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    Hey y'all, Since the pandemic started rink time has been pretty limited. I got lucky and was able to make my own home rink. Here's a short video of what I have done.
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    buying a new house and moving with a 3 month old is awful. Like getting kicked in the junk with steel toe clown shoes awful
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    Howdy, I think the risk is more about what happens to the competition if a bunch of folks get it. If the Pens are in the conference finals and seven players test positive, do they have to forfeit? What if both goalies test positive? Or the head coach and his assistants? Not saying that they shouldn't do it... I think they probably should. But the way things are going, you know one team is going to have to play without its top six players, top goalie, and head coach for the Finals or something ridiculous like that. Mark
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    allblackhockeysticks still has drury/staal curve
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    Personally, this definitely fits two needs for me, and this isn't silly at all in my eyes. First, I use really big knobs on my sticks. My knobs are step knobs. 10 time around with 1.5 inch tape. 10 times around with 1 inch tape, and then 30 times around with 1/2 inch tape. Splitting the tape for that last part is a pain in the ass. Now, it's that much easier and quicker. This will be especially helpful when I'm experimenting with stick length. Second, I currently use blade tape, which doesn't cover the edges of the blade. What I normally do is split the tape and line the edges. And not having to split the tape when replacing the worn out tape will be a huge time and hassle saver.
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    my buddy sent them an email about his L chassis - the response was that they're finishing up production still. I'm assuming that it's end of July at this point, maybe early Aug. my other buddy and I preordered the M R1 and I am just assuming that we'll get them last week of August.
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    I think this is silly. How many times do people tape their butt end of their sticks? Cant wait to see people taping their blades with this too adding 100g of tape to the blade. Sigh.
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    Howdy, Howies rocks. https://howieshockeytape.com/products/howies-knob-tape Too bad I'm not playing hockey for the foreseeable future. Mark
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    It's a shame because Bauer could probably just make a better product and avoid this whole thing. At the end of the day, if the LS steel were up to snuff this would be a moot point. Bottom line, Bauer needs to make better runners. I get that the trigger system is Bauer IP, but this whole thing, from my vantage point, just appears to be Bauer not wanting to up the ante and instead just squashing the competition. They brought this whole aftermarket runner thing on themselves. Obviously they have a right to protect their IP, but the issue here is less more about quality product. I'm not naive and I know it's business, but it's still a bit petty. The last decade in my mind is just Bauer buying companies and suing companies. Imo they ruined Mission and ended Easton. I have a couple pairs of Bauer skates, but otherwise I have completely stopped buying Bauer. Once these new True retails come out I'll probably be done with Bauer entirely. /Of topic rant
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    Well, i thank you all For your input. Looks like im going skate shopping, will see how it turns out. Thanks again everyone
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    A very small percentage of players are good enough to benefit from custom skates, and then there are the other small percentage who just have some specific fit issues. For the vast majority of people three fits in two boots plus all the CCM offerings and True retail will provide a fit that matches their foot.
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    Ice boots hold up better indoors. Outdoors, they get shredded just like inline boots. I agree, though. I prefer ice boots. In your case, it's been said but you need a one piece chassis. Either find used higher end skates on eBay or sls, or buy mid level or better skates. If you have a good pro shop and some old boots in decent condition, set them up for roller. Keep in mind, you didn't say what you're using them for, so that would be a big factor to consider
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    I've always liked the idea of converting an ice boot for inline usage. I'm sure inline boots are more than capable but I'd think ice boots hold up better. Like @althoma1 said used/clearance ice boots would be the best way to go (assuming you don't have an older pair of ice boots laying around).
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    Hey I am exactly the same height and weight and pant size as you and I wear a medium in the Tacks 7092 girdle. It is the best fitting girdle I have ever worn and is perfect length / still have plenty of room for adjustment in the waist if I were to to put on extra weight as well as plenty of extra room if I were to lose weight and needed to tighten the belt system up. I know this is not the girdle you are looking at, but I believe i have seen that the jetspeed and tacks girdle will be very similar in their fit and sizing.
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    I have had 7092 and Super Tacks girdles and they fit on the small side FWIW
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    We had players from our travel teams go to NH for tournaments this weekend. From The Athletic today: "At least three players from USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program have tested positive for COVID-19, multiple sources have confirmed to The Athletic. The players had been participating in on-ice skills training at USA Hockey Arena in Plymouth, Mich., the venue for USA Hockey’s 2020 World Junior Summer Showcase later this month.One source close to the players said the cases have been mostly asymptomatic. Additional participants in the on-ice skills training who are not members of the USNTDP have also tested positive, according to a source.“It’s hockey players who hang out together,” said a source with knowledge of the situation. “One person got tested, found out they had it and so they all did. Though USA Hockey has since closed its rink, many others in the metro Detroit area are allowing limited skating as youth hockey and recreation leagues return to practice."
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    Here in metro NYC a few of the rinks are getting ready to reopen. Sport-O-Rama in Rockland county, NY reopens for hockey on July 7. I skate in a Friday Night gang there for over 30 years. I’m going to stay off the ice for awhile before I rejoin the group. I’m close to the at-risk age group. Also I have returned to work at the Pro Shop this week after three months closed at the Ice House in Hackensack, NJ. Work is a priority. The Ice House is reopening this Monday for figure skaters with limited sessions. Hockey returns July 6 at Ice House. What are your plans ? Start playing immediately or wait ?
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    That is funny because I'm a huge fan of step steel. First thing I though when I saw the AS3 Pro skate was "I thought they bought Step. Am I suppose to buy Step after paying $1300 total?..."
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    So I took the time to go try on the FIT 2 & 3 between the Vapor 2x Pro and the Supreme Ultrasonic & 3S PRO. I can't really get my feet into a fit 1 so didn't even bother with those. The tongue does play into how the skate feels based on trying a FIT 3 Ultrasonic vs a FIT 3 in the 3S PRO. The Ultrasonic tongue is much better than the previous 2S PRO but it definitely does take up more space, in terms of volume compared to the more standard 3S PRO tongue. When I tried on the 32 PRO, there was less press over the top of my foot versus the Ultrasonic in the same spot due to the tongue. I could really feel the Reflex segments in the Ultrasonic. Overall, the new supreme has more volume in the curved section of the boot or between the instep and ankle area compared to the previous Supreme and even Nexus line. There is less volume in the front half of the skate compared to the Nexus but part of that is also due to the new Toe Cap. I'd agree with the assessment that it's a slightly wider Supreme EE (Nexus D) but the heel area is definitely no where near as wide and cavernous as the Nexus. I'd call FIT 3 more like a Nexus width up front, mid section is like a supreme EE but with a little more volume, and the heel/ankle area is like a Supreme shape but the ankle and heel padding isn't like an Supreme EE (not as thick or bulky). Overall, for me, heel shape works better than the Supreme EE and Nexus as it seems like the padding is located better and shaped better for my foot. Regarding the FIT 3 between a Vapor and Supreme, they are similar but definitely feel different. The difference is most likely due to the boot cut and overall shape. Even with the asymetrical ankles, I fail the pencil test in the FIT 3 Vapor and pass the pencil test in the FIT 3 supreme comfortably. The FIT 3 Vapor feels slightly more snug overall (at least for me) and has slightly less volume overall... is the best way I can describe it. I'm going to guess depending on the foot shape, the feel difference between FIT 3 (and the other FITs) across the two lines will be more pronounced for some and not for others. I briefly tried on a FIT 2 Ultrasonic and that didn't really last long. The FIT 2 Ultrasonic seemed tighter compared to the previous generation Supreme D across all areas but I can't make much statement as it was an uncomfortable fit overall for me. Side note - the Bauer fit machine put in a FIT 2 but a second scan put in a FIT 3. Using Bauer fit system - it says I have a E Right EE Left forefoot, low end instep, high volume where the foot and ankle meet, medium ankle volume, medium/medium high heel. Length was 6.5 skate size. I like my skate tight and there was no way a FIT2 would even be comfortable for me.
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    I think the different tongues would affect that as well though as well as the eyelits.
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    Correct. Two skate lines (Vapor and Supreme) and 3 fits (1,2,3) available in both lines. So fit no longer differentiates the lines from each other. The difference is now in features (eyelet type, default profile, etc.). They are marketing the Vapor as the "agility" skate and the Supreme as the "power" skate.
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    I went from the e6 to the 28. It was weird playing d with the 28 but I liked the toe actually, just had to really rearrange my shot to keep it low from the point. The 28 took a long time for me to get used to coming from the e6, but I supposed it depends more on your style of play and mechanics than anything else. Ended up going back to the e4 cammaleri, which I still have 2 of, and the 88, which I like a lot. I use the Sherwood 77 Coffey for outdoor roller as I have a bunch of those in abs blades.
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    No less than 6. I’ve made a similar transition, but found I prefer P90T to the 28.
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    The prices on the true site is for the old version. When they launch the new version the prices will all be updated to 1149 cad from 1099
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    I actually really dislike the white pinstriping. I think it looks like a cheap iron on decal.
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    I guess I'm just old, but this all seems a bit insane to me. I just use 1" tape, twist it and wrap to make the knob, cover with a quick wrap, and done. I have no issue making knobs of differing sizes with this technique. Sometimes I use the medical style tape as an outer layer, if I want a softer feel that also has less glue to damage palms. To each their own, but I just don't get it.
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    Sadly, its not max height like Bauer P92M. Its taller than p29, but not tall as P29 max pro stock ones. Lie is same as P28, give or take. So 5 - 5.5. I have it on Ribcore 4 pro, early special order from store near to me, so technicaly stick is pro stock but with retail specks. its plays like p29 with toe kink and little but more mirror. IM not sure et do i like it, as normaali i play P28.
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    This would be a great idea. Maybe the scan costs like $20, but if you purchase a retail or custom boot from True, the $20 goes toward the purchase.
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    You could prob try them on heat moulded in store before u purchase.
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    It would be nice, if based on your scans they could tell if their Retail versions would work fine, or if a full custom would suit you better. I'm about 90% sure that I'd fit in the stock version, I guess I'll find out about their return policy first before I spend on backup or goalie skates.
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    I was told this by an MD during my time on a quarantine ambulance during all this. One aspect of the mask recommendation was to slow the rate of self transmission, as in touching a dirty grocery cart, then your mouth, nose, eyes. Does it look silly, yes. Does it work, arguably for the time you're wearing it, yes. But people will do it habitually as soon as the mask is off.
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    I believe teams stocked up; the post was “continue to get.” That isn’t happening anymore.
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    Why on Earth would CCM create unbranded steel for LS Edge? Bauer bought Mission/Itech for IP, facial, baselayer and roller hockey. Eliminating a competitor was also a bonus. Mission ice's best days were pre-moving design to Montreal.
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    Meh, I think they were already there. LS4, STEP ST and Tydan all played and sharpened about the same. LS5 is a marked improvement over the others.
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    Not sure where you got your info from. https://www.sixthtone.com/news/1005609/after-multiple-deaths%2C-officials-call-for-no-masks-in-gym-class This was early-May, with a bunch of cases since then with similar outcomes, including a few people in the US who died in car accidents wearing N95 respirators while driving. They never proved that it was absolutely not from the masks, the causes are still unknown in all cases except one I saw that was a heart attack, likely unrelated to mask. There's a big difference between definitely not and not definitely. My point being that there is also some potential risk in high intensity activity in a mask. I just do not buy that a splash guard is going to dramatically reduce the risk if playing indoor ice hockey. I think it's actually wrong to perpetuate that information, since the reality is that many people will buy them and just figure that they're protected and good to go. I think that the risk of playing with the splash guard is similar to the risk if playing without it, and I think that without the splash guard people are likely to be more cautious of contact than with it. I actually think that this is just a way for people to convince themselves that there is less risk involved in playing than there really is, and that actually hurts the effort to halt the spread of the virus. Bottom line, there is risk involved in playing and I don't think the splash guard is going to mitigate that risk (and it had NOT been proven to), but I think it will convince enough people that they have mitigated that risk for them to not pay proper attention to avoiding contact during play and on benches. Thus, I feel it is actually doing more damage than good. I think the best approach is to just be very clear about the whole situation. There is significant risk of infection playing indoor ice hockey. There is very little that will change this while still allowing play to be enjoyable and functional (IMO). For most young people, the virus is not dangerous, but the risk is that, while they will probably be fine, by playing, they risk picking up the virus and spreading it to someone who won't be fine. With that being the case, people should decide what they want to do and what risk they are willing to take. They can also decide to wear the splash guard or a mask if they believe it may help. They should know that there may be some risk in that as well. I think this is pretty simple and sensible, and I think it will help people make better decisions, rather than relying on all of these products that are completely unproven and then mandating them for play and then completely not enforcing any of it, which is what's actually happening.
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    Not wanting to up the ante? They are the only skate manufacturer putting R&D dollars into their runners. That's pretty ballsy, especially given the runner in their system is easily replaced. Other companies are banking on players either not knowing/caring what they skate on or are smart enough to know what to replace them with. Look at it this way. When you buy a higher end Bauer skate you are getting runners that are equal to if not better than the aftermarket guys. With CCM (prior to the acquisition of STEP) you were getting the absolute worst steel on the market. CCM didn't purchase STEP to simply offer a better product. They did it so STEP would no longer be available to Bauer or True, IE crushing the competition. FWIW, Easton and Mission, were already pretty well ruined when Bauer purchased them.
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    Yeah, it’s always a cost/reward thing. Some companies are very aggressive in defense of their IP, others aren’t. Some have a very developed IP strategy, others don’t. Sometimes a smaller company doesn’t have the resources to take the fight to bigger companies. I have worked in various situations with respect to how IP was handled. And if it went to litigation it generally always took a long time because lawyers, which to be fair were just doing their job.
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    You definitely wont be able to buy retail skates with no holder. If you want that, you would have to go custom to honor your... custom request.
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    Probably becuase they would not allow for tendon replacement. Do you dislike the ability to replace parts on your skates if or when they fail?
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    Icewarehouse has a video on youtube that talks about the FT3 Pro along with the new p90TM curve.
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    Yeah but the size of the market for folks willing to swap holders to access your steel is hundreds of times smaller than the size of the market of folks willing to use your steel on their factory CCM or Bauer skates.
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    Lucky for him there was a pommel horse in the middle of the terrorist town.
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    I have a shaft and just put ABS blades in it.
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    New for 2017, the Super Tacks is CCM's top-end girdle. Here's it out of the box: The shell is removable, with leg zippers and +1 adjustment. It has three points in which it attaches to the girdle. There is a second loop under the belt in which the shell strap hooks into. Adjustable spine pad, with D3O. Now, here's the girdle without the shell. Open front crotch. However, there is a step-in part in the seat of the girdle. Opening it up, you can see it. The tailbone pad is built in, similar to 9k. There are 4 adjustment tabs in the girdle. Two of them extend all the way up to the kidney pad and bring the back of the thigh pad up... And the other two bring the front of the thigh pad up. Hip pads are similar to 9k. There's a lot to like here. Having the open crotch is good, and there's no shortness of protection as well. However, two things could be potentially nagging - the step-in part is one. It doesn't really seem to be necessary - the points it's attaching to is the groin pad area and the tailbone pad. The second one is the lack of stretch material in the top of the girdle. The only part where there's any sort of stretch is a 1.5" piece where the velcro tab is that mates to the belly pad. I'm hoping to skate in them shortly. Any questions or additional pictures needed, please ask. Thanks goes to CCM for sending me this set. I've been a girdle wearer for almost 20 years so it's a category that always intrigues me.
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    Hi. I used to goal tend. Now, I just play out the last couple of years. The warm up is as much for you as it is for the players. If you feel adequately warmed out, just skate out of the net and hang out at the bench or something. Let players get in more shots on an empty net if they want. Or if you aren't warmed up enough, just take on as many shots as you want.
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    P28 is the anti-Drury and a curve that I watch most beer leaguers struggle with. Pro stocks are always available in a Drury/YP/P91A.
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    If you don't need the adjustability of the Super Tacks girdle, the 7092 girdle is every bit as good, at $40 less. There are two features I like better on the 7092, and 2 from the Super Tacks: Better on the Super Tacks: Padding on the back of the thigh is segmented, and thicker than on the 7092. Not a huge deal, but a chop or a puck to the back of the leg would be better on the Super Tacks. Adjustable thigh and hip pads, and spine protector. If you like to play around with the positioning of these pads, or if you're growing and want the girdle to grow with you - nice feature. Better on the 7092: The velcro across the front doesn't extend up over your belly like it does on the Super Tacks. Personal preference here, but I had to modify the Super Tacks to be like the 7092 because my son didn't like that extra padding in the front. No crotch/leg section. It's a pure wrap, the way the Super Tacks probably should be too. Find that a lot more comfortable. I had to cut the crotch/leg section out of the Super Tacks girdle as my son found it too restrictive. Both girdle's sizing runs small - if you are a medium in a pair of Nexus pants, I'd try on the Large CCM girdle. colins
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