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    Hey y'all, Since the pandemic started rink time has been pretty limited. I got lucky and was able to make my own home rink. Here's a short video of what I have done.
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    Yeah but the size of the market for folks willing to swap holders to access your steel is hundreds of times smaller than the size of the market of folks willing to use your steel on their factory CCM or Bauer skates.
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    Sounds like you're looking at skates that run narrow and are looking to size up the length to compensate for width. If that's the case it's probably not a great idea. Better if just getting skates that fit you. Obviously depends what you're using them for. For a cruise on the boardwalk I don't think it's the end of the world, but if you plan on playing with them, even lazy pickup, I would avoid. The easiest way to get hurt is gear that fits poorly and skates are the worst
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    Got some Warriors made to match the Stars Winter Classic gloves.
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    Icewarehouse has a video on youtube that talks about the FT3 Pro along with the new p90TM curve.
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    Talking US and Canada. I was in medical device development for 20 years very familiar with the IP challenges in China and some other countries, but you still can’t just violate IP by producing in China, being based in China, etc, and importing to another country who enforces IP. Sure you can sell ripped off stuff IN China, not what we are discussing.
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    If the shape of the steel is patented because it contributes to function, then they shouldn’t be making it. We bitch about lack of innovation in one thread, can’t bitch about IP law which encourages it in another.
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    The TRUE TF9 will be the same specifications as the TRUE Pro Custom skate so it will compete against other Tier 1 skates from CCM and Bauer. I would say the TRUE TF7 could probably hold its own against skates costing $699+ as it a very well built skate that was designed to be very thermoformable but at a very nominal price point. The premise is players who do not require a full custom skate and can fit into a retail skate can buy the TRUE TF9. Those that need a custom skate due to foot issues have the option to go with the TRUE Pro Custom.
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    That's what it looks like, which is pretty crazy, because that would mean that True's top of the line retail skate, if it is really comparable to the other big brands spec-wise and performance-wise, will come in at almost $400 cheaper than top of the line Bauer and CCM. I'm really interested to find out if the TF9 is actually on par with the other top of the line skates. I always wanted to try a pair of true but could never justify it as I fit retail Supremes pretty decent. But at that price it's a lot more appealing.
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    I believe teams stocked up; the post was “continue to get.” That isn’t happening anymore.
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    Why on Earth would CCM create unbranded steel for LS Edge? Bauer bought Mission/Itech for IP, facial, baselayer and roller hockey. Eliminating a competitor was also a bonus. Mission ice's best days were pre-moving design to Montreal.
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    Now throw a bunch of 35 to 55 year olds in questionable shape into the mix. The mask we are wearing were never intended to be used during high intensity activities. At this point, I'd be more concerned with a cardiac event than I would be of covid.
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    Meh, I think they were already there. LS4, STEP ST and Tydan all played and sharpened about the same. LS5 is a marked improvement over the others.
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    Not wanting to up the ante? They are the only skate manufacturer putting R&D dollars into their runners. That's pretty ballsy, especially given the runner in their system is easily replaced. Other companies are banking on players either not knowing/caring what they skate on or are smart enough to know what to replace them with. Look at it this way. When you buy a higher end Bauer skate you are getting runners that are equal to if not better than the aftermarket guys. With CCM (prior to the acquisition of STEP) you were getting the absolute worst steel on the market. CCM didn't purchase STEP to simply offer a better product. They did it so STEP would no longer be available to Bauer or True, IE crushing the competition. FWIW, Easton and Mission, were already pretty well ruined when Bauer purchased them.
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    It's a shame because Bauer could probably just make a better product and avoid this whole thing. At the end of the day, if the LS steel were up to snuff this would be a moot point. Bottom line, Bauer needs to make better runners. I get that the trigger system is Bauer IP, but this whole thing, from my vantage point, just appears to be Bauer not wanting to up the ante and instead just squashing the competition. They brought this whole aftermarket runner thing on themselves. Obviously they have a right to protect their IP, but the issue here is less more about quality product. I'm not naive and I know it's business, but it's still a bit petty. The last decade in my mind is just Bauer buying companies and suing companies. Imo they ruined Mission and ended Easton. I have a couple pairs of Bauer skates, but otherwise I have completely stopped buying Bauer. Once these new True retails come out I'll probably be done with Bauer entirely. /Of topic rant
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    Yeah, it’s always a cost/reward thing. Some companies are very aggressive in defense of their IP, others aren’t. Some have a very developed IP strategy, others don’t. Sometimes a smaller company doesn’t have the resources to take the fight to bigger companies. I have worked in various situations with respect to how IP was handled. And if it went to litigation it generally always took a long time because lawyers, which to be fair were just doing their job.
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    You definitely wont be able to buy retail skates with no holder. If you want that, you would have to go custom to honor your... custom request.
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    Probably becuase they would not allow for tendon replacement. Do you dislike the ability to replace parts on your skates if or when they fail?
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    Same. Never had issues with the tendon on either of my trues. Ppl need to just stop using it as leverage to take their skates off. There's no reason why a copper rivet isn't more than enough to secure that part. Rivets on the holder is another story though.
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    You can do lots of things, doesn’t mean it’s a legal and sustainable business plan.
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    The ankle padding is very similar between the two. The AS3 has the same level of soft padding (comfort foam) as the AS3 Pro but has slightly less high denisty hard foams. The AS3 carbon does not entirely wrap around like the AS3, if you look inside the skate there is a plastic midsole sitting on top of the shell, under that you can see a seam.
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    72.2 specifically covers that exact situation (refusal to play after a hand pass)
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    Who is going to do that? And not sure that gets you around anything, it's just a secondary operation to produce an infringing product. You can't get around IP just by being based in another country.
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    Order them with holders not attached and no holes drilled (or just tell them to drill holes for the marsbalde). I had them do that for my ccm SB holders. They drilled the holes specifically for the SB holders and kept the true holders off. I just ended up selling my true holders on sideline.
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    This is correct. its now a locknut. Much easier to swap/replace.
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    Website says there is a new fastening bolt tendon guard system.
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    Apparently hit some snags. I would guess part of it is the skyrocketing cases in the US with no end in sight. I assume the plan was always to have them in Canada if possible, for many reasons (a big one is how much cheaper it is for them to do it in Canada) but like you said it seemed unlikely until recently - but that was primarily because of the border closures and quarantine issues. Apparently Vancouver also hit snags and was eliminated as a choice along with Vegas. My guess is they had already chosen EDM and TOR *if possible* and were going to go to Vegas and wherever only if they had to, so they were waiting for the absolute last moment possible. As for NHL players being infected, we have to remember we aren't even in camps yet so at this point there IS no bubble. So cases are kind of irrelevant because nobody is restricted. Now, if they see cases once the bubble is up then THAT will be something to be concerned about, though let's be honest the chances of ZERO infections are pretty slim.
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    Sweet, that’s even more awesome. Thanks for repping a good cause!!
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    Howdy, Can't be this, as there wasn't a penalty called. I bet Chris has it. Thanks! Mark
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    True just went live with their website for the TF9 and TF7. Including a video on those: I am soooo looking forward to the TF9....already emailed most hockey stores within a days driving distance to test-fit them when they come in (for once we're first in Europe - huraaaah!)
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    Here is the new Pro boot: https://www.true-hockey.com/true-products/tf-pro/
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    Since this hasn't been posted yet, world hockey blog has a short writeup (mainly marketing re-formated) on the TF7 at http://www.hockeyworldblog.com/2020/06/26/true-tf7-skates/ which includes pricing. Fiberglass one-piece shell.
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    72.1 is the best I can find and seems to be a rule that is pretty wide-open for interpretation as there are no specific details.
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    Why bother at this point? Even if they scrap the season and try to start on time or close to it for next season it sounds as if that might be damn near impossible so why bother trying to get something going now. Might be a different conversation, and this whole thing might have me jaded, but I'm at the point where I don't care if the league comes back. Would I watch, maybe. But at this point in time I have so much other nonsense to deal with that the last thing on my mind is a pro sports leagues who's owners are desperate for revenue and players basing their return around salary escrow.
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    I do agree it’s absurd most websites, including Revision(!), don’t include this basic information. Maybe it’s not accurate as the wheels don’t have the durometer printed on them, but it’s out there https://www.ebay.com/itm/Revision-Wheels-Inline-Roller-Hockey-Asphalt-Pro-72mm-89A-4-Pack/323609788786 http://www.talkingbread.co.il/Wheels/76mm-89A-Revision-Wheel/724987/ https://www.amazon.ca/Revision-Inline-Roller-Hockey-Asphalt/dp/B07M59MJP4
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    Yeah I might actually try the retails. The customs were obviously amazing but if I can get something really thermoformable like the Makos, I’d likely be fine.
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    Lucky for him there was a pommel horse in the middle of the terrorist town.
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    I heard the new Bauer roll out is entirely Street Fighter 2 themed. Look for the Spinning Bird Kick (save) goalie skates and 100 Hand Slap gloves. —- I imagine you’ll see a lot of sticks with new graphics, but same tech as player previously used. I can’t imagine not playing for 2 months then trying to come back into playoff form and trying to break in new stuff.
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    I have a shaft and just put ABS blades in it.
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    It will be interesting as you would think that for short duration things like starts and quick changes of direction you would want no absorption of energy because you are looking to maximize the force curve. But there could be circumstances such as other skating scenarios where you could leverage that springlike effect. Kind of like how powerlifting bars are stiff and weightlifting bars have a bit of spring in them.
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    I think Marsblade and Bladetech are on to something, essentially adding a suspension system of sorts to hockey skates. Every other sports manufacturer has incorporated some type of system to either decrease the shock impact of striking the ground or developed a solution to help propel the athlete. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/12/13/upshot/nike-vaporfly-next-percent-shoe-estimates.html Hockey and ice skating are obviously not the same as running but I think there is obviously merit to the work these companies are doing, especially with such limited funding compared to a corporation like Nike. I have no doubt in the next 5-10 years we will see significant developments made in the way skates, steel, and holders interact with the player's mechanics and ice. My biggest issue with the MB is specifically the weight penalty didn't seem to outweigh, no pun intended, the benefits.
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    $20 Play it Again score.
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    Player Background: Beer leaguer. I play on two teams. One is C division as a forward and the other is in E division where I get to play defense. As a forward I look to move the puck to the more skilled players as quickly as I can. Puck feel and being able to shoot and load the puck quickly are critically important to me. I have been playing with the CCM Tacks line since it debuted. I fell in love with the P46 curve as it had enough curve for me to cradle and handle the puck but the lie was flatter than the P92 I had been using for years. The last few Tack’s variants however have changed a lot and I was less and less happy with them. I had always loved True sticks back when I was using a P92 and then I saw this stick on Sideline Swap…. A True A6.0 P46 pro stock (Cody Glass). I hemmed and hawed not being sure it was exact and then took the plunge and bought it. It is an exact clone! I am now using this as my go to stick and have sold off part of my stock of CCMs! P46 75 Flex Grip Blade/Feel: For me being able to feel the piuck on my stick and pick head up with confidence is critically important. This stick does the job as good or better as anything I have tried before. Puck feel on the blade is quickly transmitted up to your hands and you really know where on the blade the puck is. This provides me with more confidence than ever. The blade is also really stiff and the puck flys off and arrives on target. Receiving passes is also great. The foam core in the blade softens impact nicely. I have read some reviews that were concerned about blade durability, but I have a lot of play on this stick and the blade has neither chipped, split or deadened. The only caveat here is that because this is pro-stock I am not sure I have the standard blade. Comparing it to retail sticks I have seen and played with it appears to be, but I cannot be 100% sure. Score: 10/10 Shaft/Flex: We all know that this is True’s bread and butter and this is no different. The design aesthetics are pleasing. Subtle blues, greys and black on blacks. Really nice. This is a grip stick as all seem to be these days but it is not very grippy. Feels nice. The shaft loads up quickly and easily and fires pucks cleanly at the net. Its not the very best shaft I have ever used – that’s reserved for my dear, departed Miken. That said, energy transfer is superb and I really love the way this shoots. Wrist shots and slappers are all on par with some of the best I have shot. Release is just as quick as many low kicks too. A lot of my shots are off balance (because I am often off balance!!) and this stick allows me to shoot well from every situations. Score: 9/10 Weight: This stick weighs in at 415g and that’s fairly light to begin with. But when you compare it side by side to other sticks in the same weight class it feels MUCH lighter. The answer, of course, is balance and True has totally nailed it! Score: 10/10 Shooting: Shots fly off the stick. Accurate and hard is something I would struggle with and this stick really provides me with improvements in bit categories. The stiff blade and responsive and the mid kick shaft flexes where your lower hand is. I find the release quick and the loaded shaft transferring power well leading to accurate, hard shots. Score: 9/10 Durability: Again, I read some reviews with complaints but my blade has held up really well. I have some white scrape lines on the lower shaft near the blade but that’s it. The shaft is beast mode strong and while the weight of the stick and blade make me feel that it might snap it never has. I’ve got lots of play on this stick and it’s still going real strong. Score: 10/10 Verdict: This stick is up there with one of my favorite sticks of all time. I am so happy with the A6.0 SBP that I am selling off my CCM stock. Never thought that would happen. Final Score: 9.5/10
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    I heard that a few NHL equipment managers have seen the new Bauer steel and commented "It’s nowhere close to being as good as STEP." I guess we will see how things play out.
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    No but I based it on this document from CCM, which again is somewhat contradictory (they describe the P90T as inbetween P28 and P29) but the pic they use from hockeystickman is identical to what I see as the P30, flat rocker, mid curve just like a P88, toe kink. This document was written a couple years ago before CCM launched the P30 at retail, so I'm just putting 2+2 together. I have seen and compared a retail P30 in store to a P88 and P92 so I know what the P30 is like 100%, but I haven't yet got my hands on a P90T. The P30's I've seen look just like the pic below (always hard to tell with only one angle shown).
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    I'm still a little skeptical. In the video above, Johansson is fawning over how great they are - yet he hasn't switch to use them. That to me signals a disconnect. Would Marsblade need to pay an NHL licensing fee or since their is no branding, would the be exempt? I guess if they have to pay the fee and don't currently have the cash, that could explain the disconnect. On another note - do the sound like t-blades to anyone else?
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    I was just coming to comment about the similarities between this and the Bladetech steel (that supposedly a handful of Caps players are using). I actually just ordered a set of Bladetech blades for myself, their propaganda about being good for people with bad knees sold me on them (have had a full ACL replaced on one leg and the other knee is far from 100%, old age has def caught up with me) , also I was just intrigued with the whole concept. Once I get them and try them I'll make sure to attempt a review of some sorts.
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    Well, the rink closest to my house just closed permanently and now that I don’t have a spot at the other rink, I now officially have nowhere to play. I guess I’m done playing hockey.
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