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    Yeah, you’ll want to order your same Bauer/CCM size which is likely 1/2 size larger than the TF9. I made the mistake going to same size in the Cat 9 as I had with the TF9 and they are way too snug. Half size up fit perfect
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    Apologies, I read your post too quickly, and after having too many drinks, assumed you meant the HZRDUS skate compared with the Catalyst. The TF fit bigger than the HZRDUS and the Catalyst.
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    Cat9s fit like normal skates did. While the TF fit way bigger.
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    Last 1,5 years I've been skating on Ellipse XS which was a great imrovement (even for an amateur player) over a single profile radius that I've been skating on my whole life. I could skate on it immediately with practially no time needed to adopt and it felt very natural. The most importantly, it immediately solved my ballance issues going from 263 mm to 246 mm blades. I was more than happy. However, recently I've tried Quad XS and must say I like ti very much for it's agility. Changing directions, quick turns, quick starts is much easirer than with the Ellipse. Maybe going straight line to reach and maintain top speed is better with the Ellipse but I think my favourite profile now is Quad XS on 246 steel. To balance out the top speed and gliding, I may consider dropping down ROH from 3/4" to 7/8". Let's see how it goes after couple more games.
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    I find that the real comfort from the X is evident if you have it on for a long time. (more than 2 hours, etc). Whereas my old helmet (Fitlite 3DS) would develop hot spots around the temples, the X does not.
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    lol right, that was kind of my thoughts as well. I guess I was kind of thinking that baking the skates would make them just mold around every facet of my foot. These currently feel pretty good though. Finished up trying the cotton ball trick tonight (I used rolled up paper towel and taped it where it hurts) so I’m gonna give ‘em a spin tomorrow night. Thanks for the feedback
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    A lot of pro stocks come with a factory installed extension. Sounds like you cut yours around this area.
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    Appreciate the feedback guys and Thank you sniper for the childish replies and then suggesting i could’ve just pushed the area out with my thumb. Thats ridiculous and yes I’ve been using a heat gun and nothing has melted. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m really not concerned much about the integrity of the boot as the pictures make it look much worse. I’ve punched out the forefoot of each skate with great success. I’ve been having difficulty with two small hot spots that I figured would’ve been the easy part. I’m not sure what secret scientific approach there is besides adding heat to the area. Obviously, I should’ve used heat from the beginning and maybe went a little easier on the clamp at first. You live and you learn. It’s a tricky spot to locate. I just tried the lipstick trick last night. I’m pretty close to having these feel pretty dialed in. im skating on Saturday so we’ll see how they feel. If they fall apart or melt off my feet while I’m playing I’ll be sure to post pictures
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    You may want to consider adding some adhesive backed shot blockers. At the very least it seels off the area and prevents chipping.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if all this ends up being Dave developing a skate for Warrior.
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    I use a PSH case, basically the same as Howie’s that I’ve had for a number of years to hold extra steel. I double them up in each slot. I typically keep this in my gear drawer at home for backup/pond steel. Never had an issue

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