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    Calling someone a boomer is 1) THE laziest argument around and 2) one of the most pathetic forms of condescension there is. You posted an opinion, not a factual argument, and people disagreed with you after you asked for their thoughts. You don’t like the opinion so you attack the person. That’s some A+ immaturity right there.
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    Well, you've made a lot of assumptions that I don't agree with. And, I'm not a Boomer so that would add to your list of assumptions. Secondly, you weren't able to intelligently respond to any of my comments. You turn to insulting me and sarcasm. That's your reputation now.
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    Why do some people get SO MAD over other people worrying about weight? Like, if it’s not for you, then just smirk and and don’t buy it.
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    The argument here continues to be its not enough weight. But I haven't scored in three games since switching to the regular steel. There is the proof right there, goal streak over clearly the carbon made me score more.
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    Update: went to my local shop and he widened around the ankle and re moulded them with super feet insoles. I went to thicker socks and things are great. No more pain. No more numbness no more pushing still undecided on the forward pitch. Not sure if I like it but I didn’t notice it today. Sometimes it just feels off but I’m going to give it another month or so and more full games and not stick and puck.
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    /rolls eyes. You have two paths, add to the discussion or find a bridge to live under. Totally your call.
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    My new customs arrived yesterday. Other than CCM making them both 7.25 when they should have been 7.25L and 7.5R they turned out very nice.
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    Well...I skated practice tonight and I like them a lot! They feel like Tacks with more forward flexion. That's what I wanted. I believe I will have to bake them and maybe punch. I felt great for about 45 minutes...then the ankle bone protrusion began to get irritated. It wasn't terrible but in a game I think it would have gotten worse. So...bake first...then see about punching. As far as skating style and this particular skate...Personally, I think the marketing for all of these lines from Bauer and CCM is pretty much BS. I can skate any style in any skate if it fits and feels right. I can skate with power and agility with any of the skates I've mentioned. My advice for anyone looking is...close your eyes...try them on...get the skate that fits and feels best...then play your game.
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    9.5/10.5 dual would be a no brainer BUT QUAD 0.5 (8-10-12-14) could be your golden slipper:) Just remember the more steel you have on the ice the more you are going to want to drop your sharpen. I went from a 11' 5/8 to a Quad 0.5 3/4. I use to wear a mirrored visor so take everything I say with a grain of salt.
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    These are now baked, punched, and perfect. 100% dig these things. I skated for about three hours on Sunday. Probably two in these, 45 minutes in the AS3 Pro, and 20-30 in the 2xPros. 100k felt very nice and performed exceptionally. I'll reiterate...you definitely can play any style in any skate. I felt no lack of power in the 100ks or 2xPros and no loss of agility in the AS3 PROs. They just feel different and I like that. McDavid was wearing Jetspeeds (not sure about now)...would anyone say he's not a powerful or agile skater. How about Barzal...AS3 Pros...I don't think there's a more agile skater in the world than Barzy. Just bugs me that some players may never find their perfect ride cuz they just read the marketing. As a coach, I get asked all the time about "which skate should I get..." So many players come back and say thank you..."I would never have even tried those on and they felt the best of all of them." Same with sticks...if the balance and shaft feel right...I can play my game. If not...kickpoint will mean nothing to me. Ok...end mini-rant. 100K...can't wait to get 'em in da game...Friday night
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    We're talking about layers only molecules thick. So yes, hard ice is faster than softer ice, or worse ice that's wet on top. But for moving on ice, the melted water layer creates a hydroplane effect that the blades move over. A little more water and you go faster, too much and then surface tension kicks in and you stick. Here's an article explaining it. https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2018/2/13/16973886/why-is-ice-slippery
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    Manufacturers have been trying to shave grams off of the runner weight for decades, just like they've been trying to do to all the equipment. They switched the holders from metal to plastic. Then they added holes to them. Then they added holes to the steel runners. T Blades made a runner that was a smaller piece of metal and a lrger plastic holder. Bauer tried fusing aluminum to the steel. Now they're trying that with carbon fiber. If there was no tangible benefit, skate manufacturers wouldn't have been trying to cut weight essentially since they started making skates. I agree that the redution of even 35% of the weight of a runner, which results in just a few grams, is likely not going to make anyone faster or better when taken as a weight savings. However, there are two reasons I can think of that would actually make a difference and cause an improvement in performance. The first is overall weight distribution and balance. These runners are being included on Bauer's flagship skates. Those skates are incredibly light overall. Changing the distribution of the weight by even a few grams could make a pretty big difference to how the skates feel to the player. Reducing the amount of weight underneath the foot would likely improve the feeling the skater has with the ice. CCM has gone to one piece boots, not just to cut overall weight, but to eliminate the midsole and the weight under the foot as a result. As an example of this, forget the weight of composite vs wood sticks where the difference is huge, but look at how changing just a few grams here or there can result in a composite stick that feels too blade heavy, or not blade heavy enough to give good puck feel. Look at how adding one or two grams of lead tape to a golf clubs changes the swing weight and performance. Second is playing off T Blades design, and goes along with the development of countless methods of reducing drag like blade profiles, FBV, Z Channel, Flare blades, and many others. Skating creates friction between the metal blade and the ice. That friction heats the metal and causes surface melting, that melting is what allows us to glide on the ice. When skates are too sharp, the edges penetrate the surface melt and dig, reducing glide. By reducing the amount of metal in the runner, you also reduce the mass of the blade. Reducing the mass of the blade allows it to heat faster and higher, causing more surface melt, and increasing glide. An increase in glide and a reduction of drag could increase overall speed, manueverability, efficiency, and endurance, far more than the simple reduction in weight of a few grams could. Plus, less metal likely means less rigidity, and more flex on the blade. That flex creates more energy return, acceleration, and stopping efficiency (part of the theory behind Bladetech runners).
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    They sharpen decently well, but not as good as the Pulse Ti or LS5. I don't think you can sharpen them on a ProSharp due to the clamp. Havent tried Sparx. Only used my SSM units.
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    caveman27 summed it up nicely so I won't repeat what he said. My input is I don't see the guys I play with act like this, most guys have older gear, replaced when it wears out or whatever. Some guys are hanging onto stuff that should be taken out and shot. Lastly, at this point in my life, if I want to blow money on a top end stick or skates I don't give a rat's ass what other people say. I don't, but if I did it's up to me. Same with music, I know there is diminishing returns on instruments over a certain price point, but if for some reason I wanted an expensive guitar or amp or whatever, it's nobody else's business.
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    You are not making that big of a change. But you will feel the difference. I would ask one question first.. is there anything you already really like with the 9’? If so you will probably give up a bit of that. And maybe a 9/10 or 9.5/10.5 is more what you are after. Or if you are looking for less fatigue and better glide with the same agility all you want perhaps a Max Edge 981 is what you want. ( 9’ -50mm flat- 10’ ) . Several people still like this profile because of the blade Contact with the ice in the Center.
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    Yea, I remember you mentioned it back then. I've been able to confirm that now that I've been back to hockey since May haha.
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    A c clamp with a steel measuring spoon for one side, on the other side I have scavenged a range of D shaped stones that (depending on the shape of the punch I am after) I tape on. The measuring spoon has a steel ring welded to the bottom of it, this ring slips onto the c clamp and holds the spoon in place. I have a number of spoons of different shapes and sizes. A long arm door hinge with a threaded bolt with pipe on it so I can wind a nut from the inside to expand the hinge (this is really good to get deep into the toe cap). I also use 4 blocks of wood to make a frame around the boot and then use 2 c clamps to do stretches. I'll be using everything next week to punch, stretch and reshape my hyperlites, it takes me around 2 weeks to do both boots by the time I have reshaped the toe, stretched the forefoot and punched / reshaped the heel.
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    Re-baked today...my old way...185 for 4-5 minutes. Waaaaaay better molding to my feet! Punched my left skate and now they feel perfect. I'll see how they move tomorrow. I'm planning on using them for Tuesday's practice.
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    I'm illustrating the ludicrousness of my opponents argument. We are literally talking about playing in socks or not like it makes you faster and better Want to actually answer that argument or not? Does it?
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    We can just bind your feet and you'll be good to go. Lol
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    You would have been very unhappy with any of the new Vapors. You made the better choice with the 100K IMO.
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    To save weight I decided to not wear skate socks, a jock/cup, undershirt, helmet and elbow pads. I timed myself and saw a .00000001 improvement in my speed tests. Totally worth it.
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    If I'm understanding your idea correctly, then the blade would flex too much because it would only be attached to the holder at the ends. The blade needs to slot into the holder somehow to give some resistance to flex.
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    Going with vapors would have been even worse because of bauers ridiculous side stiffness. They are simply to stiff. your best bet is to have the CCM skates reprofiled to the same profile as your old RBK skates. if you are used to having softer skates and skate good on them, there is no benefit of going with stiffer skates.
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    Right, but there’s a whole thread on here about the ST/7092 girdle. Figure between that and your video about the jetspeed (and also comparing it to the 9k), it should give the OP a pretty good idea on which one might suit their needs
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    For shins without removable/washable inserts, I fill a tub with warm water, pour in some powdered oxyclean, mix it around, and let it soak. Dirty pads will turn the water brown. After sitting for an hour or two, drain the water, rinse the pads, and repeat until the water doesn’t turn brown and the pads are clean
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    Thanks, in part, to all the great content in this thread (all 77 pages!) I went all in on the Sparx. While I was waiting for it to arrive, I build some gauges to help keep track of each steel's hours between sharpening. Sounds like perhaps I should just be touching them up between each skate, but I'm worried about blowing thru runners too fast. As I'm sure is obvious by the image, my skates are old and I'm sure there's a finite amount of Step Mako steel out there. Either way, thanks to both this thread and the Mako one for keeping my wheel game top-notch. I'd prolly be stuck in my so-so fitting pro return skates with high school kid sharpened edges without MSH.
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    It’s not often that I get to score “well, actually…” points off of you. I gotta take wins where I can get them.
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    Looking at your scan and the fact that you want a wider skate that's high cut, I'd suggest you go try on some intermediate CCM FT4/FT4 Pros and Ribcore 90K/100K in 5.5 Wide. The new CCM lines are now offered in tapered, regular and wide. You could try Tacks in 5.5 EE as well (the tacks line doesn't have the 3 new fits yet). The CCMs also offer a 90 day satisfaction guarantee with participating retailers (True offers 30 days). Bauer doesn't have any guarantee; so, it's lower risk to try the CCM options first and if they don't work you can move on to other brands...I think for what you seek, CCM may be the best option anyway.
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    It seems to be with newer players as opposed to veteran players. Most of the players I skate with have found the gear that they like and have stuck with it.
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    Unfortunately, I believe the TF9 Junior sizes only come in standard width. If you're a Fit3 Bauer and EE in Tacks, I think you'd need a W in the TF9. The smallest size that comes in W in the TF9 is 6. 6 will definitely be too long for you. You'd likely need a 5 in length if you want a performance fit after baking or a 5.5 if you want a little room, but I think the R width would likely be too narrow even after baking. Also, the TF9 skates are lower cut than Bauer. So, if a high cut boot is what you're after, I don't think a TF9 is the answer.
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    Correct in that 254 runners are profiled with the Quad XS on the Ultrasonic. As for other Quads, I've skated both Quad 0 and Quad 1 on 254 runners. Liked the Quad 1 and really don't notice a big difference between that and the XS. As for the Quad 1: Agility and straight line skating were fine, but I felt the longer back of the blade made transitioning from forward to backward skating somewhat difficult. My all time favorite profile is the 35/65.
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    The Quad 0 is still a good fit for 254, you can likely stick with it. Quad Zero (6-9-11-13 ft, 221-263, 20mm) I personally skated on the Quad 1 for years with 254 runners and was my favorite. Quad I (6-9-12-15 ft, 254-280, 20mm pitch)
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    What would be nice to know is the number of runners actually sold and in use and the total number of failures. Without hard data is hard to tell what the true durability is.
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    Not to sidetrack the thread too much, but society seems to have all but abandoned the idea of civil discourse. If you think someone's opinion is dumb, listen to what they have to say, evaluate it, then either modify your own opinion or don't. No need to tell them you think they're an idiot.
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    Given your past skill level, my bet is the holders. They will be mounted slightly differently from the center line than your 4ks, the feeling of no edge is when you are balanced more over the top of skate blade (skate blade is more vertical to the ice hence less grip), the 4ks may have the holder mounted slightly to the outside of the center line and this gives you a feeling of more bite as you tend to pronate slightly into the edge when they are mounted like this. Add a different profile into the mix, or at least a new 10' in the 100k's, and there is now a lot of changes between the skates. This holder mounting difference is really common, we did a test where I skated unlaced with a bunch of Jetspeeds and 1S skates and I could when tell the holder was mounted on a different center line, every skate was different but laced up I could hardly tell the difference). 1mm makes a hell of a lot of difference yet this is within accepted tolerances by the manufacturers. So without ripping off the holders to get them remounted, I'd say it's more a case of you getting used to the slightly different position of the blade center under your feet and a new(ish) profile. A different suggestion from me is for you to go for a casual skate with your laces untied, this will really quickly attune your foot to the center line of the blade under your foot.
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    I had a similar experience when I tried to go from softer skates to composite. Frankly I think they were too stiff for me. @puckpilot might be on the right track with this.
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    I don't think hockey players respond differently than any other consumer base. To use your PC building example, I know plenty of folks that fall for "this new Nvidia card can run Duke Nukem at 4 gazillion FPS". So they spend $2k on a video card to play DOTA or something similar. Some people will spend thousands on designer clothes thinking it will make them more attractive, when in reality they're often made in the same factory in Bangladesh that made the Walmart knockoff.
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    Keep working at it!!!! I'be scared to be off my thinners too... scary shit. (5 stents)
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    I dont think the carbon nibs that are on top of the runner will last long enough for the blade and carbon to seperate at this point
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    This one hurts : https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/norm-macdonald-dies-influential-comedian-182106633.html Norm was one of my favorite comics, and even made mundane interviews on talk shows hilarious.
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    Didn’t Pitch3 allowed you to adjust the pitch angle? I didn’t think you were adjusting the rocker.
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    Following up on this post, I got a practically free pro stock PPTK girdle so I figured I'd do a quick comparison of it and the PP90. I prefer the kidney protection of the PP90 and how it better conforms to that part of the girdle. There is also a tiny bit of padding on the rear leg. I like the waist buckle of the PPTK more than the slide lock on the PP90, but that's easy enough to change if I wanted to. The stretch material on the thighs seem higher quality on the PP90 compared to the PPTK. The PPTK has the zippered extension whereas the PP90 does not (which I won't use regardless). The PPTK also has the velcro tabs on the inside to attach it to the girdle itself, but I don't see myself using them. In terms of fit, I felt they both fit nearly identical. When laying the two shells on top of each other, the PP90 is maybe 0.5" wider in circumference with the leg opening. Not substantial enough to give me a skinny jeans feeling with the PPTK, especially given how much stretch material is on both of these shells making them very mobile. Here are photos of each shell in size medium on a medium Super Tacks girdle. PP90 PPTK New season starts up this week and I plan on wearing the PPTK as my go-to shell vs the PP10 I was wearing since changing to a girdle
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    It looks decent, but I still think the MSH one is better. Though they appear out of stock. I wonder if I should start making some. Looks easy enough. I'm in the process of making a custom hockey bag right now.
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    I agree with you in regards to everyone’s help (especially Scott). I’m just picking the game back up after stepping away for a few (20 ish) years and things have changed since 2000/2001. A lot of good Info to digest and sift through. Skates have been challenging. Skates last in 2000 CCM 952/tuuk steel/graf 703/705 tuuk or Bauer Comp everything has changed so drastically. Very stiff skates to adjust to……jofa shin and elbow pads still good. Sticks (came from z bubble) have changed in a great way. Excited to be a part of this game again.
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