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    I had this happen to the matte grip finish on some old BASE sticks. IIRC I used Krud Kutter with a small plastic brush to wash off the whole grip finish. I ended up with a non-grip finish because there was no way to keep the grip finish without stickiness. It didn't affect the graphics on the sticks.
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    If the kid is doing well at the level he is playing at, maybe it’s best just to stick with what is working. I firmly believe there’s less magic in these profiles than some would have you believe.
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    I think they just needed to come up with descriptors, they aren’t based on evidence. The real disconnect is between the average player and any understanding of how the hell to choose a profile.
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    I just picked up size 10D makos off FB marketplace for $300. There's another pair size 10.5 for $350 OBO and some youth sizes.
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    The funny part about my boys is one is a lefty and the other a righty!
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    None taken - Im just casually saying that perhaps taking a view from a different lens and looking at some facts may yield different thoughts. 1 - We dont have NHL players out of fluke, they choose to use because they love it, so the product most be good enough for them to use. 2 - Most people, rec or pro, who give it a solid try (a few hours) do fall in love with it. Yes, sure, absolutely, it is different. But different is not always bad, or a gimmick. And sometimes different needs a chance to prove itself. Look at carbon fiber and the hesitancy to adopt it in sticks... and now look 10 years down the road... 3 - The marketing is not far-fetched, we are outlining 5% improvements based on the same science/physics/principles successfully implemented in adjacent industries that have proven to break records and recorded large improvements for decades now. 4 - We chose to sit at a price delta of +20% ish or +20 bucks ish for the added value, not a bad proposition (subjective - haha). 5 - We started a company by inventing something, then we got USPTO and CIPO issued patents, then we performed lab testing and iterations, and yes, now have NHL players using it and winning Stanley Cups with it. Not many other companies have taken this technical and innovative path. And certainly, no other steel company took anything close to this path. So with this in mind and finally getting to my point now, when for example, you said "need numbers" or others insinuate that test results can be made up by anybody...etc, I would be tempted to say, there are quite a few numbers and processes listed on our site, and if one took the time to read the site in its entirety, they might very well be impressed with the level of information presented and the path we took. Perhaps sure, we need to invest more time or thought into the website and/or make things more clear, but we can never satisfy everyone, our resources are limited, so we try and outline what we feel is an acceptable amount of information. If really tempted, I could go a step further and note that the big OEMs don't tend to publish much/any of their ''numbers'' or test results; they usually just launch a new product, make commercials with paid athletes, and the masses just blindly accept. So perhaps what Bladetech has done is levels ahead and pound-for-pound we are punching well above our weight for a company that is a fraction's-fraction's-fraction of the OEMs we are compared to. Or maybe Im totally out of it. Not sure. Hahah. But either way, its great to connect with you and the others here and answer what I can to help educate. At the end of the day, we are shooting the shit on hockey, there are much worse things I can think of. Cheers!

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