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    Do you guys really think CCM put out baking instructions without checking the time and temps?? Come on guys, that basic engineering. They know better than that. Looks to me like a textbook example of overbaking or pulling way to hard on the laces when warm.
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    Well, I went to my LHS and did the Bauer scanner (pretty cool) and the suggestion was for a fit 3. What's shocking is how much the sizing has changed....I'm actually a 7! WTF!? That is still bending my mind because I wear 9.5 US shoe size....it makes no sense to me, but I tried on different Bauer Supremes and CCM Tacks and the skates were snug, but my toes were juuuust at the toe box without lacing up....perfect. After trying on the Bauer's and CCM's I actually ended up with a pair of CCM ASV's. It was a tough decision becuase I have worn Bauers for over 30 years, but I had to go with the right fit and not just stick with brand loyalty.
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    IMHO, CCM is just putting out better sticks lately than Bauer in terms of both quality and durability.
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    Same. I’m a 10.5-11 shoe and wear an 8 or 8.5 skate depending on the brand/model
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    2.5 sizes is pretty average for skate size down from sneaker size, I'm a 10 and wear 7.5 but could fit a 7 in some models. As for the brand loyalty... back in the day Bauer was always the standard cut and CCM's ran wider, so I was always a Bauer person, but I think once the Vapor came out they started having more cuts and then today each brand has all these different fit profiles so it's anyone's guess lol, I switched to CCM a few years back and found they work better for me, also I love their XS holder. Glad you found something you liked and worked best for you.
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    A point I got tired of making years ago. I wonder how many people have been made worse by inserts or orthotics and haven't realized it? In most cases, moving the blade is the only good fix. (which presents a major problem in most modern skates)
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    Ahh...I always appreciate your voice of reason Stick9. CCM would not say 220 for 2 minutes if they didn't mean it. Heck, it probably can handle more than that, but they need to still be on the safe side, otherwise everyone baking their skates would wreck them. I have baked many a skate on my own (I use a convection oven and a temp gun to make sure the temp is accurate) and I've never pushed higher than 220 on temp (oven turned off before I put the skate in), but I have left the skates in for more than 2 mins on occasion (never longer than 4) and I've never had any problems to date. I make sure to pull laces straight out, not over-crank them, and make sure the skate wearer doesn't move for 20 mins. The OP pic looks like an over-bake and/or over tightening of laces. And yes, just cause it's a LHS, doesn't mean the employee does it right all the time. In fact, I have witnessed myself quite a few store employees (won't name the stores), that clearly pull up on the eyelets and/or tighten too hard, and I have also seen many kids of all different ages not stay still while the boot is still hot, literally flexing their ankles. (I guess some people can't help themselves) I also agree. Use the warranty and just exchange them and then be there for the baking process. As long as you're not a serial skate returner, you shouldn't have a problem with CCM customer service.
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    Thanks, and I appreciate your input. Had my first skate on Saturday and the skates felt great......it was just a practice with my son's team so not a real test, but it has me stoked to wear them tomorrow night with my regular group of buddies actually playing at speed.
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    Show me on this doll where Bauer hurt you. This must be the fifth post or so where you mention the age of Bauers Curv Composite technology.
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    Can't answer regarding the lie, but it's generally very difficult to find specific player pro stock sticks, especially once they are out of the league. Pro Stock Hockey Sticks makes a clone of Datsyuk's real curve: https://prostockhockeysticks.com/collections/pro-stock-stick-curves-3d/products/pro13-st-pavel-datsyuk-pro-stock-curve-3d-visualizer.
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    I picked up a True Project X Pro Stock (Stephane Patry - PXS) in a 75 flex last year around this time. P19-ish curve. I was coming from a Retail Jetspeed FT2 which I liked so much I had already purchased a back-up. The day after breaking my first FT2 I came across the Project X pro stock at my LHS and couldn't resist and never cut the back-up FT2. Anyways the Project X is the best stick I've ever used. As great as the FT2 is/was, I liked the Project X even more. Great feel, balance and incredible shooter. Outstanding performance. However, The very first game I took a slash to the stick down low which made a large chip in the mat finish. I used the stick roughly 3 times a week for about 3 months. Taking a quick snap-shot during warm-up the blade broke clean off right where that slash occurred 3 months prior. The Project X falls in line with most True sticks I've used. Performance is great, durability doesn't hold up vs. CCM (I haven't used any Warrior or Bauer in many years).
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    What is your foot type? What’s wonky about your feet? I didn’t see you added felt. Where did you add it and what for? A lot of questions, I know… I’m a Graf nerd of sorts, have a collection of 701, 501, 707 and 703 all in size 10 (gave up on G35x because their Graf-CA build and design quality was dreadful). Where this might be relevant to you: I’ve been on the fence with my 703s because they’re much more snug than the others and the heel padding felt too low the first time out…like they were causing the skates to tip side to side like crazy. After giving them a couple more chances I’m wondering if they’re not actually going to fit perfectly after a few more hours of ice. Right now they have less than 5 hours on them. The heel padding feels amazing now, my big toes are just about 1mm too jammed… All that to say, if that heel padding isn’t lining up right it might only be a matter of time before it takes a set to your bone structure and the heel fit is right as it should be.
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    I've seen ultra high on Amazon but I'm using amazon.ca. But not sure if you want like 200+ kg/m3 or if this 85 kg/3 is sufficient. I haven't actually purchased this but I've favorited in the event I need it in the future. EVA Foam Cosplay - 1mm (1mm to 10mm) - Black or White - 14" x 39" Sheet - Ultra High Density 85 kg/m3 - by The Foamory https://a.co/d/5suEHSx
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    You try speedplates. The first generation (if you can find them). They are thin and mold to your feet. Alternatively if you don't require any arch or heel support you can just cut out a thin 1-2mm high density Eva foam. Stock footbeds essentially are just foam with no orthopedic support anyways.
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    735 pro. It's not for my foot type. But I heat gun the darn thing so it kinda works, and already sunk too much coins for this(since I always wanted a black leather look with cobra holder). But, if it could have a thinner footbed, it be perfect. And because I have wonky feet. I adde the felt insert at the bottom, which raises the footbed abit. Hence the search for thin stuff.
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    outside of finding someone who recently bought new and would part with the original footbeds, these may be the thinnest you'll find aftermarket https://www.purehockey.com/product/elite-hockey-pro-hockey-skate-insoles/itm/28243-2/
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    Ooops, I edited the title! Thanks !!!
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    AS-V pro plays entirely different from any of the other Tacks stick I have ever used. The new taper, similar to the Ultrasonic in some ways, makes the lower portion of the stick extremely stiff and pushes the kick point up much higher than previous models.
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    TSR 10,000% They're one of only a handful of shops that know what they're doing.
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    Pretty normal. I wear a size 9 shoe and fit comfortably in a size 6 skate. I can drop to a 5.5 but it's a little tight.
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    I looked at it a while ago, during booking. It seemed similar to the QRE Girdle in a different color. The fit and everything else seemed the same.
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    I have the Vapor 3x shin guards and they are fantastic. I typically don't like Bauer protective but they hit a home run with those. And I'm a bigger guy.
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    Ccm def have their own takes on the retail curves. You can tell especially when taping the blade. Doesn't lay the same. Tc4 may be different as well but for my personal preference I prefer true and Bauers version better. It's obviously not a big enough difference for me to force myself to use Bauer or true as I'm pretty happy with ccm right now. I'd give true another shot if they got their act together with blade durability
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    Will also echo the I don’t have a go to brand for anything sentiment. Which is different than “other,” because other implies “my go to brand is XXX but not listed.”
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    I tend to bake my skates at least 3 times to speed up the break-in process. This is typically over the period of 3–5 weeks. Obviously, this varies by brand, as some tolerate baking better than others.
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    Howdy, Dang dude, that sounds pretty intense. I've got a 'clean up' shoulder surgery scheduled in a couple weeks to address some tearing in the rotator cuff and a bicep tendon issue, but your procedure sounds WAY worse. Reffing is definitely a nice way to stay involved and skate and such. And while its still hockey and very occasionally you'll get run into, have a puck dumped into you, or just manage to fall on your own it for sure happens way less than playing. For my procedure they're saying that I'll be in a sling for 4 to 6 weeks, then 2 to 4 months of rehab after that. I'm hoping that I can at least get back out there reffing once I'm out of the sling! Good luck with your recovery! Mark
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    I do think that True and CCM shells tend to rebound less than Bauer after heel clamping or sidewall punches, but it's not some earth shattering difference. I like all three skate brands and think they all have pros and cons. This forum can get a little tribal around the brands at times, but I genuinely believe the members have good intentions and are not just being fanboys/fangirls.
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    Link below is to a pdf from the manufacturer of Curv, detailing the temperatures required in the manufacturing process. After reading, I don't think a skate oven gets hot enough to truly deform the material. My unscientific opinion is that Bauer skate shells have limited thermoformability, and it's mostly the interior foams that are changed. Personal observation is that True and CCM shells are more pliable when they come out of a skate oven. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.pearl-hifi.com/06_Lit_Archive/15_Mfrs_Publications/Menlo_Scientific/CURV%20Thermo-forming.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi6wLK2mO38AhUKjIkEHflKCNkQFnoECA4QAQ&usg=AOvVaw0-SXtpDz1v-kHDR7OVWwDM
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    Aaah, you're one of those post counters.... "yOu OnLy HaVe xx nUmBer Of PoSts...", what are you 12yrs old? and you're still showing you inability to answer a simple question....why create a post to ask a question, only to disagree with the responses you get?
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    "wHaT aRe ThEy WoRtH?" "I'd say $300-375 depending on how bad somebody wants them" "i'D sAy $300 ToPs" "$500 is fair price IMO..." "yIkEs, ThAtS bEiNg GeNeRoUs" Again, why even ask the question if you have a specific answer in YOUR mind about the value??
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    Not quite sure I understand the point of this thread.....you ask for people's opinions on the price of old stock equipment, but when people post their answers, you disagree. If you have a set price in mind, that's what they are worth to you. If you find them for that price, great if not, it's worth as much as the seller is willing to part with them for. I sometimes price things a little higher hoping to get that amount but anything less & I'd rather keep it for myself. I do this in the hockey equip world as well as the sneaker world...
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    Most of the blades are roughly the same length (~30cm) as the P92 or P88. In my garage right now I have the McDavid, Barkov, and P38, as well as a retail PP88 (from Sherwood, which has a weird version of the P88). The Barkov is about 1cm longer than the PP88 and P38. Maybe .5cm longer than the McDavid. The Backstrom I had (which broke) was probably about as long as the Barkov. So just a touch longer than the retail P88.
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    Funny you should mention, because I looked up HECC and CSA and could find nothing on their testing. Well, I did find that HECC just defers to CSA, and CSA, if they even do link to their methodologies, are impossible to find.
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    The 8090's in D were more like an E width in most skates. They're definitely both wider and deeper than a D width Vapor. The Bauer length also changed sometime after the 8090 came out - most people needed to go down a half a size. So, if you picked up Vapors in the same size as your old 8090s, you may have bought skates that are too long and too narrow for your feet. They may have felt like the right length because the sides compressed your foot and made them feel shorter than they really are. I'd start by going to a good shop with a Bauer 3D scanner and get your feet scanned. That will give you a good starting point as it'll recommend a size and Fit for Bauer, but try on various skates around that size in all the brands and models you can.
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    A couple of individuals on here with no sense of humor, that's for sure. Careful, they'll report you to the mods like a bunch of babies.
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    Worst detective ever...my SLS locker is currently empty....
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    Thank you for those shots. It's easier to see the subtleties of the patterns from your pictures than from the Praux site itself. I often wonder why product shots are set in outer-space, where it's hard to get a proper look at what you're potentially about to plop a load of money on. And I have to say Damn, that Barkov looks perfect. I love that curve profile. Just like a P28 on a diet. It looks almost identical in curve to my S.Niedermayer blade, but with the heel radius added to the Darby rocker just like Kovalev did. Darby's my favorite retail pattern of all time. A toe focused curve would make it even more perfect for me. The extra aggressive heel radius is a nice to have, but I never have the puck that far away from my body with that curve and feel like it's too square there for me.
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    Here's a couple shots of the Barkov. It's been a long time since I've seen a Darby in person, but there is definitely some loft at the heel on the Barkov, and overall pretty straight through the first 2/3rds of the blade, then a small hook at the end. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the huge rocker, which you can see in the 2nd pic. I've also included shots of the McDavid, Pro Malkin, and Backstrom curves. https://imgur.com/a/BBOW4FE
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    Let's get some facts out: Fly holder will accept only Fly steel. The center of the holder (steel channel) is skinner than the front and back, kinda like this )( Fly steel will work with Fly or Edge holder. Edge steel cannot fit into Fly holder. Fly holder is stiffer in the front and softer in the heel to allow for more ice contact when coming out of turns. Same idea why they softened the rear outsole on the Hyperlite boot. Overall, it's significantly stiffer than the current EDGE holder. You cannot twist the Fly holder with your hands like you are able to do with the EDGE holder. Same height, same dimensions, some bolting pattern. The trigger is grey, like the current EDGE holder. Weight is the same as the EDGE holder.
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    Fits 1, 2, and 3 are completely new lasts. Vapor lasts from before don’t correspond to the new system. There have been quite a few people on here posting that they don’t fit any of the new fit numbers as well as they did their old Vapors. I think some confusion comes from Bauer’s old 3 fits—Vapor, Supreme, and Nexus, and a lot of people thinking those were now renamed 1, 2, and 3. That would allow you to get a Vapor built on a Supreme or Nexus last, or a Supreme built on a Vapor or Nexus last, as well as their ‘native’ lasts, but instead Bauer created 3 new fits to best suit the data they collected with their 3D foot scanning app.
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    ATMO, the 1S was the last great Bauer skate. I loved mine. They had everything you need, and nothing you didn't. Light with the right flex and stiffness. The skates that followed just added unnecessary bells and whistles that did nothing to improve performance. That being said, the market is a sucker for marketing, so the masses want the "latest and greatest". I think between $400-$450 shipped is a fair price.
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    Worst sense of humor ever. It was a joke. I couldn't care less who the seller is!

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