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    Sorry, I just think it's funny that you refer to arguably the 2nd best defenceman all time as "another player".
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    Found a new job! Purple CCM gloves sold.
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    Kids’ spring league sent out something about accelerating the season once things open back up. I cannot see this happening in time. People must think that in a week or two between one day and the next everything in the country is just going to open up and we instantaneously are going back to normal.... That sounds like a recipe for relapse to me.
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    Micron Mega 10-90 skates (with blue Tuuk holders for style points). I have never found a skate that fits as well and miss them every time I step on the ice.
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    This is incorrect. Are you using the info@icestation.net email? While the Kings have expressed interest there is nothing close to a done deal at this point and the likelihood of the Kings doing anything this big is almost zero. There have been some very productive talks with others but all very preliminary. If you have real interest you can email us and we can arrange a call.
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    I sent them an email expressing interest in purchasing the facility myself and they said the LA Kings will be buying the facility, the deal is apparently already underway.
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    VH Skates. Easily the best hockey gear I’ve ever had. My Passau glove is probably a close second.
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    Two pieces come to mind. 1. Mega Air 90 skates with the power clip - Only the ones before Nike bought Canstar and made them Bauer Air 90’s, has to be the original Mega’s 2. Easton Pro 3000 13” gloves
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    I've been playing since 1990 and I gotta say my current True Skates are the best piece of equipment I've ever owned, and worth every penny. Never had a skate fit this well, this comfortable, and this level of performance. 2nd place is probably the CCM Ultra Tacks stick.
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    I am very doubtful there will be any spring or summer hockey, but would love to be wrong. I am hopeful leagues can safely resume in the fall. Late April doesn't seem realistic at all.
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    Well that’s optimistic. I wouldn’t count on it happening.
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    Its not just heavier players, perf steel or lighter steel. Bent runners are almost 100% due to a improper holder mount. Which is sadly more common than you'd think.
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    The physical therapy is actually helping more than I thought it would. The tingling isn't on 100% of the time, like it was in the beginning. It comes back once in a while. I have one more PT session. I went to a second orthopedic surgeon about my shoulder, as the effect of the cortisone shot is wearing away. He said I would be a candidate for ream and run surgery, but elective surgery is not an option with the corona virus thing.
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    That would be grossly insufficient. Shutting everything down was the right call.
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    16 years ago, we opened our doors. Thank you for all who have helped and supported us along the way.
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    Many of the rinks are taking the ice down to the sand and then repairing things, doing new lines, and building it back up. I know both Sno-King rinks in WA are doing such.
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    I'll spare you the back story, next event. Something about that boot with a 254 edge holder w/LS5 just works for me. I stumbled across a second pair, same setup except a retail boot. They worked really well for me too. If I am honest, the overall fit of both pairs could be a little better. Makes wonder what custom 70k's would be like.
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    Broken collarbones are so much a result of that perfect strike. The impact, however padded, gives the collarbone nowhere to go. I broke mine on a mild collision in men's league, just a product of the physics.
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    Nope. I can tell you from experience. Like I said previously, I wore CCM Supras back in the day, and I took a check into the boards that fractured my collarbone. (clean, shoulder to shoulder check) The one thing I would say, the old plastic cap style pads seem to do better against direct strikes, like getting hit with a puck or an errant stick. I would assume lacerations too.
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    To date....my pro-stock CCM 70k skates. Without question, the best thing I've ever done for my game.
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    Sprungs all the way. You will not be disappointed. Very interested in those marsblade prototypes and hopefully Fizix will launch one of these days
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    I love my True skates so much that I'm saving up now for a backup set next year.
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    Personally, I think the Sprungs are better for playing (lighter, lower and tighter turns), but the Marsblades are a good off ice training tool for ice players. Marsblade may be developing a version that is better suited to league play and you can find a picture of the prototype in this thread: There is some discussion on Marsblades vs. Sprungs in various threads like this one:
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    Koho EP 5500 Elbow Pads. I keep trying on modern elbow pads, but I just can't bring myself to switch over from my beloved Koho's. As for sticks, my pro stock CCM Ultra Tacks has been the best stick I've ever used.
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    Lots of angles, and to 218hockey’s point, any discussion of hockey in no way implies it is anywhere near as important as the health risks. I realize that the financial pressures on rinks and orgs is great, but any rush to get rinks open is asinine. Mathematically, we aren’t anywhere near over this, and rushing people back into the confined spaces of locker rooms and lobbies is foolhardy. I am sure his isn't the case but wouldn’t it be nice if people saw their kids off from hockey until fall, playing basketball in the driveway and riding bikes, etc. and it dawned on them that little Johnny’s skills didn’t atrophy, he was super excited to get back to the rink, and his path to scholarships and parental glory was still on track? What am I thinking? All this isolation must be affecting my brain...
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    Nexus 1000 sticks, Bauer One90 gloves, Easton E700 helmets
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    Growing up in prep school/juniors I saw plenty of AC joint injuries and fractured clavicles in guys that were wearing those style shoulder pads. I had a separated shoulder myself wearing Douglas Defenders. With the design of those pads, the soft padding was really thin under the plastic shoulder cap at the point of the shoulder because that’s where multiple layers came together. So when you hit the point of the shoulder most of the protection was the plastic cap, not the soft material, meaning it didn’t absorb as much energy. I saw fewer shoulder issues with guys that we wearing heavily padded shoulder caps - like the old Cooper Techniflex or some of the Jofa’s that were out around that time.
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    Don't feel bad for me, I will figure out the next thing. I may end up back in a shop working on skates. I enjoy skate work and sharpening more than anything else so I may just semi-retire and sharpen. If you want to help show some support for the rink there is an online petition that was started yesterday. I am hopeful that the rink will reopen under a new owner. http://chng.it/Rk6V6sMQwT I miss you JR, I always wanted to do Summerfest here. Maybe someday.
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    Stealth CNT Drury 85 Anything Styles/Roenick pro from back in the day, ideally the OG Stealth Jofa 8060 shins
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    I had a pair of grey/silver Easton stealth shoulder pads once that were near perfect and I dumped them way before I had to. Wish I still had them. Fit perfectly and low profile,. Tank like protection. God I wish I had them back.
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    Nolan Pratt Dolomite grips. perfect length, perfect flex, perfect grip, perfect curve. For me, anyway.
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    The original Easton Stealth sticks and Warrior Franchise gloves. Tackla pants are up there, too.
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    Yeah it’s really annoying. For both of us if I’m being honest. Obviously more for her though lol. But it’s just frustrating when we wanna go do stuff and she just can’t. We had to cancel a backpacking trip. Though it definitely seems to come and go. A bit more concerned about her recovery from COVID-19 right now, though.
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    Yes, that is one of the big changes you have to make, opening the feet and hips so that you can leverage the skate blade ie drive power into the ice and not have the skate blade move. Accelerating from a stop or slow speed is the other area where you have to turn the feet to the side, try pushing a goal across the rink (especially trying to explode of the mark) with laces untied, you will see what I mean
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    I never thought I'd see the day, but I'm pretty much "over it" when it comes to acquiring new equipment. As well as stuff that I had sought out for years prior. I still play 3-4x a week, and still love playing. However, my appetite to have the latest and greatest, as well as acquiring prized pieces from my past has all but diminished. The new stuff is all too similar to each other across any brand for the most part. Nothing changes all that much between retail cycles, and the nuances we used to have with all the different retail brands just isn't there any more. In other words- retail is boring nowadays to me. Pro stock stuff isn't holding its attention either these days. Now I buy out of necessity, as opposed to want. The last piece of equipment I got really happy about was a pair of old stock Eagle 4 rolls that I found in the back of a local shop about 15 months ago.
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    The governor of Virginia has pushed back the stay-in-place order from April 24 to June 10.

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