating with him in an adult full on scrimmage. We had a blast. I told him I waited 11 years for this day and it was worth it. He played great- fearless in the corners and carrying the puck up ice. Had about 10 shots, about half really good scoring chances. So much fun.
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    Brand freaking new at PIAS.
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    Hey guys - Steve from Sparx here! Its been a while since we have been on here.....did we miss anything? We have addressed this 40 vs 60 pairs of skates per ring several times, but let me explain it again. When we originally launched our product, we recommended four cycles per skate (hence that is why there is a circle around the No. 4 in the keypad). As a small, new company with no machines out in the marketplace, that is how we envisioned the product being used. Fast forward a couple of years - and add in 20,000 machines in the market - and not surprisingly we have learned a few things about our customer's behavior! Like many of you have stated, we learned from our customers (through surveys, events, phone calls) that the AVERAGE consumer was using far less cycles per skate. Many were doing a quick 1-2 passes after a couple hours of skating and achieving great results. People were even boasting online that they were getting 80, 90 and even over 100 pairs of skates done on one ring! Obviously 90 and 100 pairs is not the normal outcome, but we determined that for the MAJORITY of customers, they were doing significantly more than 40 pairs. So....as a small company that is continually learning....we decided to change our packaging (the rings are NOT different nor do different hollows sharpener more pairs) to reflect the results of the average home user. (Obviously a retailer is going to get less on average due to really bad steel, new steel, etc.). This was what is called a "running change" on the packaging so there are some packages that still say 40 and some that say 60 out in the marketplace. Let me reiterate.... this reflects the average home user. Obviously there are going to be people that sharpen 6 or 10 cycles and get 20-30 pairs and there's people that are going to do 1 cycle every time and get 100+ pairs. There is nothing "nefarious," "misleading," or "fake news".....we're just a company that is continually learning our customers' behavior and doing the best we can to communicate those learnings to our existing and future customers. Thanks!
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    You get interaction with reps. You get the opportunity to test gear. You get to see and demo product at events. You get to be a member of a place with some integrity when it comes to product leaks. Ultimately, you get plenty more than what you’re paying for. As for the topic, I avoided touching it but since @dkmiller3356 posted his thoughts, I will too. Part of the reason it’s slow is lack of hockey being played. Part is the lack of interesting products to talk about. Part of it is that people are consuming information in other ways. Short YouTube clips, Instagram and Facebook (and for the Gen-Z’ers, tiktok). Part of it is that people don’t have the patience for a medium where you ask a question and aren’t likely to get a response in a couple hours, possibly days or longer. People these days NEED A REPLY RIGHT NOW. And finally, a big part of it (in my opinion) is that we chose to maintain our integrity and keep our content to information and less “shitposting”, pardon the expression. Anyone who has ever been on GGSU or any hockey Reddits know what I’m talking about - those places are super busy but they’re also absolute cesspools. I was (well, technically still am I guess) a member, and former admin, on another hockey forum that was specifically for goalies. They had easily 3-4x our traffic, but also 3-4x less actual information. It was mostly made up of off topic nonsense, memes, GIFs, and general trash. But it was without a doubt busy. Is that better to have more traffic but less content? There are likely other reasons as well that nobody is going to get into publicly because it’s both not my place and frankly it’s none of anyone else’s business either. If you want more content, then post some. Don’t expect everyone else to do it for you. You certainly can’t count on me to do it because I don’t follow gear outside of goalie stuff anymore. Like Dave said, this site is what you make of it.
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    Thanks for your support of JR and this site (INSERT SARCASTIC LOOK). I Just don't understand people sometimes. Seriously, there is no one in the business who is better than JR
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    My wife and I have been trying to start our family for 5 years now with no success. We had/needed the help of science (IVF) and we are now expecting! We are due in March and I cannot wait to meet my little girl.
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    I had True's for exactly 12 months and bought Vapor 2x Pro's last night. The first pair the liner separated from the inside so True made me a new pair. The new pair has had a hell of a time keeping rivets. A friend of mine is an equipment manager for a minor league team and he said they have to replace rivets all the time because the bedding of the True doesn't allow the rivets to bite into the material. We put copper in a few spots to help with the problem. However, I switched to stock/off the shelf Bauer Vapor 2x Pro for a completely different reason. Basically, my ankle bone has additional bone growth on it from taking two slapshots on it over the years. First problem with True, and I know this is specific to me, is the padding isn't soft enough. The inside forms nicely to my foot but it irritates my inside ankle bone. Second reason, the eyelet pattern is very close to the ankle bone in my case. My ankle almost sits on the eyelet. Soooo.... I went to Bauer because the asymmetrical design allows my weird ankle bone to sit right in a bed of memory foam. And to be honest, they fit pretty damn good for not being custom. I will always recommend True, they are great skates. However, I believe most of us on here might be overbuying when it comes to skates... me included. Total side note, but I notice a lot of people on here and in product reviews always say they play advanced level, grew up on the east coast, play 5x a week and are on the ice 5 hours a day. Nobody ever admits they play mid-level beer league once a week. We are all all-stars I guess.
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    I personally knew a NHLer who would get his skates sharpened 2x a season.
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    It’s made by True so it’s the greatest thing in the history of mankind and will instantly put Bauer, CCM, and Warrior into bankruptcy.
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    Somehow improving my SAT score by 130 points. A lot of schools on my list went from 'unlikely' to 'very likely'. As an aside, I haven't been on the site in a while, hope everyone's doing well! Edit: Went from a 1210 to a 1340 if anyone was curious
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    The info on this site is almost always correct, and when it’s not I think it’s challenged in a generally polite way. Reddit is lousy with bad advice. There are fairly recent posts with things people suggesting you just need to wear skates more to break them in, and baking them will make them break down faster. Stuff that is just straight up false and out dated. I’ll take the quality of MSH over the quantity of other places.
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    Can I get my new Bauer skates with a P91 Curve on the Tendon Guard instead of the P28 curve pictured?
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    Watch a vintage game from 20 years ago or more on NHL Network now and just look at all the brands that are gone. Each brand drove the others to innovate and punch through the envelope back then. Now ? Not so much. The access to Pro Stock is also another pipeline that has effected everyone in the chain.
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    Going to take a stab at some items that came up over the past couple of posts. Thanks everyone for reaching out! Forefoot is very comparable. Heel start a little more snug (but still very much a "B" heel) and can move out to compare with the nexus heel if necessary. Rib EE has a higher instep measurement than AS3 Pro EE, so more volume and wrap Very good call out here. I'm going to attempt to link some photos clarifying the current fit lineup: Keep in mind that this 2nd image does not include the updated Super Tacks EE. Just imagine a little bit bigger yellow box Same idea on Jetspeed. RFM composite is extremely thermoformable and especially so in a one-piece boot as the bottom of the skate is also RFM and lacks the glue and nails that can impact the bottom and immediate sides of a two piece skate from moving as much. Not sure what happened during your bake but regardless, the next step is to remold them (2 mins in a hot skate oven, no more) and tie them about how you would when playing. It's not necessary to tie them extremely tightly or really crank down on the eyelet row. Be sure to remain sitting until the skates are cool to the touch and don't get up and move around. This should take awhile, maybe 15-20 mins. Take care when molding to lace the skates back up after you've taken them off and leave a full 24hr (at room temp, but colder is better) before unlacing and skating. Good luck! Not sure if this applies to you, but when taking them off after normal use, loosen the laces down several eyelets before taking them off. It should be extremely easy to slide off and not require much leverage or effort. The skate goes under a lot of stress when being tied up and especially when being removed so taking an extra 10 seconds to really unlace them can help preserve the molded fit.
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    I have exactly the same problem. My solution - after 10 years of trying every pad on the market - was a frankenpad! I took the silver Sher-Wood 9950s and had Farrell like pad cubes sewn onto the back. I think they were Farrell... maybe some padded pants and shorts and shirts, I don't actually remember.. I also attached a belly pad from some other pads I had because they ran a tad short. The caps drop nice ands low and the Farrell padding does a nice job absorbing impact. When these wear out I retire!
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    I like how they say their name is an homage to Koho. No, you are just stealing someone’s name, and probably trying to take advantage of people who aren’t very good at spellchecking or fact checking. I can’t wait until they release their My-Cron skates.
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    My new setup is almost complete with the jersey!
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    You should be using MSH anyways. #100%OfProceedsFundTheSite LOL
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    Yeah but the size of the market for folks willing to swap holders to access your steel is hundreds of times smaller than the size of the market of folks willing to use your steel on their factory CCM or Bauer skates.
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    My setup arrived just before the end of the month
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    And that was after everyone had defected from the old Easton message board, home of the best holiday toy drive.
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    The 24 team format gives those teams with a potential to have won their way into the playoffs a chance to do so. It makes deadline deals mean something for those bubble teams. It makes conditional picks mean something. We already lost that potential last week surge, the win and you're in on the final day of the season excitement. We lost the excitement of watching that unlikely bubble team claw their way in. The 24 team format gives some of that back. It isn't perfect but it is better than than just calling the season at 70. It forces those teams just in at the break to earn their way into the playoffs, just like the last 3-4 weeks of the season would have done. Could there be some freak Cinderella story where a 12 team shocks everybody and turns the whole thing upside down? Sure. The "purists" will rail and cry and the rest of us will relish in the fun and excitement that it creates.
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    As of 2019, Ribcor EE is CCM's widest, deepest out of the box skate. Conversely, Ribcor D is CCM's narrowest out of the box skate. The reasoning is that Ribcor construction is uniquely suited to molding and will serve a customer on the narrow (with D) and wide (with EE) part of the spectrum equally well. The main difference (and this is true for all CCM skates) is that the quarter material is super reactive to heat. So while the Rib EE may seem similar out of the box in size to a competing product, the amount that it will change during a baking/molding process is significantly greater and can fit a lot more feet as a result. Rib EE ends up being CCM's largest and blankest canvas for a foot to fit into and that's what makes it so useful for those with significantly different than stock sized/shaped feet. Volume is a little challenging regarding Ribcor because of these same molding properties; the amount of wrap is going to depend on a lot of factors including the unique geometry of each foot and the only way to know for sure is to heat one up and tie it. CCM skates can be rebaked multiple times so no need to worry if it requires a couple molds, just keep 24 hours between heatings. Finally, all CCM skates come with a 90 day satisfaction guarantee so if it ends up not working out, just return the skates and get something different. As a PS: We've done hundreds of retail fittings since the intro of the new Rib EE and 1 important learning has been that if it seems like nothing will fit well, Ribcor will probably end up working... Oftentimes we'll get called by dealers or equipment managers to work out an especially difficult fitting scenario and more often than not, the result is a Ribcor construction. Good luck with your skate search!
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    Sorry, I just think it's funny that you refer to arguably the 2nd best defenceman all time as "another player".
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    There are a lot of important roles, not just those on the ice. Once your kid is playing organized hockey on some type of select team, the manager role is huge. All you need to be a good manager is a level head, good organization and communication skills, and the ability to role with the punches. I coached youth hockey allstar level, and the choice of team manager was huge - the difference between a good or bad season was largely on the quality of team manager you found for that role. So to the OP - if you're motivated and want to help, don't be discouraged if you lack on ice skills, a hockey team is more than that - there are other ways you can be a key part of the teams' success while you work to develop your on ice skills. colins
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    Wow congrats on being ambidextrous!
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    If you're switching to something other than the shift holder, I'd recommend the XS holder. The Bauer holders are soft and you're likely to see play in them if you're on the ice as much as you say. The new XS holders are really nice and you'll have the benefit of being able to use Step instead of the garbage that Bauer makes. You're going to have to drill new holes anyway, but the XS are the way to go if you're going to switch.
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    Because he's sharpening super damaged and very uneven edges on every single pair he does, and he can't relate to anyone who isn't. Nor can he see 10 yards down the road, where if his 'customers' are happy they'll come back with even edges that are just normally worn and he won't have to do more than 4 passes the second time he sharpens the same pair of skates. I dunno... the guy has come into this thread and crapped on Sparx from the get-go. It's getting a bit tiring to be honest. We all appreciate new info and rational debate about the product, but that hasn't been the case here. colins
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    “If you can dangle a wrench, you can dangle a puck!”
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    with his shot, meters per hour.
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    Yeah, you just have to get the plastic to move a little bit. I don’t understand how a shop would let that go like that. But then again, if I’m being completely honest, I don’t understand how a shop would leave the UPC sticker on the holder. It’s the attention to detail...
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    You are publishing someone's content in violation of their business model....
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    My neurosurgeon pulled some major strings and I ended up having my surgery yesterday! I am in for a lengthy recovery before I can get back to fun things like hockey, but I'm doing pretty well, sticking to the postop directions. Just glad to have the pressure off the nerves at last.
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    After just a few days doing the exercises in the video posted a few posts back, my son's pain is gone. He can't believe it went from intense pain to feeling normal in such a short time. To be on the safe side, he's still off the ice for a couple of more days. So I went to work on verion 2.0 of the eyelet extenders. Going with Vet88's advice, this version uses belt leather (literally cut up an old belt to make these). And instead of using hardware, which was going to deform his eyelets, again to Vet88's instructions and I'm just tying them off with some skate laces. I cut up and used the thin wax laces that started us down this path in the first place. I think these are going to work great. They raise the lace pressure point by a few mm at least - he won't get the pressure across his tendon with this setup. Find out this week when he tests out the setup. colins
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    Reviving this from the dead since I'm sure a lot of us have converted ice skates to inlines during quarantine.
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    My thoughts as someone who is in product development and plays and has a young son playing. -The “innovation” is so incremental in many areas as to be meaningless. -They still haven't nailed the skate fit problem. It is confusing to consumers and the weak link is the value chain, store employees often don’t know what they are talking about. At the same store my son got fit by someone who knew what he was doing while I got the dunce. -Too few brands honestly, it makes things less interesting to me. You get similar design language from the big players in all their stuff. I remember when there were still a lot of other players listed in the Great Skate, Ocean, Kemps, etc catalogs.
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    Found a new job! Purple CCM gloves sold.
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    You can't light a fire in your kid to love the game, but you can certainly snuff it out. The most important thing is finding them an environment where their love of the game can flourish. If they love the game, they will work hard at it, because it doesn't feel like work if you love it. It shouldn't feel like a job or like a chore - because it isn't. It's supposed to be fun - kids play sports to have fun.
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    first time using my custom inlines. They are super comfortable, pretty good performance so far, just a few notable issues. 1. QC on the skates is just aweful. there's a gap on the bottom where it wasn't properly glued between the overlay and the composite that i had to fix, and just globs of glue all over the skate in areas. Also some masking tape was left in the toe cap vents. things you could look over and fix in like 10 minutes, that shouldn't really be on the consumer even if they aren't difficult to fix, but its almost like they make the skates and just immediately toss them in a box without looking them over. 2. wheels that come with the skates should be customizable in terms of hardness. I was only given options for indoor or outdoor wheels, and since im 205 the indoor wheels that came with the skate are too soft. For a truly custom skate, i think they should offer all 3 levels of the RV flex indoors (xsoft, soft, firm). In the end, i think the wheels are kind of gimmicky and will just purchase some konnixx wheels anyways, but itd be nice to be given something i can use out of the box (and yes, i know most off the shelf skates come with softer options, but being able to customize wheels would be a nice touch for something made one off). All in all, im fairly happy with them after one skate, but we will see if they hold up to the abuse. If i continue to like them i may get the ice version later this year.

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