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    Hey! The pitch of the i2s in it's forward position is about 4.5 degrees, approximately 1 degree more than a traditional holder. Depending on what rocker insert you're using your pitch rocking back will be different. With the most amount of rocker (14ft rocker insert) you'll reach a pitch of 2.9 degrees rocking back. //Per Mars, Inventor
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    Good luck man, we're all rooting for you! Keep us updated!
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    In about 5 hours I'll be getting ready for my surgery. I skated last night and it was helpful keeping my mind off my impending surgery. It's starting to sink in that it's happening. So I will be getting my thyroid removed along with all the lymph nodes in my neck. followed by a second surgery to remove lymph nodes in my chest. Thankfully it will be done laparoscopic and I won't be having my chest cracked open like in open heart surgery. But I'll have a chest tube in for about 24 hours and that's not going to be very pleasant. I want to thank the people who have reached out to me.
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    there are 2 types of shells, pant shells and girdle shells. most of the time, a girdle shell is smaller and thicker material. you CAN wear it over pants if you size up but it's going to be hotter. even with my girdle, I prefer pant shells because they're not as hot.
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    On March 20, 2004, we opened our doors to the public for the first time. It's absolutely crazy to think that we'd still be here 20 years later! Thank you for all who have contributed to MSH's success!
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    I just wish they were more available and we didn't have to hunt a pair down for ourselves.

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