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  1. The funny part about my boys is one is a lefty and the other a righty!
  2. Glad you can write off someone you've never met based upon a travel club requiring kids to look uniform. Pretty cool.
  3. It was like that across the two leagues they played in. l never really thought much of it. I've got no problem with the kids looking uniform, especially as they move up the ranks. The person you're referring to has been the director (and coach) of a pretty successful Tier 2 program, mite through midget major, for over twenty years at this point. He must be doing something right. I've never heard anyone complain about little Braden using a helmet that matches his jersey or not using neon green laces when the team colors are black and red. /shrug
  4. My sons, now U13, did the colored laces thing starting in daddy&me learn to skate classes. As part of getting them excited for learning to skate we let them choose lace and helmet color... It also allowed us to quickly figure out who was who out on the ice as they are twins. LOL Bright blue helmets and red, silver, yellow*, neon green, neon blue, etc. laces (not to mention fun stick tape colors) went by the wayside when they made the mite major travel team and only certain lace and tape colors were allowed, not to mention black helmets being required. Three years later one has adopted black laces and the other white. *We were in NoVA… tons of kids trying to mimic Ovi. LOL
  5. FWIW, I just checked two Stealth CX sticks - one is retail (gold highlights) and the other is a Tyler Bozak pro model (blue highlights). They were both made in China.
  6. In regards to bad experiences with automated machines... When I first saw Sparx three or four years ago the first thing I thought of was this crazy machine that was in the lobby of local rink where I grew up (in Central Ohio). It sounded like the skates were being sharpened with a chain saw. LOL Thankfully our Sparx isn't as scary.
  7. We've had our Sparx just over two years... I bought it while we were still in the US when my oldest boys were playing Squirt AA. My youngest two also skated, albeit with nowhere near the frequency of the other two. I also played a little old man hockey in the summer. We were a good hour to our "home" rink pro-shop or any of the big box hockey shops - the Sparx saved so much time and allowed me to avoid the crap shoot of who is actually doing the sharpening. Now that we're in the NL the Sparx is a godsend. Throw in COVID, goofy shop hours or even trying to track down a reliable person to do the sharpening and the Sparx has been worth its weight in gold. I honestly don't care about crunching the numbers - the reliability and convenience were worth every penny.
  8. Interesting updates... so is Graf/Vaughn doing a Volkswagen thing? There's an only available in Europe lineup and there's a made for North America lineup? Fun anecdote - I can count on one hand how many pairs of Graf skates I've seen over here... it's about one or two. We were even down in Zurich for an Ivanov camp last summer and no one was wearing them.
  9. I wonder what the HECC and CSA would say about this abomination? That cage looks extremely dangerous... for other players.
  10. My boys are finally back on the ice... They've skated the last two weekends with Paul Vincent Jr (you Boston types probably know his dad) here in the Netherlands. The second session they were out on their freshly baked and sharpened new/old-stock Supreme 2S skates (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). The LS3 runners seem really nice. They sharpened quite well on our Sparx (5/8 Fire) and held up after the first usage. I'll keep an eye on my sharpening log to see how long they last, but thus far I'm pretty happy with the upgrade. The boys love their new wheels, they had no complaints at all. What a win for dad! LOL
  11. Went and looked at my oldest sons' bags from their old club in the States... They are made by Z2 enterprises in MN. They're really nice quality and are built to last. As in, kids are getting these things in mites and carrying up into bantam and midgets. https://z2bags.com/product-category/ice-hockey/
  12. I always picture a "pro bag" as a huge duffle with everything just dumped in it... no fancy pockets, dividers, mesh or venting. The JRZ bags are exactly what comes to mind.
  13. A great question... I'm in the same predicament albeit with my U13 twins (that's European for pee-wee LOL). They're each getting a pair of Supreme 2S (big sale at IW) for their b-day next month and I'm contemplating getting another set of steel as a backup/upgrade. The new pair comes with LS3; they had been on LS2 with LS1 backups in their previous Nexus skate. Back when we were in the US they were playing 3-5 games a weekend depending on if it was regular season games or a tournament/showcase. I never wanted to trust the random pro-shop at the random rink we were at so the backup set was a godsend a handful of times. We have a Sparx machine, but it's the original so it's way too big to travel with. I think this time around the LS3 should be sufficient(?)... and we're in the Netherlands now. Hockey is quite a bit different - assuming there's a season this fall/winter they only play one game a weekend and there don't seem to be any sorts of tournaments during the season. /end stream of consciousness rambling
  14. I had the 752 Super Tacks version. They only had the pump in the ankle and they had Kevlar. Such great skates... I sold them on Sideline about two years ago. Probably should have hung onto them for nostalgia purposes.
  15. boo10 is correct. I just checked a set of CCM branded soles that I purchased in 2014 or so. Glad to see that there Currex still makes them, although sizing looked limited on their site.
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